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Valentine's Day is a wonderful time for book gifting - to yourself and others. Feeling the love. On our Valentine's Day Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help inspire and uplift you. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


FEED THE BEAUTY®WHITE ROSE - by Inspiration Evangelist Sophie Lumen is a truly creative synthesis of prose and artwork. This thoughtful little book takes you on a journey to feed the beauty of the greatest source of health and energy you possess--the gift of your soul. Color illustrations, it makes a lovely gift.

THE HUMMINGBIRD THAT ANSWERED MY HEART'S CALLING - Did you know hummingbirds represent love, joy and beauty?  If you love connecting with nature, inspirational stories and healing hearts, then you'll love Noelle Meade-Izzi's gift book filled with over 40 full-color photographs documenting a journey shared with a hummingbird. It opens your heart and touches your soul. Learn more at:   


BREAKING THROUGH BETRAYAL: AND RECOVERING THE PEACE WITHIN is for anyone who has come face to face with betrayal. Author Holli Kenley, M.A., MFT, engages the reader in an empowering self-paced interactive process tailored specifically for recovery from betrayal injury. Embrace a five-part program to revive and restore your mind, body and spirit. And, reclaim your rightful sense of self.



HEART OF A WOMAN - is a delightful collection of true short stories, quotations and poems that will rekindle your spirit, tickle your funny bone and touch your soul. Over 80 sections include: Authenticity; Babies; Chocolate; Courage; Dreams; Faith; Family; Intuition; Laughter; Life; Love; Military; Mothers; Pets; Prosperity; Relationships; Teenagers; Sisters; Wisdom; Worthiness & more! Author Sheryl Roush, inspirational speaker.


KATHRYN THE GRAPE'S PIECE OF LOVE by Kathryn Cloward. In this peace-building book, readers of all ages are inspired with an engaging and inclusive message of love. You will be drawn into Kathryn the Grape's ripple effect with understanding that we all have a piece to contribute to helping others and the planet., Amazon.   



THE TEN SMARTEST DECISIONS A WOMAN CAN MAKE AFTER FORTY - Wondering how to handle mid-life? This practical and effective reference guide and handbook helps you reinvent your life, map options and outline strategies for reorganizing your relationships, finances, and work-life balance and gaining a deeper sense of personal fulfillment. A roadmap for  getting the most out of the rest of your life.


HOW TO FIND LOVE AND PREPARE YOURSELF FOR LOVE - by Nikki Leigh, Love Coach. Are you searching for love, ending a relationship or want to improve a current relationship? Evaluate who you are alone. What do you want and need in a partner and what you offer. Discover what is stopping you. This e-book reveals that and much more.




SACRIFICE AT SEA - by award-winning author Susan Wingate. When Georgette Carlisle and new beau, Willard Cleary take a cruise to the Caribbean, her life becomes tranquil - until she learns about a murderer on board. When the killer turns his attention toward Georgette, their vacation becomes a nightmare at sea. This is the third book in the Bobby's Diner series.   
THE WILD FEMININE: STORIES TO INSPIRE AND EMBOLDEN - Jungian psychologist and artist Marilyn Steele weaves personal and archetypal experiences of the wild and sacred feminine. She traces a spiral path to recovering her Wild Feminine power, voice and creativity through dreams, intuition, synchronicities. She learned to love herself, marry her muse, and be faithful to her wild soul.






AGONY TO ECSTASY - This is Valerie Lemme 's revolutionary true story, filled with new insights and tools that you won't find anywhere else...If you're in a difficult relationship, tried everything and almost given up, this book will change that! If you're on a, self-help or spiritual journey and are frustrated, disillusioned, sick and in pain, you can heal! You can create magic!  




ALL WE NEED IS A HAPPY ENDING - An inspirational book by author Renae Farley. This story chronicles how the author and her family dealt with her sister's early-onset Alzheimer's diagnosis at the age of 49; its sadness will tug at your heartstrings, but you will also be inspired by its message of the power of unconditional love.  


TRANSFORMING PAIN INTO POWER - Comments by critics about this #1 Bestselling Book: "The most unorthodox self-help book you'll ever read and by far the most useful," and "The last self-help book you'll ever need." "Enjoy this marvelous guide for achieving personal empowerment and freedom." Built-in workbook. Related teleclass teaches you how to enjoy loving, supportive relationships in which your needs are met.  



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