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The Weekly Bulletin 

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Our school mission:
Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.
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Principal's Message... 

Now that the initial excitement of the first few weeks of the school year is starting to wane for some, it is important to identify what are the benchmarks we should be using to measure student academic success and keep our focus on the primary reason we are at school. Much of what I hear and see is positive; students are focused, they are bringing to this year what they were successful with last year, and teachers are finding your children eager and ready to learn. But now is the time to provide support for those who might be starting to struggle.

Over the next couple of weeks, Edline reports will be critical for you to review. We will send home what are called "deficiencies,' or reports of students who are already struggling significantly in one or more classes. These will be followed up by parent-teacher conferences in late October. The goal is for parents and teachers to share information about student success, struggles, or concerns. Please use the tools that we provide to help that conversation along.

This week, there are some noteworthy opportunities for families to connect with the school, teachers, and each other. On Tuesday, I will host the first of a series of Principal's Coffees in the Deal Conference Room. Please come for this informal conversation - but also feel free to wait until another one further down the road as I will be scheduling one once a month. Our new 8th Grade Parents Night will include sessions on history day, science fair, writing, math, online high school applications, and living with 8th graders. This evening is in addition to our later High School Night, as we felt that there was a lot that parents wanted and needed to know in the 8th grade.

Finally, the PTA is sponsoring Family Movie Night on Friday at 6:30. Like last year, we will host it in the cafeteria; feel free to bring a dinner basket and a comfy blanket. Last year we watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid; I have yet to choose Friday's movie but be assured it will be a family movie for all. There will be an ice cream truck ready to dispense free ice cream and there will be free popcorn and hot dogs as well. This is just a fun way to end the week - I hope to see many of you there!

Take care.

James Albright
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Building Community


To culminate our support promotions, please bring your picnic basket and join us for The Second Annual Family Movie Night on

Friday, September 27, 2013 at 6:30 - 8:30 P.M. in the Deal Cafeteria


 Free Popcorn, Ice Cream, and Hot Dogs 


As with all evening events at Deal, students must be accompanied by a parent or designated adult!


Donations will be accepted to the Deal PTA, register on-line up until Thursday, September 26, 2013 by mid-night and be included in the drawing to win an iPad or $50.00 Gift Card to Petes Pizza. You may bring a check or cash to Movie Night on Friday, September 27, 2013 to be part of the drawing! The drawing will be at Movie Night!


Your support means a great Deal!


The next PTA Meeting is Wednesday, October 2. 

          Week of 
September 23, 2013ringing
Bell Schedule

Monday - Bell I 
Tuesday -Bell I
Wednesday - Bell I 
Thursday - Thursday Bell
Friday - Bell I 

Upcoming Dates  

September 24
Principal's Coffee 9 - 10 am
Team Leaders 3:30 pm

September 25
8th Grade Parent Workshop
6:30 pm

September 26
Faculty meeting, 3:30

September 27
Family Movie Night, 6:30

October 3
Grade Level Chairs, 3:30
Paced Interim Assessments

October 4
LSAT, 7:30 am
Paced Interim Assessments

October 5
Saturday Detention 9 -12 noon

October 7
Paced Interim Assessments

October 8
Paced Interim Assessments
Picture Day
Team Leaders, 3:30 pm

October 9
Paced Interim Assessments

October 10 
Paced Interim Assessments

October 11
Paced Interim Assessments

October 14
Columbus Day
No school for staff and students

October 16
Buddy Day

October 17
8th Grade Trip to Mount Vernon
Faculty Meeting, 3:30 pm

October 18
Professional Development Day
No school for students 

October 21
Parent-Teacher Conferences
No school for students

October 22
Principal's Coffee 9-10
6th Grade Humanities Field Trip
Team Leaders, 3:30 pm

October 23
6th Grade Humanities Field Trip
Literature-to-Film Festival
8th Grade Writing Workshop

October 24
Grade Level Chairs, 3:30 pm
6th Grade Humanities Field Trip
High School Night

October 25
Visiting Deal 9 - 10 am

October 29
Mix it Up Day

October 30
Buddy Day
Library News
The library will be closed after school Wednesday and Thursday, September 25th and 26th.

Library Media Center Hours   


 Before School 8:00 - 8:40 am

 After School  3:30 - 4:30 pm

Students must have parental permission to stay after school


The Alice Deal Library welcomes students for reading and homework after school! Students must have a permission form on file in the library to use the space after school. Students may pick up a form in the library, or may download it from the library website (Library Pass). 
Bus Information '13-'14
If your child travels on the 4 bus routes that WMATA makes available for Deal students, here are some important phone numbers for you.

If the D31 or D32 bus is late, misses a pick-up, or never shows up, please call the Western District Superintendent, Ms. Jacqueline Smith, at 202-962-5860 as soon as possible. Her email is [email protected]. Students who are passed should try to get the bus identification number. If your child rides the D33 or D34, the Northern Division contact is Ms. Priscilla Alston. She can be reached directly at 202-309-0783. Her email is [email protected].

As always, please send an email about bus problems or concerns to j[email protected]

Here is a link to the bus route schedule.


Immunization News 


Thanks to the parents who have been sending in immunization information. Please continue to send in  documentation every time your student receives new immunizations. It is important to have all students immunized to prevent the spread of childhood diseases.


All 6th graders 11 years or older must have the following:

Tdap (tetanus, diptheria and pertussis)

Meningococcal (meningitis)  

HPV (human papilloma virus)


For the HPV vacine, three doses are required for females or you may complete an opt out form.


All immunization forms must be stamped, signed and dated before the Immunization Registry will accept them.


If there are any questions, please call Nurse Dickens at (202) 939-2009.

PTA Sponsors
The following are the Deal PTA 2013-2014 business sponsors.

The Broad Branch Market

Taylor Agostino Group

Radifera Design Group

W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtor

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

Second Wind CrossFit

edCount, LLC 

Discount Vacation Rentals for Deal Families

 Capitol Language Services  


Acacia Bistro 


Important Changes Made to DCPS Attendance Protocol


1) The Office of Youth Engagement now identifies students who accrue 10 unexcused absences as "chronically truant."


2) Students must be referred to court once they have reached 15 unexcused absences.


3) Students must be at school 80% of the entire school day in order to be considered "present".   



The only excusable reasons for a student's late arrival and/or absence from school are:

  • Illness or medical cause (a doctor's note is needed for 5 or more absences)
  • Medical or dental appointment 
  • Death in the student's immediate family
  • Summoned to attend in judicial proceeding 
  • Religious holiday
  • Lawful exclusion or expulsion from school
  • Failure of DC to provide transportation  
  • Emergency or circumstances approved by LEA

In order to be acknowledged as "excused" the student must provide a note to the attendance counselor (written or electronically) from the parent and/or guardian relaying at least one of the reasons listed above.  


If you have any questions please contact the Welcome Center and ask to speak to the Attendance Counselor, Ms. Johnson. 

Student & parent information


New: Deal's Dress Code
Deal does not have a uniform but we do have a dress code. For complete accounting of the code, please see the student handbook. We ask specifically that students not wear leggings, jeggings, jeans with holes or tears, or tops that show cleavage or midriff. Girls' tops must have straps that are as wide as two fingers. Shorts and skirts must come to their fingertips when their arms are a their sides at rest. Boys may not wear tank tops or sleeveless shirts. No underwear is allowed to show. Please help us by having your child dress modestly, keeping the focus on learning.  

New: Johns Hopkins CTY 2013 Global Talent Search

Application/registration forms are available in the counselors office for all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who qualify to participate in the Johns Hopkins University Talent Search Program. To qualify, students must have scored "Advanced" in either Reading or Math on last year's DC CAS. Please pick up an application from your grade level counselor if you would like to participate in the 2013-14 Global Talent Search.


New: Cross Country

The first cross country meet will be on Tuesday, October 1st. Parents, ask your runner for a copy of the schedule that was handed out at practice. Additional copies may be retrieved from any of the coaches. We would love to see as many parents as possible at the meet to cheer on our runners!


New: 2014 World Language Trip to China

If you are the parent of an 8th grade student learning Chinese and are interested in traveling with Alice Deal to China over spring break, please visit and register with tour #1362243VB. There, you can find information about the itinerary, destinations, and accommodations. If you are interested in having your student participate on this tour, please register as soon as possible to avoid an increase in price. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Yanming Zhi at [email protected]

New: Deal Directory
The new Deal Directory is almost ready! Please review your family entry in the draft directory posted on Edline (after the initial log in) to make sure that your information is correct. Email corrections to: dealdirectory [email protected] by 10/4.

New: Vocal Music Department

The three Deal vocal music groups have hit the ground running! This promises to be an amazing year of music! Rehearsals continue this week. It is NOT too late to sign up!! 


All School Choir (Mr. Watkins: Director) in Auditorium 

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

7:45 am - 8:35 am


The BIG DEAL Madrigal Chorale (Ms. McElheney: Director) in Auditorium 

Monday. and Wednesday

7:45 am - 8:35 am


DEAL With It A Capella Singers (Ms. McElheney: Director) in Auditorium 

Tuesday and Friday

3:30pm - 4:30 pm


Student Librarians Wanted

If you would like to volunteer as a Student Librarian (shelving books and helping students find books), see Ms. Redekopp this week. You can choose the day that best fits your schedule!


Deal Faculty Art Exhibition

Want to see the many hidden talents of the faculty at Deal? Swing by the first floor display cases near the Counseling Suite to see amazing photography, sculptures, needlework, pottery, and more! Artwork will be on display through the month of September.


The New Shakespeare Club is Here!  

Please join Ms. Smith on the second Tuesday of every month to learn about Shakespeare, his plays, his life, and the contribution he made to our language and world. You don't want to miss this club as we read about "The Bard," watch movies of his famous plays, and create some of our own works modelling his dynamic style. For more information, please see Ms. Smith in room E306. Our next meeting will be held this Tuesday, September 24th, from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Ms. Smith is excited to explore the fascinating life of this important person - won't you join her?


Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation

Peer mediation is a process of conflict resolution in which trained student (or adult) mediators assist disputants to discuss and resolve a conflict. Mediation is available at Deal for student (and adult) disputes on a referral basis. If teachers or students are having a conflict or want to let someone know about a conflict situation, they can refer the situation to Ms. McFarland, the Peer Mediation coordinator. Mediation referral forms are available on the bookcase outside the counseling suite and can be left with a counselor or Ms. McFarland's box. Parents can refer a conflict situation by calling Ms. McFarland at (202) 939-2014. All previously trained mediators from any grade  are invited to participate in the mediation program and to attend our weekly meetings on Friday mornings at 8:00 am in Ms. McFarland's office. 


2014 World Language Trip to France 

To register an 8th grader (taking French) for the cultural and immersion trip to France, please go  to and enroll with tour number: 1344248K. You can also click on the following link in your browser: EF Tours France trip 

Questions/Comments? Feel free to contact M. Mbayu at [email protected] or M. Ngwa at [email protected] 


Target's 2013 Give with Target campaign

We need your help! Target's 2013 Give With Target Campaign is providing schools with an easy opportunity to raise money.  All it requires is a Facebook account and a minute of your time. We have the potential to raise up to $10,000 for Alice Deal MS.  


To participate: Visit the Give With Target Facebook page and vote for Deal Middle School once per week through September 21st. Once Deal receives 25 votes, Target will donate $1 per vote to the school, with a maximum donation of $10,000. Go to your Facebook Account, search for the Give With Target  application, search for DEAL MIDDLE SCHOOL, and vote!  Please vote once per week - each vote raises $$ for Deal!


2014 World Language Trip to Costa Rica

If you are the parent of an 8th grade Spanish student and are interested in traveling with Alice Deal to Costa Rica over Spring Break, visit and type in tour #1365514 in the box provided. You can register and find information about the itinerary, destinations, and accommodations. If you know you are interested in having your student participate on this tour, please register as soon as possible to avoid an increase in price. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Henderson at [email protected].


Aftercare at Deal: Early Stages

Early Stages Learning Center aftercare program is a fee-based program and has an on-site manager. The program runs from 3:30 until 6:00 pm. Please check out this link for more information:


This Week at Deal...


Monday: GirlUP

The Deal chapter of GirlUp meets on Mondays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in E305. We welcome new members who want to learn more about supporting girls' efforts for academic opportunities, political rights, and economic independence around the world. We have an ambitious calendar of fund raising and information campaigns planned for the year, and every helping hand is valuable to us. Please join us. We look forward to meeting you!


Monday: Volleyball Club 

Volleyball club will be held every Monday from 3:30-5:00 pm. This is different from the volleyball team - it offers another chance for students to play this fun sport without being on the Deal team. 


Monday: After School Outdoor Basketball Club

The After School Outdoor Basketball club will meet on Monday at 3:30 pm behind the school on the court next to the "cottage." In the event of rain, we will meet with Mr. Namian in Room E - 204.


Monday: Yoga Club

Yoga Club will meet this Monday at 3:30 pm in E101. We will work out until 4:15 pm. All levels welcome!


Monday: Sixth Grade Soccer Club!

The sixth grade soccer club will hold a meeting this Monday at 3:30 pm in Ms. Hailfinger's room (E103). Any students interested in soccer (with or without experience) are encouraged to attend! We will discuss the recent World Cup Qualifier against Mexico, National Women's Soccer League trades, and discuss what the upcoming year will look like for playing soccer after school. Stop by on Monday or email Ms. Hailfinger ([email protected]) for more information. 


Monday: Chess Club

Chess club will meet this Monday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in E301. Going forward, the chess club will hold its Monday meetings in E301, not the cafeteria. Students of all levels are welcome to attend.


Monday: Artist Journaling

Artist Journaling will be held on Mondays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in C217. Students will meet for one hour on Monday afternoons to draw. On weather appropriate days, we will go outside to sketch our surroundings.

We will also learn about drawing still life, the figure, and nature-inspired sketches. Bring a blank journal and get ready to draw!


Monday - Thursday:  Football

Football practice will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:45-6:00 pm. The game this week will be Deal vs Jefferson at Cardozo at 6:30 pm.


Football Schedule - All Games start at 6:30pm

Thursday 9/26 vs Jefferson @ Cardozo

Thursday 10/3 vs Kramer @ Cardozo

Thursday 10/10 vs Lincoln @ Cardozo

Thursday 10/16 vs Whittier @ Coolidge

Thursday 10/24 vs Hardy @ Cardozo

Thursday 10/30 vs Stuart Hobson @ Wilson

Football Playoffs 11/6/2013 T.B.A.


Monday - Friday: Volleyball Team Practice:

Volleyball practice will be held Monday - Thursday from 3:30 - 5:00 pm and Friday- 3:30 - 4:30 pm.


Tuesday: Principal's Coffee

Meet with Principal Albright for coffee and morning snacks from 9 - 10 in the conference room. 


Tuesday: Spelling Bee Club

We will meet in Mr. Gueltig's room, E104, on Tuesday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm.  We will receive our packets to study from this year.  


Tuesday: Introducing Deal's Science Olympiad Team

Do you love science and technology?  Are you looking for a challenging and competitive after school activity?  Want to work with a team to solve problems?  Come check out Deal's newly forming Science Olympiad team!  We will meet after school on Tuesdays each week to learn content, strategies, and skills in preparation for Science Olympiad competitions.  Stop by W200 to check out the team!


Tuesday: GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance)

The gay/straight alliance will be meeting on Tuesday at 3:30 in room W305. This is an important club that demonstrates the Deal community's commitment to equality, diversity, and safety. All welcome.


Tuesday: Debate Team

The three topics for the October 26, 2013 tournament at Sidwell Friends will be:


School: Assigning mandatory homework is not in the best interest of middle school students.

National: College athletes should receive a share of their school's athletic revenue as income.

International: The US should prohibit the import of all goods derived from the Amazon rainforest.


Some debate students began researching these topics last week. Come on out this Tuesday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in room W206 as we will be beginning our first practice/mock debates of the year. New students are welcome. Students who have already attended are expected to turn in their signed parent permission forms at this week's meeting. 


Wednesday: 8th Grade Parent Night

The 8th Grade Parent night will be this Wednesday from 6:30 - 8:15 pm. All are invited! Parents will have an opportunity to participate in three different 30-minute sessions. Learn more about what your child will be doing this year. Sessions include: The National History Project, English writing, science fair projects and math grading, Common Core assessments and alignment, high school on-line application process(featuring Amy Lerman, Director of School Choice and Student Assignment), and organization. These workshops promise to answer a lot of questions about the expectations and demands of your child's 8th grade year. Come out and get "in the know." 


Wednesday: Vinyl Club

Interested in spiral grooves, turntables, and expanding your current musical repertoire?! Vinyl Club starts this Wednesday and will be held from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in C203 with Ms. Maddrey. C'mon out to meet fellow audiophiles, learn about musical production, and partake in the listening enjoyment of epic recordings. Vinyl from your personal collection is welcomed and encouraged.


Wednesday: Illustrator's Club

Illustrator's Club will meet on Wednesday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in C224 with Ms. Langon.


Wednesday: Swim Team

There will be an informational meeting at 3:30 on Wednesday, September 25th in room N116 (in the cottage). All interested students are invited to join! We should have some updated information about practice times and days. Most importantly, we can't wait to drum up some more excited about the upcoming season!


Wednesday: Anime Drawing Club

If you would like to learn how to draw Anime/Manga figures from your classmates, come to the garden boxes (between cafeteria and the field) Wednesday for our first meeting.  The club will be lead by 7th graders Yasna and Ariana, with faculty supervision by Ms. Redekopp.  We will meet Wednesdays, 3:30 - 4:30 pm from September to mid-November.


Wednesday and Friday: 7th/8th Boys Soccer Teams

Here is the schedule of games for the 7th/8th grade A team. Practice sessions will be held every Wednesday and Friday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm at Deal. Please turn in all paperwork to Coach Downing in the gymnasium.  










10:30 AM

11:45 AM





10:30 AM

11:45 AM





10:30 AM

11:45 AM





10:30 AM

11:45 AM





10:00 AM

11:00 AM





10:30 AM

11:45 AM





10:30 AM

11:45 AM





10:30 AM

11:45 AM















The 6th/7th grade boys' soccer team B-Team will be practicing at the same time as the A team Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm after school. Below is the game schedule for the B-Team. Please note that these games will all be played at the WES field. WES is Washington Episcopal School located at 5600 Little Falls Parkway, Bethesda, MD 20816.

















10:15 AM

02:00 PM

11:00 AM

11:30 AM

02:00 PM

01:20 PM



03:15 PM


12:45 PM

03:15 PM

02:25 PM
















Wednesday and Friday:

Transitions Workshop - 6th Grade 

Ms. White will host a transitions workshop for 6th grade students beginning this week. Two sessions will be offered: One on Wednesdays (September 25 - October 16) and the other on Fridays (September 27 - October 25). Both groups will meet from 3:30 - 4:15 pm. Participation will assist 6th grade students in navigating this new middle school territory through skill building in the areas of organization, study habits, self-advocacy, and time management. The meetings will be held in Ms. White's office (C118). All interested students should see Ms. White this week for a permission slip. Parents with questions or concerns should contact Ms. White at 202-939-2012 or send her an email at [email protected]


Thursday: Speech

Do you have a desire to act on stage, tell tall tales, talk about current events, or simply have your voice heard? Come to room W206 Thursday at 3:30 pm to find out more. Learning how to make a presentation without your knees shaking is a great skill to have in your back pocket. This will be the first year that Deal is providing this opportunity to all students. Who knows, if you play your cards right their might just be a competitive opportunity to strut your stuff. 


Friday: Model UN

Model UN will have an optional meeting on Friday from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in C130. Mr. Martini and Ms. Trenkle will be available for help with country research, understanding the background guide, and position papers. Bring your materials. Bring your questions!


Friday: World Language Trips Info Session

Attention all parents and students interested in traveling with Deal to Costa Rica, China, or France! There will be an informational meeting after school at 6:00 pm on Friday, September 27th. The meeting is for students who have NOT yet registered and are interested in learning more about the trips before they commit. This will be a brief, informative session lasting only around half an hour. Come to learn how to register, what is covered, who can travel, dates, and the itinerary of each tour. Again, this is for families who have not yet registered. If you have registered and have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Henderson (Costa Rica), Mr, Mbayu or Mr. Ngwa (France), and Mr. Zhi (China). We look forward to seeing you soon!


Friday: Family Movie Night

Join us for The Second Annual Family Movie Night on

Friday, September 27, 2013 at 6:30 - 8:30 pm in the Deal Cafeteria.


Staff information ...  

Tuesday: Team Leaders 3:30 - 4:30 in the conference room.
Wednesday: 8th Grade Parents Night 6:30 - 8:15

Thursday: Faculty Meeting 3:30 in the auditorium

Friday: Deal Professional Development 

Close Reading 2C in RM E300.


Friday: Volunteer Teachers are Needed to Play Volleyball

Coach Spann is requesting volunteer teachers to play the volleyball team on Fridays 3:30-4:30 pm. Please let me know your availability. Your assistance will be greatly appreciative. We will offer light snacks if needed. 



(all activities begin at 8:00 am unless otherwise stated)
 Chinese tutoring to 8:40  
Chinese tutoring to 8:40 am 
 Deal Madrigal
7:45 am
Chinese tutoring to 8:40 am  
 Peer Mediators Meeting 8:00  
RM C116
Deal Madrigal
Chorale 7:45am
String Chamber Ensemble
7:45 am 
Percussion Ensemble 
7:45 am
String Chamber
7:45 am
 Percussion Ensemble
7:45 am
 Symphonic Band
7:45 am
Jazz Band
7:45 am
Symphonic Band
7:45 am
Jazz Band
7:45 am 
 6th Grade Concert Band
7:45 am
  6th Grade Concert Band
7:45 am
 All School Chorus
7:45 am
 All School Chorus
7:45 am
 All School Chorus
7:45 am 
(all activities begin at 3:30 pm unless otherwise stated)
Yoga club
to 4:30 pm
RM E101
Football practice to 6 pm
Football practice pm
Football game vs Jefferson @ Cardozo at 6:30  pm
Cheerleading practice to 5 pm
Computer Programing
RM E206
GSA club
RM N116
Team Babylon tutoring 
RM W207
to 4:30 
RM C130
Volleyball practice to 4:30 pm
Literary Magazine club
History club
Fencing club
RM E106
Cross Country practice to 4:30 
The Big Deal
Acappella Choir
Board Games
to 4:30
RM W106
Debate Team
RM W206
Competitive Swim Team interest meeting RM N116
French tutoring
to 4:30
RM N111
6th/7th grade Boys' Soccer Team practice
Outdoor Basketball club
Outside Court
Volleyball practice 
Cross Country practice to 4:30
Model Un 
RM W304

Ultimate Frisbee meeting
RM C205
Jiu Jitsu
Outside Gym
Vinyl club
RM C203
Art from the Heart
RM C205

Scrabble club

Team Mumbai tutoring to 4:30 
Team Santiago study hall to 4:30
RM C130
Team London
study hall
RM E104

Volleyball practice 
After School String workshop
Volleyball practice
Volleyball practice Gym

Team Rio study hall to 4:30 pm
Sixth Grade Soccer club
New to Deal Transition Workshop Field Hockey

Cross Country practice to 4:30
The Big Deal Acappella ChoirModel UN Conference 
Speech club

Football practice to 6 pm
Digital Recording Club

Alexandria Library
RM E205

Knitting club
String Club Music Workshop

Chess club to 4:30
Spelling Bee club to 4:30
RM E104
Illustrator's club
RM C224

Girl Up
RM E305
Deal's Science Olympiad Team
RM W200
Swim Team meeting
RM N116

Artist Journaling
RM C217

Anime Drawing club

African Drumming Club

6th/7th Boys' Soccer Team practice

Student Council meeting

Cheerleading practice gym

Volleyball club to 5:00 pm 

Music Workshop

Sixth Grade Soccer Club meeting
RM E103


Community Information
(Items in this section are not sponsored by Deal)




Learn About LearnZillion
Looking for a way to support your child's learning at home? On September 26th at 08:00 pm, LearnZillion and DCPS will co-host a live web event discussing how parents can support their students using LearnZillion lessons. Tune in live at 8:00 pm at Questions? Contact Natalie Foglia ([email protected]) in the Office of Family and Public Engagement.


"Young Voices" 

Calling all poets, lyricists, and spoken word artists ages 6-20!

The Woodrow Wilson High School poetry club is sponsoring "Youth Voices: A 100 Thousand Voices for Change" in front of Wilson High School on September 28th, 2013 from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. This is an open mic event where you can speak or just come and listen. For more information go to: