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Valentine's Day is for celebrating self-love, love of a partner, friend - for being special. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and gifts that will expand your heart and romantic nature. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


SOOTHING AND SENSUAL, INNER WISDOM EYE PILLOWS - Pamper your senses and still your mind. Filled with organic flaxseed and restful lavender or calming chamomile, each pillow is a hand-crafted work of art! Custom designs from colorful cotton batiks add beauty to your meditation, prayer and relaxation. Indulge yourself and those you love with the richest of inner cranial experiences.   


LEADING A ROMANCE REVOLUTION - Bobbi Palmer, The Dating and Relationship Coach for Women over 40 and CEO of helps smart, accomplished, loving women who are sick of being single finally figure out the 'man-thing' so they can find that guy who fits into their already great life and start writing their grownup love story.    



ACCIDENTAL DISCOVERY REVEALS ANTI-AGING BREAKTHROUGH - NeriumAD Age-Defying Night Treatment and Day Cream work together offering what no other skincare brand can.  Powered by Nerium's patented NAE-8 extract, which is rich in antioxidants, the nature-based products dramatically improve the apprearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, skin texture and loose/sagging skin.  30-day Money Back Guarantee. Cindy Marshall, Nerium Brand Partner, 405.880.1823,     
SO YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A BIGGER MISSION IN THE WORLD - Yet are you working too hard, feeling exhausted, stuck, underpaid, uninspired or overwhelmed? As an Intuitive Happiness and Success Catalyst, Claudia Langford uplifts you to YOUR next level as a magnetic, joyful and prosperous Female Business Leader. Email for a complimentary Ignite Session (mention "Spirited Woman"). 818-970-4770,

HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY BY SUSAN JEWELRY - Express yourself! Let your confidence shine as you look and feel beautiful. Susan creates each piece from fine gemstones, sparkling crystal, and vintage beads. Created in Tucson, AZ, this jewelry is the perfect gift for every woman on your list, including yourself! You'll find 100s of styles to choose from, each individual and unique. or Etsy. 

SYLVIA VALENTINE, AWARD-WINNING NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - I love capturing the Spirit of a place, often using close angles and light to bring a magical, unique perspective. I feel like art can be a prayer and beauty is medicine! I hope my art stirs something inside you, opening you to feel more connected with everything around and within you.   
JUDY MARIE'S MIRACLES OF HEALTH - Founded 1992, on mere passion and commitment to help, heal, educate, and transform lives. We started with a vision. Now we're a company spreading miracles! You can depend on Miracles of Health Products for Life to energize, revitalize and cleanse your body. Wellness begins today by choosing our products. Free samples:,
TRANSPERSONAL INTUITIVE AND CERTIFIED CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST - Nancy Love was born with the amazing gift of divine intuition. This has been her profession for the last 40 years. She is able to uncover the core issues that hold us back from living in alignment with our true divine nature. She is available for remote intuitive readings via the phone. 843-849-9610.


THERE ARE 18 POSSIBLE GIFT MARKINGS IN THE HANDS - In our circles - transformational coaches, energy workers, channelers, psychics - nearly everyone has at least 3 Gift Markings which puts you in the rare 2-3% of people on the leading edge. Find out more about the gifts in your hands.  Special reading rates for Spirited Women. Denise Dee Rebel Seer   


WAKE UP TO YOUR W.O.R.T.H. AND SOAR - Paulette Bodeman is passionate about helping women reach their highest potential. Through her breakthrough W.O.R.T.H. program Paulette teaches that in order to Soar we must celebrate our perfect imperfections. "We all have a Humpty Dumpty story, the key is to open our hearts and allow our brilliance to shine through the cracks."  


ANIMAL INTUITIVE/AROMATHERAPIST/HEALTH TECHNOLOGIST - Jodene Lynn Sekura's passion is to be a voice for animals and to provide alternate healing modalities. She works in close relationship with you and your veterinarian. She believes therapeutic grade essential oils help with emotional release as well as physical symptoms of dis-ease. Her dream is to co-own a multimodal integrative veterinary referral hospital.

I AM A MOM WHO LEFT THE CORPORATE WORLD to work from home! I left the airline industry after 9/11 to start For 13 years we have empowered women of all ages to be CEO's of their own business at home. We have an award-winning U.S. "GREEN" manufacturing facility - looking for qualified "spirited" woman to inspire others. 847- 991-4242.   
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