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Spring Equinox is a time to re-awaken, leap forward, and begin anew. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and services that will help you expand your horizons. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


CHARMING, CAREFREE ART IS WHAT KIM LAVINDER OF BLUE WAVE COTTAGE CREATES! She enjoys painting colorful pictures reminiscent of the beach, coastal towns, flowers, and sunny days. Creating cheerful images brought healing during her breast cancer journey. Now she is passionate about painting and sharing her work with others! As a Reiki Master Practitioner, she infuses positive energy into each piece.     
SHELLEY IS A SHAMANIC DOWSER, EVOLUTIONARY EDUCATOR AND COMMUNITY BUILDER - She has dedicated over 35 years synergizing powerful modalities of embodied awakening, spiritual knowledge, Dowsing and Feng Shui. She founded Earth Medicine Alchemy, a dynamic whole systems journey that creates a "quickening" in the Field, allowing easier access to our "Essential Self,"while powerfully healing the Earth. 415-516-3555,        



LAURA P. CLARK - Your Soul Wise Living Mentor teaches spiritual awakening tools to quickly awaken, align and accelerate your inner wisdom. These tools allow you atop the internal chaotic thinking, soothe emotions and access your own inner strength ~ Seeing your own brilliance in all situations and living In-Joy no matter the challenges you face. Download Free Starter Kit. 

LOOKING FOR SUPPORT WRITING YOUR MEMOIR? - Cami Ostman, author and writing coach can help you build the right skills and habits to effectively tell your own story. As a runner and a memoir writer, Cami knows that even the most solitary activities require us to reach out for support. She offers 20-minute complimentary discovery sessions to writers. [email protected],

KATIE CURTIN TEACHES PASSIONATE WOMEN WITH BIG DREAMS - for the planet to double their income and impact in as little as six months. Katie has designed a 7-step process where you get to break the rules, "work smarter" not "harder," and have more fun, freedom, and money, while embarking on your world-changing projects.     
BUSINESS ALCHEMIST LAURIE HACKING - helps you take your business from Good to GOLD! There's magic wanting to happen with the Spring Equinox, can you feel it? Laurie offers a unique mix of business and selling insights and strategies plus intuitive readings, including past life readings, so you can manifest that magic in your business. Contact Laurie at 310-476-8058, [email protected],    
SENSITIVE, CREATIVE GOD*DESSES MAKE SIMILAR MISTAKES - You are needed in this world and so is your light. Sofia Wren offers a free video ecourse. In 5 minutes a day you can shine through the 7 most common mistakes of big hearted people. Give greater service, and feel better being yourself. Let's create a beautiful world together. Sign-up today at 443-333-9756,
ROXIEMARIE - CREATING THE INNER DESIGN - is a heart, soul and creative Life-Coaching force for change and empowerment. After years as an artist, healer and naturalist, Roxanne identified her muse as RoxieMarie. Using creative tools like SoulCollage´┐Ż and Poetic Medicine, RoxieMarie inspires an opening up to choice and deep expression for the feminine spirit of all ages. [email protected],  


SOUL WISDOM WITHIN WITH CAROLINE LOCKHART - Our Soul seeks freedom to heal, love, play & evolve our unique purpose for Being. When we transform ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically & financially, our Soul is finally free to evolve this divine wisdom. This has been my Soul evolution. If you are ready to build a fun prosperity channel to free your Soul to evolve - I'm here!   


B-STRINGS UPCYCLED GUITAR STRING JEWELRY - Feel the good vibrations of soulful music played from the heart, with hand-made jewelry by Bev Barnett. The end of each string is fixed with a brass "ball end" that is used as a bead. Styles range from simple twists to unique bangles using Swarovski crystals. Earrings also available, with sterling silver ear wires.   

ARE YOU READY TO ALIGN YOUR INTERNAL COMPASS - to your heart's Magnetic North? Renee's program based on her work, "Winds of the Spirit" teaches you to use your Awakening Compass™ to align with your internal wisdom and chart a course into your true desires. Participants are calling Boxing Your Compass a course in "learning to sail your own boat." Experience "WindWork" with a Free Audio Meditation here.  

MANIFEST YOUR SOUL'S DREAMS - with the MAGICK OF LUNAR PHASES and Archetypal Astrology! Your goals are seeds planted into your personal Garden of Eden. To create satisfying results in your life, Moon~Coaching™ aligns you with energetic opportunities revealed by the Soli-Lunar calendar (new one begins March 30). MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro guides you via your unique Celestial Blueprint, timing goals with Sacred Timing.


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