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The Weekly Bulletin 

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Our school mission:
Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.
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Principal's Message...

There is no more timely national holiday than the Labor Day weekend (at least in DC). All the energy expended in our first week - teacher preparation, parent attention to children's needs, student excitement - sapped us all. We needed this weekend (no matter how muggy) to recharge. We come back in the building tomorrow with a successful start to the year behind us and enough time to reflect on what the year ahead holds.


Several important events start off this week as part of our belief that families need to know what is going on. Do not miss the 6th parent workshops - these are well-attended, information-packed sessions which give new-to-Deal 6th grade parents the lowdown on what we have heard you want to know. Check out the schedule further down the bulletin. This year, we are adding a special new session for families of new 7th and 8th graders - a mini-version of our August 22 orientation - offered on Wednesday night as well. Next week Back-to-School Night nestles into the schedule - a chance to hear about what we teach from the people who do that work! By this time, many of you have started to receive your team-based bulletins - another way to keep in touch with what is happening.


Clubs and activities start up this week - a long list is included in this week's bulletin (with a few more to be added in the weeks to come). Important points here are that they run from 3:30 to 4:30, that students don't need to sign up in advance or stay for any specific number of sessions, and that when they conclude for the day, students are expected to either head home or to after-care. We will remind your students of these expectations and hope they have as much fun and growth in these clubs as possible.


The PTA has its first full meeting of the year this Wednesday (starting at 6:00, a half hour before the workshops). I will use this space frequently to remind all of us why we should support the PTA - financially as well as with our efforts. A good way to find out is to join us at that meeting. Your PTA has already come through in a big way - heavily subsidizing the Hemlock trip for our 6th graders, helping us welcome our new and returning teachers with great hospitality events. These commitments matter. So does your support.


There are several new initiatives underway at Deal this year. Each of them deserves their own full report, but given the number of competing demands for space, I will have to spread them out a bit. Keep an eye out for information about how our assessment processes are changing - beginning with a real commitment to effective student feedback. This change is being effected through the redesign of the IB Middle Years Program, and will take a couple of years to fully implement across the school. In addition, our student satisfaction initiative (we don't have a good name for this yet!) is adding some family-focused events and activities to keep up our already significant level of student satisfaction. A third major program change this year is in line with the IB, and will raise the profile of student skill development through a strong approaches to learning (ATL) effort.


There is a lot that follows this message. Check it out below. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions (or corrections!) please email me at [email protected]


James Albright

PS - As we get underway, I would ask that if you know of a planned absence (e.g., medical or religious holiday) please send an email to Ms. Johnson and to team emails regarding the absence.

PPS - For certain evening events at Deal (e.g, Workshops, Back-to-School) it is best not to bring your children as space is very limited and attendance is usually high. Thank you for your understanding.
Metrobus changes for 2014 - 2015
Big news about our Deal-designated WMATA Metrobuses for this school year. 
  • There will now be a second D31 (from Eastern and 16th to Military to Deal) every morning. The scheduled bus stop times are not changing; due to demand they are adding a second bus at the same time.
  • The D32 (Mt. Pleasant) buses will be at their first pick-up at 7:55 rather than 8:00am.
  • A new D34 run will be added for 4:30pm to accommodate our after-school activities. The D34 runs from Deal to Military to 14th and Colorado. (As 4:30 is right when clubs end, I will work to change this schedule when possible.)

Here are the phone numbers to address concerns or commendations that arise through WMATA's bus service to Deal.


Northern (D31, 33, and 34) (202) 962-5800

Superintendent Priscilla Alston: (202) 962-5808 (direct)

Assistant Superintendent Frank Machado: (202) 962-5809 (direct)


Western (Morning D32s, one of the afternoon D32s)

Superintendent Jackie Smith: (202) 379-8787; mobile: (202) 962-8785

Assistant Superintendent Amit Tonse: (202) 379-8787 mobile: (202) 570-6728


(Please copy Principal Albright on emails to Metro for his follow-up - the email address for the manager is below-left; phone numbers will be moved there after this week.)

Register Now!


Parents should bring their completed enrollment papers and proof of residency to Deal. All students must be registered by September 8 in order to remain on Deal's roster.

Week of August 25
 Bell Schedule

Monday - Labor Day
No School for Students and Staff
Tuesday - Bell I
      Wednesday - Bell I
Thursday - Thursday Bell
Friday - Bell I 

Upcoming Dates  

September 1
Labor Day
No School for Students and Staff

September 2
Team Leaders (all), 3:30 pm

September 3
PTA Meeting, 6:00 pm
6th Grade Parent Workshops
6:30 - 8:00 pm
7th/8th New Parent Meeting
6:30 pm

September 4
New to Deal (staff), 3:30 pm
6th Grade Parent Workshops
6:30 - 8:00 pm

September 5
LSAT, 7:30 am

September 6
Saturday Detention
9:00 am - noon

September 8
PTA Donation Week Starts

September 11
Parent Music Night, 6:00 pm
8th Grade Math Night 6:00
Back to School Night, 6:30 pm

September 15
Team Istanbul to Hemlock

September 16
Team Baku to Hemlock 
England Trip Parent Mtg, 6:30

September 17
Team Shanghai to Hemlock

September 18
Team Seoul to Hemlock 
Faculty Meeting 3:30

September 19
Movie Night, 6:30 pm 

September 23
Team Leaders (grade level) 
3:30 pm 

Media Center News


Center Hours 


Before School 8:00 - 8:40 am

 After School  3:30 - 5:00 pm

Students must have parental permission to stay after school


The Alice Deal Media Center welcomes students for reading and homework after school! Students must have a permission form on file in the library to use the space after school. Students may pick up a form in the library, or may download it from the library website (Library Pass). 
Bus Information '14-'15

Metrobus Contacts for Schools


If an issue occurs with your designated school transit service, below are contacts at Metro who can help.


For emergency issues or time-sensitive questions (i.e., safety, late buses, missed stops, etc.), contact the Bus Operations Communication Center at (202) 962-1825.


For longer-term bus planning needs (i.e., requests for new transit services, ongoing crowding, etc.), contact Kristine Marsh at (202) 962-6088 or [email protected]


As always, please send an email about bus problems or concerns to [email protected]

Here is a link to the bus route schedule.

Immunization News 


Thanks to the parents who have been sending in immunization information. Please continue to send in  documentation every time your student receives new immunizations. It is important to have all students immunized to prevent the spread of childhood diseases.


All 6th graders 11 years or older must have the following:

Tdap (tetanus, diptheria and pertussis)

Meningococcal (meningitis)  

HPV (human papilloma virus)


For the HPV vaccine, three doses are required for females or you may complete an opt out form.


All immunization forms must be stamped, signed and dated before the Immunization Registry will accept them.


If there are any questions, please call Nurse Whitlock at (202) 939-2009.

The DCPS Attendance Protocol 


 DCPS Attendance Protocol and Policy: Things to Remember


1. Students that miss two class periods will automatically be counted as being absent for the entire school day.

2. Students must submit a note from their parents to excused from being absent from school (please refer to the list of authorized excused absences)


Excused Absences According DCPS:

  • Death in the Family
  • Illness (doctor's note must be provided for absences that exceed 5 days)
  • Medical Appointment
  • Emergency
  • Religious Holiday
  • Court Summons
  • School Activities (DCPS sponsored sports events, academic activities etc.)
  • School Visit (tours, interviews, etc.)

If you have any questions or concerns more, please contact our Attendance Counselor:


Krystle Johnson

[email protected]



Alice Deal PTA News

Welcome to September 2014, PTA Dues Month!  


Help your student win a PIZZA PARTY for their Homeroom!!!!!


The Deal PTA will give your student's homeroom a PIZZA PARTY when they have the most parents contribute their dues.  


There will be one PIZZA PARTY per team, given in one homeroom for each Team for each grade! 


Parents if you have already donated for the iPad mini, you have already helped your student's homeroom win!


Go online and donate today! The suggested donation is $150.00 per family. However, you may give what you can or simply set up a payment plan online.  


Thank you for your support!




Deal PTA

Student & parent information


New: 6th grade Parent Workshops 
On September 3rd and 4th (6:30 - 8:00 pm both evenings), Deal will offer parent workshops for 6th grade parents. All 6th grade parents are strongly encouraged to attend.  The workshops will provide an opportunity for parents to gain insight into life in middle school and to learn strategies for ensuring their child's successful transition to Deal. There will not be a general opening session. Parents will report directly to the workshop of their choice at 6:30 pm.
  • Special Education at Deal
  • Edline: Basic Set-up and Use
  • French Interactive Notebooks (FINs) and Immersion
  • ¿No Hablas Español?
  • Athletics at Deal
  • Understanding IB Rubrics for Mathematics
  • The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP) at Deal
  • Challenging (but expected) Development:  Middle School Years
  • What to Expect from Your Reader and Writer - 6th Grade English at Deal
  • Organization and Communication at Deal
  • Band and Choir at Deal (information table

New: 7th and 8th grade New To Deal Parent Workshops

On September 3rd at 6:30pm (the same time as the 6th grade parent workshops above) Deal administrators will meet with parents of new 7th and 8th grade students. This will be an informal meeting to answer questions and provide needed information. No need to sign up - just come to the school (parking will be tight) and follow the signs. 


New: SRI Testing

All Deal students will be taking the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) one day this week during their Language and Literature Classes. The SRI is a computer assessment that assesses reading comprehension. This test allows teachers to assess student's reading progress throughout the year. The schedule is as follows:


September 3rd: 6th grade testing

September 4th: 7th grade testing

September 5th: 8th grade testing


New: Deal Peer Mediation Program

Peer mediation is a process of conflict resolution in which trained student (or adult) mediators assist disputants to discuss and resolve their conflict. Mediation is available at Deal for student (and adult) disputes on a referral basis.  If teachers or students are having a conflict or want to let someone know about a potential conflict situation, they can refer the situation to Ms. White, the Peer Mediation coordinator. Mediation referral forms can be picked up from the bookcase outside the counseling suite and can be left with a counselor or in Ms. White's  box. Parents can refer a conflict situation by calling Ms. White (202) 939-2012.  


New: Peer Mediation Interest Meeting Next Week!

The peer mediation program is also recruiting students from all three grades who were trained to be peer mediators at Deal last year or in their elementary school. Students can also sign up with their counselor during lunch. Special training for mediating disputes at the middle school level will be provided. Peer mediators will have two meeting opportunities on Friday to choose from each week. The first two interest meetings will be held on Friday, September 12th from 8:00-8:30 a.m. and 3:30-4:00 p.m. - location TBA. This is a great opportunity for students to contribute to their school community by helping others resolve problems that cause conflicts in relationships with peers and adults in our school.


New: Transitions Group for Grades 7 and 8
In support of our new 7th and 8th grade students, Ms. White and Ms. Hernandez will host three after school sessions on Monday's during the month of September. These after school group sessions will provide the extra support and knowledge to help students build their confidence navigating this new environment. Topics will include organization/time management techniques, using Edline, and much more. The first meeting will be Monday, September 8th at 3:30 pm.


New: Fencing Club Begins Wednesday, Sept. 10

The Deal Fencing Club begins Wednesday, September 10th after school in room E106 from 3:30 until 5 o'clock. Deal supplies all the equipment: weapons and protective uniforms. You need no experience. The club is open to all Deal students. You must have a signed permission slip to attend, which you may pick up from Mr. Hughes in room E206 or Mr. Martis in room E106 any day after school. 


New: Welcome Team Shanghai Students!

Mr. Burt, Ms. Hailfinger, Mr. McDowell, Ms. LoFaro, and Ms. Wisniewski are excited to welcome back our Shanghai Stars for week two of 6th grade! Team Shanghai study hall will be held on Tuesdays this year and begins September 9th! If you would like to contact our team, please email us as [email protected]


New: Team Athens Families

Please visit and fill in your student's information so that you will receive our weekly email.  Thank you!


New: Team Seoul Study Hall

Mr. Martini, Ms. Quinn, Ms. Azimi, Ms. Culp, and Ms. Jackson will be available to provide academic support to all Team Seoul students every Monday from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm in Room C128.  Please feel free to come for help or simply for a quiet place to work

New: Music Department

Welcome to an exciting new school year at Deal! The Music Department would like to welcome Ms. Suslov, our new music teacher! We are asking that all students who are enrolled in music classes to please come prepared with a one-subject spiral notebook, a two-pocket folder, and pencils.


If students are interested in joining a music ensemble (band, choir, orchestra, percussion ensemble) please visit the following link and complete the form:


We look forward to a wonderful, music filled year!


New: Deal Spanish Theatre Club!

Attention all Spanish students (or really any interested student): This year is the inaugural year for the Alice Deal Spanish Theatre Club! Join and practice your Spanish by reading, rehearsing, and performing a play entirely in Spanish! We will read several works and explore the cultures and societies of various Spanish-speaking countries through theatre. We will also travel to the Gala Hispanic Theatre to learn from professionals! The Deal Spanish Theatre Club will meet on Wednesdays from 3:30 - 4:30 beginning September 10th. Location is TBD. If interested, please send Maestra Henderson an email at [email protected].


New: Sixth Grade Soccer Club

Sixth grade students interested in playing and discussing soccer in a casual, non-competitive setting are welcome to join on Mondays after school from 3:30 - 4:30 pm beginning September 8th. We will start in room W105 to discuss club expectations, then head outside to play a few games. If you have any questions, please see Ms. Hailfinger in room W105. Beginners welcome!


New: Student Council Elections

Student Council will start soon and elections are coming! All students interested in running for school-wide office (Student Council President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer) must attend a brief meeting after school this Tuesday, September 2nd in Room E205. If you are interested but cannot make that meeting, you MUST come see Ms. Wickersham in E205 as soon as possible. Students who are interested in representing their homeroom on Student Council should stay tuned - elections will be happening in homerooms within the next week or two.  The first regular meeting of Student Council will be the week of September 15th.


New: Creative Writing

Creative Writing at Deal will begin Monday, September 8th. Please join us in room W307 as we explore the world of creative writing. We will create poems and short stories and enter as many contests as we can find! We look forward to seeing all of you!


New: Volleyball Try-Outs

All young ladies interested in trying out for girls volleyball should pick up a consent and emergency treatment form from Coach Spann. You will not be allowed to try-out without the proper documents.


New: Open Studio Session

Interested in Art? Come join us Monday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in room C217 for an open studio session. Work on your own ongoing projects, experiment with new materials, or create a mixed media masterpiece! 


New: 8th Grade Parent Writing Workshop

The 8th grade English department will host a parent  workshop on Thursday, October 2nd at 6:30 pm in room E304.  This workshop is open to all parents with 8th grade students interested in learning the writing  methodology taught this year.


New: Edline Update
Deal teachers use Edline, an online system, to communicate class information and student progress with Deal families.  Returning students and parents will  use the same Edline screen names and passwords as last year.  We have had an Edline accessibility issue preventing student and parent log-in this week, but expect that the issue will be resolved shortly.  

New 7th & 8th grade families should have already received Edline activation codes, and 6th grade students will bring their new account information home on Tuesday.  All new Edline users are invited to attend one of the Edline sessions at this week's parent workshops for assistance with account set-up or tips on how to use Edline to best support student success.

Teachers will post homework and out-of-class assignments to Edline already this week.  The first progress reports of the school year will be uploaded on September 8th. 

Have questions about Edline?  You can email [email protected] for information or account support.

New: Announcing the Fall Session of Period 8 
Deal will continue to offer Period 8 courses this year. These extra-curricular, blended-learning classes will meet in-person once a week after school beginning in September and running through mid-November.  In addition, students spend 1-2 hours outside of class each week engaged in online coursework and activities. The following courses will be open to 7th and 8th grade Vikings this fall (6th graders will be able to enroll in the winter session of Period 8):


Understanding Comics - Ms.Redekopp - Mondays
Computer Programming - Ms. Wellersdick - Mondays
The Stock Market - Ms. McCarron - Tuesdays
Mapmaking -  Mr. Martini - Tuesdays
Philosophy - Mr. Custer - Wednesdays
The Science of Happiness - Mr. Martis - Fridays

You can find more information about Period 8, including detailed course descriptions and a link to course registration, on the Period 8 Course Catalog:


Hemlock Field Trip - 6th Grade Teams
All 6th grade students will participate in our 12th annual community-building outdoor educational enrichment activity at Hemlock Overlook Center in Clifton, Virginia this month. At Hemlock, students participate in physical activities designed to help them form relationships with their peers and teachers. Through these activities, students get to know each other better and gain trust in each other.

On the day of the activity, students should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that they won't mind getting dirty and sneakers or footwear that is appropriate for a day in the woods. Students are also encouraged to bring a poncho or raincoat in case of rain. Flip flops, sandals, large earrings, long necklaces, and accessories will not be allowed. Students should pack a lunch with a couple of bottles of water.

On the day of their trip, students should arrive to school by 8:00 am so that our buses can leave on time. Students will return to Deal by 6:30 pm.

Monday, September 15 - Istanbul ([email protected])

Tuesday, September 16 - Baku ([email protected])

Wednesday, September 17 - Shanghai ([email protected])
Thursday, September 18 - Seoul ([email protected])

Students will be given the permission slip for the trip on the first day of school.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's team.


Attention all 6th and 8th Grade Students!

- An important message from your art teachers -


All 6th Grade Students:

You will have art for one quarter at some point during the academic year. Please keep in mind when shopping for school supplies that all 6th Grade students should purchase a blank bound sketchbook. The book should have 50 pages and be 8.5 x 11 inches. Please try to purchase a book that is either spiral bound or hard bound - glued edges similar to a pad will fall apart. You should be able to find this type of book at any stationary store, school supply store, school supply aisle in a pharmacy or grocery store, etc. Please bring the book to the first day of class along with a pencil.


All 8th Grade Students:

All 8th Grade students have art either 1st or 2nd semester. Deal purchased required IB sketchbooks for all 8th Grade Students. There is a $10 fee for the sketchbook which you can give to your art teacher during class. Checks should be made out to Alice Deal Middle School. Please bring your $10 and a pencil to the first day of class.


We are looking forward to seeing you!


Composting & Recycling Starts Day 1!

Beginning already the first day of school we will collect compostable and recyclable materials during lunch. Students: help make Deal as green as possible by sorting your waste.


Compost: all food waste and anything made from paper (napkins, cardboard, trays, etc.)


Recycle: EMPTY plastic bottles and containers, cans, milk cartons, juice/milk boxes, foil pouches (Capri Sun, applesauce, etc.)  

Speech and Debate Team

Welcome back to another great season of speaking and arguing!  Last year the Deal speech and debate team was the TOP middle school debate team in DCPS and ranked 22nd nationwide!


If you are new to Deal or thinking about joining the speech or debate team now is the time to get involved.  In order to make sure that everyone--experienced and inexperienced folks--have an understanding of what our year looks like and what it means to be involved in either speech or debate activities we will be offering three information sessions open to ALL students!  Students will learn what representing Deal on the speech and debate team entails, find out from last year's team members 'what it's really like,' and pick up the necessary paperwork for participation.  All information sessions will be held in W206 from 3:30 - 4:15 p.m.  


Information Session Dates:


7th Graders - September 2nd, 2014 (Tuesday after Labor Day)

6th Graders - September 9th, 2014

All-Comers ("I couldn't make it on the day my grade met") - September 12th, 2014  


Our first competitive opportunity in speech and debate events are in early October! The team is looking forward to ALL interested folks getting involved!


Speech and Debate Team Parents

Mark your calendars now! You won't want to miss it! We will be holding a face-to-face meeting of all parents whose children are a part of the Deal speech and debate team on September 30th, 2014 at 6:30 pm in room W206.


Yearbook Pictures

Have pictures you want in the yearbook?

I need YOUR pictures! Please send your first day photos, trips, events, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Deal related to: 

[email protected]


Cafeteria Pay Pal Kiosks Machines are Temporarily Out of Service

If you would like to add money to a student account in the meantime; there are 3 other options that can be used. 


1. By paying with cash at the cafeteria BEFORE or AFTER lunch service.

2. By paying with a credit or debit card at, an online prepayment service.

3. By sending check or money order made payable to D.C. Treasurer to the following address:


DCPS Office of Food and Nutrition Services

1200 First Street NE, 11th Floor

Washington, DC 20002

Deal Athletics ...


Fall sports offered are Cheerleading (Ms. Baxter), Volleyball (Ms. Spann), Cross Country (Mr. Helsabeck), and Football (Coach Downing). Soccer has been moved to spring for both boys and girls as it is now being offered by DCIAA as a complete sport.


Athletic forms need to be submitted before a student can try out for an interscholastic sport. The Consent Form, Emergency Treatment Form, and DC Physical Form, signed and stamped by the doctor, should be turned in to the coach of each sport. If the nurse has a copy of your child's physical, please obtain a copy and submit it to the respective coach. Forms can be found on the school website or at the following links: 


Emergency Treatment Form 


Consent to Participate Form


Universal Health Certificate Form


Football Practice

Practice this week will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:30 - 6:00 pm.

A final team roster will be posted Friday in the locker room area. Good luck to all athletes trying out!



Cheerleading try-outs will be this Wednesday from 3:30 - 5:30 pm. Please make sure you have your athletic forms. 


Cross Country

There is still time for runners and aspiring runners to join the cross country team! Any interested students should email the coaches at [email protected] and swing by Coach Helsabeck's room (W204) for more information.


Volleyball Try-outs

Volleyball try-outs will take place Tuesday, September 2nd and Wednesday, September 3rd in the gym from 3:30 - 4:45 pm. If needed, an additional try-out day will take place Friday, September 5th. You must bring all required forms and and appropriate athletic clothes (a gym uniform or t-shirt and shorts) to participate.


Winter Sports

Basketball, Cheerleading, Indoor Track, and Swimming will all begin November 1st. Forms are being accepted now.

This Week at Deal...


Tuesday: Cooking Club Information Meeting

There will be a brief information meeting for students interested in joining Cooking Club on Tuesday, September 2nd from 3:30 - 3:45 in Room CG03. Students must attend to receive a club permission form. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kinzer at [email protected].


Tuesday: Speech and Debate Announcement
We had a good turn-out for our 8th grade information session last week. Those who attended found out what formats of competitive speech and debate are available to Deal students this year. The students also heard from Ms. Shaffer and Mr. Conway, who will be co-coaching with Mr. Stroud. This week, we look forward to meeting 7th graders who are interested in joining the team. The information session for 7th graders will be held this Tuesday, September 2nd at 3:30 pm in W206. The sixth grade information session will be held on September 9th.

Tuesday: Ultimate Frisbee Club Interest Meeting

Any students interested in joining ultimate frisbee should attend an informational meeting in Ms. Kouri's room (C205) at 3:30 on Tuesday, September 2nd. We will discuss practice times, pass out athletic forms, and give details on the upcoming season.


Wednesday: Student Librarians Club

If you would like to volunteer as a Student Librarian (organizing, helping with technology, and helping students find texts), come to the library on Wednesday, September 3rd at 3:30. Ms. Dooley and Ms. Redekopp will orient new-comers and welcome returning Student Librarians. After you are oriented, you can choose the day that best fits your schedule!


Friday: Book Club

Do you love recommending and sharing books with friends? Join book club! We will read and discuss novels each Friday. The first meeting will be Friday, September 5th from 3:30 - 4:30 in Ms. Culp's room (C128).

World Language Trips 2015 


There are a number of different "International Travel" activities happening at Deal, that I would like to take a couple of lines to clarify. This year we have added two (2) separate trips, but they are easy to confuse with the more traditional world language trips. Here goes:


1) China, France, Costa Rica
- Available to 8th grade students in the corresponding World Language class. Families are able to sign up right now for the trips, which are planned for Spring Break 2015. We would like to encourage families to send their children on the trips without feeling a need to join them - so, discourage any of you who feel they want to travel with their children - as it really changes the experience for the students. The French and Spanish trips have information following this explanatory text.

2) United Kingdom (new)
- This is a Shakespeare-focused trip in which participants will be able to practice their English and learn about the Bard. This is planned for Summer 2015 (a year from now) and will be for this year's 7th graders as they transition to 8th grade. This does not conflict with the World Language trips in time of travel.

3) Pino Verde Exchange (new)
- We are starting a new exchange program with our new sister school, Liceo Pino Verde, in Pereira, Colombia. The first trip will be for a group of Colombian students to visit our community in October, 2014; the students who host them will then be able to travel to Colombia in late winter/spring 2015. This trip is targeted for students in the Spanish Humanities program (near-fluent speakers) and will occur fairly close to the Costa Rica trip in 2015. There was an outreach effort at the end of the school year to line up families for the exchange, mostly aimed at 8th graders in the Spanish Humanities classes. At this time there are no plans to expand the list of participants as it is a relatively small and structured activity.  


Here is information about the France and Costa Rica trips:  


France Trip 2015 for 8th graders:


Registration for the France trip (Spring 2015) is open for current 7th graders. Go to and click on HAVE A TOUR NUMBER? Enter the Tour number 1538201VB.


Questions ?

Mr. Mbayu, [email protected] 

Mr. Ngwa, [email protected] 

Ms Brown,  [email protected]  




If you're traveling abroad on our 2015 tour to Costa Rica:

We are going to have a great group of students and teachers traveling and there is limited space available. In order to check out the tour online, please visit my tour website to view the itinerary, price and enrollment page: 


We hope your son or daughter can join us for an experience that will open their eyes to the world.  If you have any other questions, please me, Srta. Cuffee at [email protected] or Mrs. Thompson at [email protected].


Capitals of the British Isles Trip: August 2015 

Attention 7th grade parents and guardians, we are excited to announce that a group of students and teachers from Alice Deal Middle School will be traveling on a new international trip!


On this tour, students will experience new cultures and visit important landmarks such as St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, the Titanic Belfast, Edinburgh Castle, Covent Garden in London, and even Stonehenge. As both 7th and 8th grade English curricula include Shakespeare, we will be visiting William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to both see a play and attend a Shakespearean workshop!


There will be a parent meeting on Tuesday, September 16th at 6:30 PM in room E304.  If you and your child would like to attend, please RSVP at [email protected].  


The tour is operated by EF Educational Tours. You can learn more online at



Information about world language trip scholarships will be provided soon in the bulletin. Students will also hear about these in their classes.

Staff information ...
Tuesday: Team Leaders

All team leaders will meet on Tuesday, September 2 at 3:30 in room W104.

Wednesday: Phone Training 
Representatives from DC Net will visit Deal to provide training on our new phones at 3:30 pm. This will be their only visit, so if you can't attend, please ask a colleague to take notes. Location TBD.

Thursday: New to Deal 
All new to Deal staff are asked to attend this meeting at 3:30 pm. Location TBD.

SRI Testing Information Meeting
There will be an SRI information meeting in Ms. Kinzer's room (CGO3) on Tuesday, September 2nd from 8:10-8:40 for all Language and Literature teachers, Special Education Resource teachers, and ELL Language and Literature teachers. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Kinzer at [email protected].


New: 2nd Annual Faculty/Staff Art Show

Attention staff: show off your artistic side at the 2nd annual art show! You can bring paintings, printed photos, sculptures, knit crafts, drawings, etc. to Ms. Kouri in C205. All artwork will be put on display in the 1st floor glass cabinets through the beginning of October.

Schedule of Before School Activities

(all activities begin at 7:45 am unless otherwise stated)

No School - Labor Day





String Club
Music Workshop

Peer Mediators




Schedule of After School Activities

(all activities begin at 3:30 pm unless otherwise stated)


No School - 
Labor Day
(activities start 9/8)



Au Cinema
Book Club
Lord of the Rings
Dance & Choreography
French Tutoring
Cottage Comic Book Club
Open Art Studio
Debate Team
Scrapbooking & Collage
East Asia Studies Club
Science Tutoring
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
Board Games
Bocce Ball
Ultimate Frisbee
3:30 - 5:00 E307
Peer Mediators
Speech Team
Tennis Club
Spanish Theatre
Yo-Yo Club
Corner Nurse & Neal

Lego Club
Media Center
DIY Club

Girls on the Run
Game Club
Vinyl Club

Intramural Volleyball
Film Making 101
6th Grade Comic Book Club

Cooking Club
Teachers Lounge
Meditation Club
A Cappella

Calligraphy Club
Cultural Discovery Club

Classic Card Games Club
Model UN

Girl Up
Learn to Swim Club
3:30 - 5:10

Outdoor Basketball Club

African Drumming Club

6th Gr Soccer Club

Chess Club

International Cinema
Club (TBD)

Japanese Culture Club (TBD)

Workout Warriors (TBD)

A Cappella


Community Information
(Items in this section are not sponsored by Deal)

Learn to Row 
There will be a Learn to Row information meeting on Thursday, September 4th at Wilson HS, Room 416, 7:00 p.m. Parents/Students can visit for more information.


For questions, please contact me at [email protected] 

or (202) 607-8642.

Middle School Self Defense Class

Grand Master Kim of the National Defense University is offering a
self-defense class geared specifically for 6th and 7th grade
students. The class will stimulate simple, real life situations and teach
self defense techniques for children. Students will gain confidence,
learn respect and discipline in a safe environment.

The class will be held at a martial arts studio just across Fort Reno
Park from Deal Middle School. Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday
from 4-5 pm for ten weeks starting September 23rd. The price of the class
is extremely affordable.

For more information and to reserve a spot (there will only be 10
students) please email: [email protected]