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The Weekly Bulletin 

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Our school mission:
Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.
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Principal's message to Deal students and families: 

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled Sunday Weekly Bulletin. My plan is for this to go on Sunday afternoons; if Monday is a holiday, the bulletin would go out Monday afternoon. The bulletin is intended to convey as much information as possible to as many people as possible. Here is the general practice of how to read the bulletin:

In this letter, I will typically highlight critical or interesting events going on at Deal or having just happened - the news part of the bulletin. I may even point to a more detailed item further down the bulletin. If you find this part long-winded or not as useful, feel free to skip right over and get into the items below.

The main sections are "Students and Parents" and "This Week at Deal." In general, information about topics coming down the road, of broad interest to everyone, kudos to some, or just things you should know are captured here. They will run for several weeks. If they are just posted, they will have the word "New" in front of them. There is no chronological order to them, but more essential items tend to be towards the top.

In "This Week at Deal" we list day-by-day activities at school. On occasion, these may include more specific information than was listed initially in "Students and Parents," but otherwise it includes the big happenings in school life. None of these items are sorted by grade.

This week, you will notice a large section on 6th grade, full of key information. Towards the end of the year, there will be a large section on 8th grade. These are highlighted because of the critical need for this information at that time of year. There is also a box that has our sports information. This will have updated team, tryout, and game information. There is typically a link to a Google calendar that has our sporting events. If you can't access that, let Coach Downing know - he updates that regularly. Given the changeable nature of event scheduling in DC sports, his is a good number to know since he is our Athletic Director.

At the bottom, a weekly calendar of clubs and activities will be placed, with days and locations for all activities. This is a full listing of clubs and should change very little when finalized. Below this is a section on community activities, items that have been sent to us to include but that aren't directly managed by Deal or its staff. There is a lot of information there, so it is good to find out what else is happening in the neighborhood.

On the left side will be a school calendar with about one and a half months of information, news about the library, attendance policies, WMATA information, notes from the nurse, and other items of importance. Depending on the week, the Alice Deal Community Association (ADCA) will have a large box with upcoming activities, that box located somewhere near the top of the bulletin.

If you have any questions about the bulletin, couldn't find something, wish we did something different or better, please let us know. I would like the bulletin to continue to be an important information tool for the community; if it isn't working for you it isn't working for us.

Big items for this week: 

Registration - if you haven't done it, you can't wait any longer. Students not on our books after ten days will be dropped from Deal. This will really happen!

WMATA - The Metro bus service remains a challenge. I will ask Metro to reevaluate the D31/33/34 lines for overcrowding; some portion of the behavior problem is because students are packed very tightly on the buses. We will be speaking with our students about bus behavior - which needs to be echoed at home by one and all. I take very seriously student behavior on the bus - to the extent that I will work with WMATA to have students who don't follow the rules removed from the bus privilege for a period of time. If your child feels uncomfortable on the bus, please have them tell an administrator, counselor, or social worker; we will address each issue directly.

Breakfasts/BBQs - we would love you to attend any that you are invited to - it sends a great message to your child. The teachers plan these carefully so that you can enjoy your time, and it is a great way to just see what classrooms look like and chat with a teacher.

Clubs and Activities/Tutoring - many of these are starting this week. Clubs listed in the bulletin here are set and ready to roll; we will be adding the remaining clubs during the week. With the exception of sports and one or two clubs, all of the clubs and activities are open to any child. Our teachers offer these activities so that your child's experience at Deal can be richer and extend beyond core instruction. If your child starts a club and wants to stay all year, great. If they start a club and decided it isn't for them, also great. The clubs are for the children to explore. A complete list of clubs with days and times will be forthcoming; the next issue of the bulletin will have all club times and locations listed at the bottom.

Team Information - if you are not getting team information regularly, check in with a teacher or the team leader. The items are being sent out, but we might have some information wrong. 

Finally, thank you for sending your children to Deal. Many of us shared how wonderful it is to stop planning for students and to start teaching! The weeks before the school year starts are very intense (for you as well), but when we are all together in the building, developing grit, thinking about our mindsets, and learning how to create a more peaceful world, it makes it all worth it. 

As always, share your concerns or positive comments - it is always good to have clear lines of communication. Thank you for your support for an excellent first week!

Take care, 

James Albright


Register Now!
Parents/guardians are required to annually verify DC residency upon enrollment of their student. If you have not completed your annual enrollment it must be done by Friday, September 4 or your child will be excluded from school.  
The office staff will be available from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Please call the Welcome Center at (202) 939-2010 if you have any questions about your child's enrollment. 
Upcoming Dates  

September 2
iReady Testing

September 3
iReady Testing
WTU Meeting, 3:30
Team Leaders, 8:10 am (All)

September 4
iReady Testing
LSAT, 7:30 am

September 7
Labor Day 
No School 

September 9
SRI Testing
Parent Music Night, 6 - 6:30 pm
6th Grade
Parent Workshop, 
6:30 pm 
September 10
ADCA Reception, 6:00 pm
6th Grade Parent Workshop,
6:30 pm

September 11
SCAC Meeting, 7:30 am

September 17
Team Leaders, 8:10 am (Grade Level)
Back to School Night
6:30 pm
September 18
Student Council Officer Elections
September 24
Faculty Meeting, 3:30 pm
Hemlock Field Trip,
Team Montevideo
England/Italy Trip Interest Mtg,
6:30 pm

September 25
Movie Night, 6:30 pm

September 28
Hemlock Field Trip - Team Taipei

September 29
Hemlock Field Trip - Team Dakar

September 30
Hemlock Field Trip - Team Quito 
Media Center News

Center Hours

Before School 8:00 - 8:40 am
 After School  3:30 - 5:00 pm

The Deal Library will be open after school this week Monday-Wednesday until 5pm.  Students are welcome for independent reading and homework. Please review the expectations and complete the permission slip available in the Library or on our website Alice Deal Library Pass.

Bus Information
Here is a link to the bus route schedule.

If an issue occurs with your designated school transit service, below are the contacts at Metro who can help:

Northern (D31, D33, and D34)
(202) 962-5800

Superintendent Priscilla Alston: (202) 962-5808

Assistant Superintendent Frank Machado: (202) 962-5809 (direct)

(Morning D32s, one of the afternoon D32s)

Superintendent Jackie Smith: (202) 379-8787; mobile: (202) 962-8785

Assistant Superintendent Amit Tonse: (202) 379-8787 mobile: (202) 570-6728

For longer-term bus planning needs (i.e., requests for new transit services, ongoing crowding, etc.), contact Kristine Marsh at (202) 962-6088 or [email protected]
As always, please send an email about bus problems or concerns to  [email protected] 
8th Grade
 World Language Trips

Each year, our 8th grade students have the opportunity to participate in one of three amazing world language trips over spring break. Sign-ups are live now and information about interest meetings and scholarships will be shared in the bulletin soon.

For more information, please check out these links:

Costa Rica
Visit and enter tour number 1697148BA
or email [email protected]

Visit and enter tour number 1687377BT

Visit and enter tour number 1692201BH

These trips are a memorable experience and we encourage all families to consider joining us. To learn more about past trips, visit and check out our travel blogs!
7th Graders -
 We're Going to Europe!

7th Grade Parents and Guardians,

Global awareness is more essential than ever for our children and the best way to become globally aware is by traveling abroad. Experiencing new cultures opens students' eyes to the world and prepares them for the future.
With that in mind, we're excited to announce that a group of students will be traveling on a new educational tour to London and Rome! This trip is open to students currently in the 7th grade and will take place during the summer before they return for 8th grade. To learn more:

Student & Parent Information

New: Edline at Deal
All teachers at Deal use Edline, an online system for reporting student progress and general class information such as nightly homework. Class pages (including homework calendars) will be active beginning this week and progress reports will be posted beginning September 8th.   
Returning Edline users will use the same account information as last year to access the system. New Edline users should have received an account activation code this week. If you need support for your Edline account or have questions about the system, please email [email protected]
New: 8th Grade Art Students
All 8th grade art students are required to have an IB Sketchbook. Please bring in $10 as a check (payable to Alice Deal Middle School) or cash. All money must be paid by Friday, September 4th. Please see your art teacher privately if this is a hardship and we will work it out.
New: Team Dakar Parents: Pancake Breakfasts!
The Team Dakar teachers would like to introduce ourselves and welcome you to the team with breakfast. We will make the pancakes and provide the drinks and toppings! Each pancake breakfast will take place on a Friday morning from 7:30-8:00 am in Ms. Law's room (E101). The date of the breakfast is determined by your student's homeroom teacher and are scheduled as follows:

Ms. Law - Friday, September 11th
Ms. Hailfinger - Friday, September 25th
Ms. Lewis & Ms. Fullington - Friday, October 2nd
Ms. Culp - Friday, October 16th

Please RSVP by visiting and completing the form. The whole family is welcome!
New: Welcome Team Paris
Team Paris would like to welcome all students and parents back for the 2015-2016 school year. It is extremely important that all parents and students are signed up for the Team Paris weekly newsletter. If you have not done so already, please go to: and fill out the necessary information.
New: Team Suva
Team Suva is shouting out all of our students for a wonderful start to this year! We look forward to a year of success! If you haven't completed our team survey, please complete it at so that you are added to our weekly team newsletter. Our team email is [email protected].
New: Peer Mediation Program Begins 
Sign-Up in Ms. White's office (Room C302) starting this week to join this peacemaking opportunity. The peer mediation program is recruiting students from all three grades who have been trained in the process of peer mediation or have a desire to help students in the community better handle conflict. Interested students should stop by Ms. White's office this week to sign up and receive information about the program. Please feel free to reach out to Ms. White by email at [email protected]or by phone at 202-939-2012 with any questions. Come join us and help our community safely resolve conflict through mediation!
New: Deal Sailing Club
Ahoy! The Deal Sailing Club will be back on the water this fall and spring. We can't wait to reconnect with old friends and meet our newest batch of 6th grade sailors. Like last year, we will share a SignUpGenius link and ask sailors to choose which dates work for them. We are finalizing dates with DC Sail
and hope send out the sign-up sheet in the coming weeks. See you soon!
New: Join Wilson Crew!
Did you know that 8th graders can join the Wilson High School Crew team?  Come learn about Wilson Crew and the Learn to Row Program at an information meeting on Thursday, September 8th at Wilson HS.   Learn to Row is a two-week program September 14th to 25th, running Monday through Thursday, from 4:30- 6:30 pm at the Thompson Boathouse on the Georgetown Waterfront. Beginning rowers will learn rowing safety, boat handling, and the basics of the rowing stroke and will be introduced to the rigor and teamwork that characterizes Wilson Crew. After the preliminary two weeks, 8th graders have the option of participating in the Novice Fall Program. For more information or to be added to our mailing list for announcements regarding the Learn to Row Program, please contact Kathryn O'Brien at
6th Grade Information 

6th grade Parent Workshops
On September 3rd and 4th from 6:30 - 8:15 pm, Deal will offer parent workshops for 6th grade parents. All 6th grade parents are strongly encouraged to attend.  The workshops will provide an opportunity for parents to gain insight into life in middle school and to learn strategies for ensuring their child's successful transition to Deal. There will not be a general opening session. Parents will report directly to the workshop of their choice at 6:30 pm.
  • Special Education at Deal
  • Edline: Basic Set-up and Use
  • French I and Spanish I
  • Athletics at Deal
  • Understanding IB Rubrics for Mathematics
  • The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP) at Deal
  • Challenging (but expected) Development:  Middle School Years
  • What to Expect from Your Reader and Writer - 6th Grade English at Deal
  • Organization and Communication at Deal
  • Band and Choir at Deal
6th Grade Hemlock Field Trip  
All 6th grade students will participate in our 13th annual community-building outdoor educational enrichment activity at Hemlock Overlook Center in Clifton, Virginia this month. At Hemlock, students participate in physical activities designed to help them form relationships with their peers and teachers. Through these activities, students get to know each other better and gain trust in each other.
On the day of the activity, students should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that they won't mind getting dirty and sneakers or footwear that is appropriate for a day in the woods. Students are also encouraged to bring a poncho or raincoat in case of rain. Flip flops, sandals, large earrings, long necklaces, and accessories will not be allowed. Students should pack a lunch with a couple of bottles of water.

On the day of their trip, students should arrive to school by 8:00 am so that our buses can leave on time. Students will return to Deal by 6:30 pm.
DC One Card Pictures
6th graders will take pictures for their DC ONE Cards over the next two weeks in their first period class.
Mon., August 31 - Philip/Burt
Tues., September 1 - Nakamura/Lewis
Wed., September 2 - Martis/Wesselhoft
Thurs., September 3 - Quiambao/Thompson
Fri., September 4 - Anderson/Martini
Tues., September 8 - Siddiqui/Spencer
Wed., September 9 - K. Anderson/Culp
Thurs., September 10 - Hailfinger/Law
Fri., September 10 - Make Up Pics
This Week at Deal...
Monday: African Drumming
The Alice Deal Middle School African Drumming Club will meet hold its first meeting Monday, August 31st in room CG20 from 3:30 - 4:30pm. This club will explore specific musical styles, with emphasis on instrumental performance techniques of authentic West African music. Students will gain an appreciation for the music and learn about its functionality within West African culture.
Monday: Open Studio Club
Open Studio Club will be held on Mondays in room C224 from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Come work on independent art projects. You bring the ideas, we have the materials and space to create!
Monday: Outdoor After School Basketball Club
The Outdoor After School Basketball Club with Mr. Namian begins on Monday, September 14th. Be there!
Tuesday: National Speech and Debate Team 
Those students who attended the National Speech and Debate tournament in June will meet in E200 (Mr. Stroud's room) at 3:30 pm on Tuesday. We will discuss the competitive schedule for this year and the roles/responsibilities of team officers.
Tuesday: 6th Grade Speech and Debate
Are you interested in learning about the speech and debate team? Come to a meeting on Tuesday, September 1st in room R103. The coaches  (Mr. Conway and Mr. Martis) and senior team members will review the requirements for participation and scope out the competitive opportunities that are available to sixth graders this year. This is one meeting you won't want to miss!
Tuesday: Team Dakar Study Hour
Team Dakar students who are looking to continue their growth in their Team Dakar classes are invited to join us after school on Tuesdays for Team Dakar study hour. Students will work on assignments, meet with teachers for help with class content, and work with their peers to understand class material. Team Dakar study hour will begin on Tuesday, September 8th and take place every week on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in Ms. Hailfinger's room (E104). Bring your GRIT and GROWTH MINDSET for optimal success!
Tuesday: Power Walking Club
Power Walking Club with Ms. DeAngelis starts this Tuesday! Power Walking Club is where Deal students have an opportunity to exercise with friends through low intensity steady state cardio. This club is perfect for students who want to incorporate exercise and health into their routine but may not be passionate about playing sports. Weekly healthy recipe cards will also be included in the group. Please bring work out clothes and sneakers.
Wednesday: 7th and 8th Grade Speech and Debate
Are you interested in learning about the Viking Speech and Debate team? Then plan to meet for an informational meeting with the team coaches and senior team officers on Wednesday, September 2nd at 3:30 pm in room E200.  Due to the nature of the activity and the competitive calendar, 7th and 8th graders who wish to participate in speech and debate tournaments during the first semester must attend either this meeting or a meeting next Wednesday, September 9th at 3:30 pm.
Wednesday: Fencing
Welcome students! We are prepping to start another great year of fencing! Students will have the opportunity to learn basic moves and skills in our fencing club. Deal's Intramural Fencing Club introduces boys and girls to the basics of non-electric epee fencing. We meet once a week, traditionally on Wednesdays, from September to November. If you are interested in joining fencing, please come to Mr. Martis' room (W101) on Wednesday after school for more information and a permission slip.
Wednesday: 7th and 8th Model UN Club
7th and 8th Grade Model UN Club will hold a short interest meeting on Wednesday, September 2nd. The purpose of the meeting is to share how the club will operate this year, when we will meet, answer questions, and share a tentative schedule of conferences for the year. We will meet in RG03 (Ms. Trenkle's room) at 3:30 pm and will be finished by 3:45 pm. Students with and without experience are welcome!
Thursday: Vegan Club
On Thursday, September 3rd, there will be an interest meeting for Vegan Club at 3:30 pm in the Reno building's multi-purpose room. This will be a short meeting (15 minutes) to discuss the purpose of the club and gather student names of those interested. If you cannot make the meeting, please see Ms. Schuettpelz in room W200 or Ms. Trenkle in room RG03.

Deal Athletics ...

Ultimate Frisbee
There will be a brief informational meeting on Tuesday, September 1st in Mr. Harkin's room (R101) for all interested new and returning ultimate frisbee players. Practice will be every Tuesday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Players will need to sign and return the  "Consent to Participate" and "Emergency Information" forms in order to practice with us. The forms can be found at

All young ladies interested in trying out for the volleyball team must complete the forms online. Please visit and submit online or print the form and bring to try-outs.  You must bring a change of clothes.

Try-outs will take place from 3:30-3:45pm on Monday (8/31), Tuesday (9/1), and Wednesday (9/2) this week.

Cross Country
The cross country season is started for returning runners and sixth graders who attended the interest meeting at the end of last year, but there is still plenty of time for new runners to join! We practice on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please email [email protected] for instructions on how to sign up!
Cheerleading tryouts will be held Wednesday, September 9th in the gym from 3:30 - 5:00 pm. You must have the required DCPS sports forms to tryout. 
Staff Information

New: Recycling Collection 
We will hold our first of our weekly recyclable collections during homeroom this Friday.  Homeroom teachers, please have your 2-4 Green Team members selected before Friday morning and make sure they know your partner location.  Non-homeroom teachers, please be ready to connect with your Green Team partners so they know where to find your paper recycling bin.

Monday: Math Department Meeting
The entire math department will meet on Monday, August 28 at 8:10 in room C104.

Tuesday: Period 8 Interest Meeting 
All teachers interested in building a Period 8 class this year should attend an interest meeting at 3:30 pm.

Thursday: Team Leaders Meeting
All team leaders will meet at 8:10 on Thursday, September 3 at 8:10 in room E104.

Thursday: ALT Meeting 
The Academic Leadership Team will meet at 3:30 pm

Thursday: WTU Meeting 
The WTU meeting will be in the cafeteria at 3:30 pm.

Friday: LSAT Meeting 
The LSAT will meet in the conference room at 7:30 am. 

Community Information
(Items in this section are not sponsored by Deal)
Flag Football in NW this fall!
For K-7th grades on Sundays. Deal students use promo code "VikingStar" for a 50% discount. Please call 202-468-1516 or visit for details.