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The Weekly Bulletin 

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Our school mission:
Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.
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Principal's Message...

The school is the traditional heart of every community in the United States. It carries a significant burden with this responsibility: to meet the needs of the children who come through its doors and the families that deliver them to those doors. We finance our schools, we send our students to our schools, and we demand accountability from our schools. In essence, the community enters into a partnership with its schools. We say, here are our most vulnerable, cherish them and help us grow them. As principal of Alice Deal, I want to thank you for entering into a partnership with us this year; I look forward to helping your children grow.

Each week, I will use this bulletin to convey critical information to you. My message to you in this space responds to the week we have had, what is coming up, or what is going on in the world. If you just want to cut right to the heart of the matter, skip this section and start below with our regularly scheduled sections (it's okay, I can take it!).

Below to the left is our bell schedule, our monthly calendar, and other items that give additional information about a particular program or activity. On the right hand side, I follow a format that puts critical information first ("First Day Need-to-Know Items," for example) and then follows with announcements and news items. These might include tryout information for sports, curriculum information, results of competitions, team and grade activities, or information about clubs and activities. Below this section is a day-by-day accounting of the week at Deal. Below these sections is a "Staff Information" section. Not on view this week (but soon to appear) is a table with every activity after school for the week - by day, by activity name, by teacher, and by location.

Finally, I will add and highlight important items around these main sections. It pays to read all the way through (or at least look all the way through); with so much going on everything seems important to someone and I don't want anyone to miss out. If you notice an egregious error or just a simple mistake, feel free to let me know - we have a thin copy-editing staff and every little bit helps.

Let me close by reflecting on the weekend that just ended. We are so lucky and privileged to live in this wonderful city. The chance to gather on the National Mall and relive the experiences of the original March on Washington, to reflect on dreams met and dreams still unmet, and to share this with the amazing people who live around us - this is a chance you have given your children. The staff at Deal will do our best with your children so they can recognize what you do for them and what is expected of them as they grow and mature. We are ready.

James Albright
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          Week of 
August 25, 2013ringing
Bell Schedule

Monday - Bell II 
Tuesday -Bell II
Wednesday - Bell I 
Thursday - Thursday Bell
Friday - Bell I 

Upcoming Dates 

August 26
First day of school, 8:45 am

August 29
Faculty meeting 3:30 pm

September 2 
Labor Day
No school for staff and students

September 3
PTA meeting, 6:00 pm
6th Grade Parent Workshop, 6:30 pm

September 5 
6th Grade Parent Workshop, 6:30 pm

September 6
New to Deal meeting, 3:30 pm
LSAT meeting, 7:30 am 

September 7
Saturday Detention
9 am to noon

September 10
Team Leaders, 3:30 pm
Music Info Night, 5:45 pm
Back to School Night, 6:30 pm

September 13
Student Council officer elections
Family Movie Night, 6:30 pm

September 16
Team Sydney to Hemlock

September 17
Team London to Hemlock

September 18
Team Rio to Hemlock

September 19
Team Santiago to Hemlock

September 21
Saturday Detention 
9 am to noon

September 23 - 27
Spirit Week

September 24
Principal's Coffee 9 - 10 am
Team Leaders 3:30 pm

September 25
8th Grade Parent Workshop
6:30 pm

September 26
Faculty meeting, 3:30 pm

Library News

The library will open after school on Friday, August 30.


  Library Media Center Hours   


 Before School 8 - 8:40 am

 After School  3:30 - 4:30 pm

Students must have parental permission to stay after school


The Alice Deal Library welcomes students for reading and homework after school! Students must have a permission form on file in the library to use the space after school. Students may pick up a form in the library, or may download it from the library website (Library Pass). 
PTA Sponsors
The following are the Deal PTA 2013-2014 business sponsors.

The Broad Branch Market

Taylor Agostino Group

Radifera Design Group

W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtor

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

Second Wind CrossFit

edCount, LLC

 Math Medics

Elements Fitness and Wellness Center

Discount Vacation Rentals for Deal Families

 Capitol Language Services 


Bus Information
If your child travels on the 4 bus routes that WMATA makes available for Deal students, here are some important phone numbers for you.

If the D31 or D32 bus is late, misses a pick-up, or never shows up, please call the Western District Superintendent, Ms. Peggy Neils, at 202-962-5860 as soon as possible. Students who are passed should try to get the bus identification number. If your child rides the D33 or D34, the Northern Division contact is Sophia Coleman Hill, and she can be reached directly at 202-568-1446.

As always, please send an email about a bus problem or concern to [email protected]

Here is a link to the bus route schedule.
First Day Need-to-Know Items

If driving, please drop students off and continue to far end of lot to turn around - no T-turns please.

Entrances for drop-off on first day 
  • 6th graders will enter at the center door
  • 7th graders will enter at the West Wing door 
  • 8th graders will enter at the Gym lobby door
Each student will receive a new copy of their schedule. Late arrivals (if any) please come through the center door after 8:45.

Parents: you will be leaving your child at the front door (if already registered).
We'll take it from there! 
Student & parent information


New: DCOne Cards 

Students needing DCOne cards will have their photographs taken at school on a specific day during textbook distribution. Eighth graders (replacements) will be on Monday; 7th graders (replacements) on Tuesday, and 6th graders (new or replacements) on Wednesday. Cards typically take more than a week to be processed; they will be distributed through homerooms.  


New: Dress Code in effect first day of school   

The dress code is in effect starting Monday, August 26. Students will receive the full dress code with the student handbook during homeroom on Tuesday. In particular, parents are reminded that no students can wear flip-flops or hats in the building. Girls cannot wear leggings in place of pants, shorts or skirts less than fingertip length, shirts that do not have a full back, or tank tops that are less than two fingers' width or show bra straps. Boys' pants must not sag below their waists.


New: 6th grade Parent Workshops

On September 3 and 5 (6:30 pm both evenings), Deal will offer parent workshops for 6th grade parents. The schedule will be repeated each night, so you do not need to come to both. Topics will be announced soon, but typically include how to communicate with your team, special education at Deal, the IB Middle Years Program, and how grading works at the middle school. You won't want to miss this! 


New: Back-to-School Night

On September 10 (6:30 pm) Deal's back-to-school night will be held. This is a popular event, so come a bit early to find parking. You will meet of your child's teachers, hear from Principal Albright, and get a feel for the curriculum that your children will work on this year. 


New: Aftercare at Deal: Early Stages

Early Stages Learning Center aftercare program is a fee-based program and will have an on-site manager. The program will run from 3:30 until 6:00 pm. Please check out this link for more information - Early Stages Aftercare at Deal MS 


New: Inaugural Period 8 Session Starts Soon!

For the first time ever, Deal will be offering blended in-person/on-line extra-curricular courses. From Philosophy to the Stock Market, students will have the opportunity to explore a range of exciting topics in a variety of formats. Registration for the first session of these courses was open to rising 7th & 8th grade Vikings last spring. Courses will be held after school and will run for eight weeks beginning the second week of school. Families of enrolled students will be receiving more detailed information via email this week. Not enrolled for this session?  Stay tuned for information regarding future Period 8 offerings.


New: Edline

Deal teachers use Edline ( to communicate homework assignments and report student progress. This year, both the calendar and student reports will be updated on a weekly basis starting the third week of school. Returning 7th and 8th grade students and families: your account information (username & password) will remain the same. New Vikings will receive student and parent activation codes during the first week of school in order to set up an account. If you have questions about Edline access, please email [email protected]


New: Afterschool Library

The library will be open after school until 4:30 pm beginning on Friday. Students are welcome for independent reading and homework. By September 9th, students who plan to use the library after school should have a permission form on file. Either stop by the library to get one, or download it from the library website (


New: Welcome Alexandrian Scholars

Our team email is [email protected]

Our team tutoring is called Alexandria Library and will be held every Wednesday in room E205 from 3:30 to 4:30 pm starting the September 4th.

All team teachers will be there!


New: Welcome to Team Dubai 

Scholars: We look forward to meeting you on Monday! Please make sure you come prepared with your essential class materials and ready to learn. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] 


New: Welcome Mumbai Students

Our team email is [email protected]

Our team tutoring will be held on Wednesdays from 3:30 to 4:30. 

We are excited to meet you all on Monday!


New: Team Santiago

Our team email is [email protected] 

Ms. Brittingham, Mr. Martini, Ms. Nakamura, Ms. Carter, and Ms. Jackson were thrilled to meet the new Team Santiago students on Friday. We look forward to building relationships with each one of you this year. Welcome to 6th grade at Alice Deal Middle School!


New: Music interest meeting for students 

We are excited to start a new year of music and performance with the students here at Alice Deal. There will be a Music Interest Meeting on Tuesday, Sept 3, 2013 from 3:30 to 3:45 pm in the auditorium. All students who are interested in any musical ensemble, including 6th Grade Concert Band, 7th/8th Grade Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Pep Band and/or Chorus should attend this short information session about our upcoming school year.


New: Hemlock Field Trip - 6th Grade Teams

All 6th grade students will participate in our 11th annual community-building outdoor educational enrichment activity at Hemlock Overlook Center in Clifton, Virginia this month. At Hemlock, students participate in physical activities designed to help them form relationships with their peers and teachers. Through these activities, students get to know each other better and gain trust in each other.

On the day of the activity, students should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that they won't mind getting dirty and sneakers or footwear that is appropriate for a day in the woods. Students are also encouraged to bring a poncho or raincoat in case of rain. Flip flops, sandals, large earrings, long necklaces, and accessories will not be allowed. Students should pack a lunch with a couple of bottles of water.  

On the day of their trip, students should arrive to school by 8:00 am so that our buses can leave on time. Students will return to Deal by 6:30 pm. 

Students will be given the permission slip for the trip on the first day of school.  If you have any questions, please contact your child's team.    


New: 1st Advisory Physical Education Students

Physical Education Students must purchase a gym uniform. The shirt is $7 and the shorts are $13.

Uniforms will be purchased during class using cash, check, or money order made out to Alice Deal.


New: Fall Sports

Students who wish to participate in Fall Sports (Football, Softball, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Boys Soccer and Cross Country) must turn in the required forms. The required forms are: Consent for Athletic Participation 2013, Emergency Treatment Form 2013, and a DCPS Universal Health Certificate Form. The Universal Health Certificate must be signed and stamped by the doctor. All forms should be turned in to Coach Downing. Questions should be directed to [email protected]


New: Cross Country Interest Meeting

We will have a Cross Country interest meeting on Wednesday, August 28 at 3:30 pm in the cafeteria. Any student interested in being on the Cross Country team needs to attend this meeting or see Ms. Parish in room N114 before Friday.

This Week at Deal...   


Monday: Welcome Back!

All students will pick up schedules in front of the

building. Please look for the table with your last name. 6th graders will meet their homeroom teachers in the auditorium. 7th and 8th graders will proceed directly to the auditorium.


Tuesday: Student Handbook Distribution

Students will receive handbooks and related materials during homeroom on Tuesday. Parents, please look for materials to review and sign on Tuesday evening.

Tuesday: Cheerleading Meeting

There will be a brief cheerleading meeting for returning cheerleaders on Tuesday at 3:30 pm in the gymnasium.


Thursday: Grade-level team meetings

Students will meet with their assistant principals by grade on Thursday during the Thursday bell period time. 

Staff information ...  

Homeroom Teachers
Please submit your pink homeroom attendance sheets to the Welcome Center by 9:15 am everyday this week. 
Attendance Procedures
Teachers only mark A for absent students on your attendance sheets.  Please leave present students blank. 
Teachers will start to enter attendance in STARS on Tuesday.  Please remember to check the attendance completion box. 
Textbook Distribution 
Textbook distribution scheduled as follows:
  • Monday - 8th grade by math classes
  • Tuesday - 7th grade by math classes
  • Wednesday - 6th grade by math classes

Math teachers please remember to bring your students at the beginning of the period. 

Faculty Meeting
There will be a faculty meeting on Thursday at 3:30 pm.  

Community Information
(Items in this section are not sponsored by Deal)