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Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.
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Principal's Message...

This coming week concludes the DC CAS process for our 7th and 8th graders. The 6th grade at Deal completed the reading and mathematics portions of the annual assessment with flying colors. The tests were done in the morning, the students then had lunch and the rest of their school day. On Tuesday, the 7th grade tackles the Composition test and the 8th grade takes on the Science test; I am confident that both our writing and our science instruction have well-prepared our Vikings for these. On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the Health test will be administered; it is being done online and, therefore, one team at a time is taking it. We volunteered for the online version as we knew that next year's Paced Interim Assessments will be online and the following year the plans call for the DC CAS to move online. We need to work out the online bugs before we get too far down the road - thus our testing next week.

Last week I introduced you to our Approaches to Learning initiative, in which we are piloting several different ways to work with students and families on the academic skills necessary for success. This week, I want to share our plans for Period 8 - a "blended" series of classes currently in development. This initiative stems from the need to continually grow the opportunities available at Deal for your students, yet recognize that the school day isn't long enough to get where we need to go. To stretch the day, we are inaugurating a new, completely voluntary, series of online classes for Deal students.

For Period 8, Deal staff were encouraged to propose an idea for a blended class (combining classroom and online time); out of the applications ten ideas were chosen to pursue. Those teachers are working to creating classes based on an area of their interest. Topics in development include computer programming, philosophy, immigration, the stock market, mapmaking, and forensic science, to name a few. Over the next few months, teachers will be building these courses, which will then be offered to next year's students. The courses are expected to run for a full advisory and then repeat (especially if highly subscribed). Students will have one afternoon a week in which they will meet about the topic, with the rest of the work being conducted online. 

Before school is out this year we will present students with a Period 8 course catalog with more specific information than is presented here. Since this initiative is in development there are sure to be changes. I recognize that there are inherent conflicts in the idea of a Period 8 - sports, buses, student energy, and so forth. We are starting to work through these and will work to make this a great opportunity for your children and the bigger community. This initiative, if it comes to fruition as we plan, is an exciting one - the idea of providing extensive enrichment opportunities to those who wish to push in that area is a fun one to get behind. I also believe that this approach allows us to increase the technological savvy of our staff and puts us in a position to keep on growing our curriculum.

Next week I'll discuss how we are going to also stretch the school day to make sure that students who need additional support don't necessarily have to choose between that class and art, PE, music, or a world language. Stay tuned.

Have a great week.

Principal Albright



DC CAS Testing Schedule:  Deal MS







April 29 (Mon)

April 30 (Tue)

May 1 (Wed)

May 2 (Thurs)

May 3 (Fri)


8th (LaPaz)

  Science (8th)

Composition (7th)


8th (Firenze)


8th (Mecca)


o   Make-ups will happen daily for students who have been absent or late. 

o   Students must bring two #2 pencils to the test site each day.

o   Students may bring a book to read quietly when they are finished testing. No electronics (including Kindles or other e-readers) are allowed.

o   Get plenty of rest, be on time (8:45 a.m.), eat a good breakfast, come prepared to do your best.

Stay Informed!
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          Week of 
April 29, 2013ringing
Bell Schedule

Monday - Bell I 
Tuesday - Bell T
Wednesday - Bell I
Thursday - Bell I 
Friday - Bell I
Deal Sports Game Schedule

Click on Live Sports Calendar
to see what's up! 

Upcoming Dates 

April 30
Team Leaders
Mayor's Budget Town Hall, 6:30

May 1
Math Dept Meeting, 3:30

May 4
Musical Rehearsal, 10 am

May 5
Musical Rehearsal, 10 am

May 6 
Musical Rehearsal until 8 pm

May 7
Team Leaders
Musical Rehearsal - until 8 pm 

May 8 
Musical Rehearsal 8:45 - 4 pm

May 9
Deal Musical 

May 10 
LSAT, 7:30 
Deal Musical

May 11
Deal Musical (6:00)
Saturday Detention 9 - 12

May 14
Team Leaders
PTA Meeting

May 16
NJHS Assembly
Department Chairs
Spring Concert, 6:30 pm

May 17
8th grade Gettysburg Trip

May 21
GeoPlunge Spring Tournament
PTA Speaker

May 23
Faculty Meeting: 3:30 pm

May 25
Saturday Detention
9 am to 12 noon

May 27
Memorial Day
(No school for students or staff)

May 28
Team Leaders

May 30 
Bingo Night, 6:30 pm 


Monday 4/29
3:15 - 4:45
Poultry Tale/Full Company
4:45 - 6:00
Goose Chase/Greylag, Dot, Ugly, Cat, Goose
6:00 - 6:45
Warts and All/Bullfrog, Ugly, Frog Ensemble
6:45 - 8:00
Blizzard/Ugly, Ida, Cat, Blizzard Ensemble and Blizzard Dancers

Tuesday 4/30
3:15 - 5:30 Full Company Elegy and Look at Him Reprise

Wednesday 5/1
3:15 - 6:30
Act 1.1 - 1.4
Drake, Ida, Maureen, Henrietta, Grace, Cat, Ugly, Turkey, Ducklings, Boy, Girl, Teachers, Maggie Pie, Camera Man, Greylag, Dot, Barnacles, Snowy, Pinkfoot, Small Ensemble and Dance Troupe (no Farm Folk!)
Thursday 5/2
3:15 - 4:30 Warts and All
4:30 - 5:30 Blizzard

Friday 5/3
3:15 - 6:30
Act 1.4 - 1.8
Ugly, Maggie Pie, Drake, Family Ducklings, Penny, Swan Mother, Swan Father, Bullfrog, Cat, Ida, Farmer, Bewick, Turkey, Grace, Maureen, Henrietta, Small Ensemble and Dance Troupe

Saturday 5/4
9 - 5 Full Company

Sunday 5/5
9 - 5 Full Company

Monday 5/6 
3:15 - 9:30

Tuesday 5/7
3:15 - 9:30
1st Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday 5/8
8:45 - 3:15

Thursday 5/9

Friday 5/10

Saturday 5/11

Any questions or concerns??
Message from the Nurse - Immunization Compliance

Parents- We need your help! We have several students who are overdue required immunizations. Letters and/ or phone calls have been sent/done and Deal Schools compliance rate is still low. Please make appointments with your Doctor to have these immunizations done ASAP.  Remember -those students overdue for HPV- need 3 doses or an opt out form may be completed in lieu of the vaccine. All immunization forms must be

stamped, signed and dated to be accepted by the Immunization Registry.


Let's make Deal 100% compliant!!!!!



Library News

  Library Media Center Hours   


 Before School 8 - 8:40 am

 After School  3:30 - 4:30 pm

Students must have parental permission to stay after school


The Alice Deal Library welcomes students for reading and homework after school! Students must have a permission form on file in the library to use the space after school. Students may pick up a form in the library, or may download it from the library website (Library Pass). 
PTA Sponsors
The following are the Deal PTA 2012-2013 business sponsors.

The Broad Branch Market

Taylor Agostino Group

Radifera Design Group

W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtor

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

Second Wind CrossFit

edCount, LLC

 Math Medics

Elements Fitness and Wellness Center

Discount Vacation Rentals for Deal Families

 Capitol Language Services 


Bus Information
If your child travels on the 4 bus routes that WMATA makes available for Deal students, here are some important phone numbers for you.

If the D31 or D32 bus is late, misses a pick-up, or never shows up, please call the Western District Superintendent, Ms. Peggy Neils, at 202-962-5860 as soon as possible. Students who are passed should try to get the bus identification number. If your child rides the D33 or D34, the Northern Division contact is Sophia Coleman Hill, and she can be reached directly at 202-568-1446.

As always, please send an email about a bus problem or concern to [email protected]

Here is a link to the bus route schedule.


We need you to register now for the 2013-2014 school year 


All students must be registered for the 2013-2014 school year by June 20.  Current 6th and 7th graders should bring their  completed enrollment papers and proof of residency to Deal. We have scheduled evening hours every Thursday until 7 pm for families who are not able to come to the school during day. 8th graders should take their enrollment papers and proof of residency to the high school that they will be attending.  

Volunteer Opportunity for Deal Students


In the fall of 2013, the Q?RIUS Education Center at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History will open to the public.  Youth volunteers are needed to engage visitors in the exploration of science and nature in this evolving, learning laboratory.  Students between the ages of twelve and eighteen are invited to apply.  The Center is the first to integrate a fully accessible natural history education collection with technology-enhanced experiences, both self-guided and facilitated. Please share this exciting opportunity with students, colleagues, and friends.


For a full description and application for this youth volunteer opportunity, visit 


Please send your completed application or questions to [email protected]  

Student & parent information  


New: Cheerleader Victory
Continuing their winning ways, the Deal Viking cheerleaders won first place in the intermediate middle school cheerleading division competition at Kings Dominion yesterday. They also were Grand Champions in the school division, once again receiving the highest marks out of all schools. Go Vikings!
New:  Safe Routes to School Online Parent Survey 

We would like to learn your thoughts about children walking and biking to school. This survey will take about 5 - 10 minutes to complete. We ask that each family complete only one survey at the following link: Safe Routes To School Parent Survey


New:  Student Council "Change for Change"

Student Council is sponsoring a fundraising campaign called "Change for Change" in honor of Earth Day.  Earth Day was this Monday, April 22, but since we didn't want to do our campaign during CAS week, we're starting next Monday. A squirrel and a bird together is the logo of City Wildlife, an organization devoted to helping wild animals here in DC. City Wildlife is working to open Washington's first Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to take care of injured and orphaned wild birds, mammals, and reptiles and reintroduce them to the wild. To help out, we're asking you to bring in any change you have lying around (of course, you can bring in dollar bills and larger amounts as well). Student Council representatives will come around during homeroom periods to collect money. Please bring in your change so we can bring about change for wildlife in DC.


New: Sixth Grade Model UN

Congratulations to all 6th grade Model UN students for researching and writing excellent position papers! It has been announced that Secretary of State John Kerry will be the keynote speaker at the Model UN event taking place May 7 at the State Department. Sixth grade students are reminded to return permission slips and the $5 bus fee to their geography teacher no later than Wednesday, May 1. Students should be aware that the dress code for the event is "business casual."


New: National History Day Citywide This Weekend 

Fifty-five eighth graders will compete this weekend in the citywide National History Day competition at the National Archives and Records Administration. Students will present their research to panels of historians, journalists, museum curators, and archivists in hopes of winning a coveted spot in the national contest in June. Dress up for your judging, be sure to have extra copies of your process paper and annotated bibliographies, and be on time! Deal students have earned a national reputation for excellence with the National History Day program, and we have some outstanding work again this year that we are truly excited about. Go Deal! Represent us well.


New: Gettysburg Trip for 8th Graders on May 17

The 8th grade faculty and all students will travel to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Friday, May 17, to study the Civil War and the turning-point battle that ultimately led to Union victory. Students will complete assignments that reflect the issues that led to war, the larger war on the home front as well as the battle lines, and pay particular attention to the three days of bloody engagement in a little town just north of the Pennsylvania border in the early days of July 1863. These assignments are written so that students use the historic site as a primary resource. Permission slips and payment of $65.00 are due to US history teachers by this Friday, May 3. Checks should be made payable to Deal Middle School.


New: Girl Up Gears Up for Mother's Day

The Deal Girl Up Club is hosting a special sale of African handcrafts just in time for Mother's Day! These earrings, beaded bags, and other small items are made by girls and women in African countries where their crafts provide them with an income and some independence. These quality items are made of local African materials and reflect tie-and-dye and batik designs. The Amani Project is working with our Girl Up club to help promote economic opportunities for women and girls, and proceeds will be shared by Amani and Girl Up. The items will be on display and for sale during the lunch periods on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. All transactions will require cash. Supplies are limited, so plan to purchase early!


New: 8th Grade Students & Parents: Save the Date!
There will be a reception on May 23 to celebrate our year-long project about Heritage and Identity and or partnership with the National Portrait Gallery. The reception will be in the Deal Library from 5 - 6pm. There will be another reception on May 30, from 6:30 - 8:00 pm, at the Smithsonian American Art Museum celebrating the publication of "Our American Stories." A formal invitation will arrive home with students shortly.


New:  Music Department Update

Here is a list of important Spring season dates that you should be aware of if you are in the Music Department.

May 1st: Band/Choir Rehearsals resume

May 16th: Spring Concert @ Deal (6:30PM)

May 24th: Hershey Park Competition


Our student ensembles are preparing vigorously for their competition at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania. The trip is scheduled for Friday, May 24. All information about this trip, permission slips, and medical forms were passed out last week to students. We are looking for chaperone assistance from parents; if you are interested, please contact the Music Department for more information.

New: 2nd Annual Mulch Sale (Athletic Department)
The 2nd annual mulch sale starts now!  Only $5 per 2 cubic foot bags of hardwood mulch.  Order now and support our athletic programs!!

You may conveniently place your order online or fill out this form and drop off your payment in the school office or the athletic office.  Please place order form and payment (cash or check made out to Alice Deal PTA) in an envelope addressed to Coach Downing.  Please place orders and make payments by May 10.

Pick up will be on Saturday May 18th, from 8 a.m. until 12:00 noon, at Deal.  See flyer below for more information.

This Week at Deal...  


Monday: Girl Up Is Hosting a New Members "Meet and Greet" Today

Students and staff who would like to learn more about the Deal Girl Up Club and our commitment to supporting girls' development around the world are invited to attend today's special new members party. Girl Up members have planned a reception that includes both information and games. It all starts at 3:30 in E305. Everyone is welcome!


Monday: The Afterschool Outdoor Basketball Club

The Afterschool Outdoor Basketball Club will meet on Mon. April 29 at 3:30 behind the school on the court next to the "Cottage." In the event of rain, we will meet with Mr. Namian in Room W205.


Monday: Garden Club 

Garden Club will be meeting this Monday at 3:30 at the garden to pull weeds and plant some flowers. Looking forward to seeing all of you!


Monday: International Cooking Club

International Cooking Club "Chopped" Competitions will resume on Monday, April 29th. The winner from each competition and a second team with the next highest score will compete in the final competition at Whole Foods Tenley in May. Please consult the competition list and dates below.


In addition, congratulations go out to Team C: Ellika Edelman, Ilana Samuel, Mattie Melnyk, and Zennon Melnyk for winning the first round competitions. We also congratulate the runner up, Team B: Leo Saunders, Lukas Leijon, Robert Graves, and Yousef Yousef and we wish them luck as the competition continues.



Team E

1. Clara Edmonds

2. Matilda Jensen

3. Anna Joos


Team F

1. Sophia Poulos

2. Perri Hollar

3. Lindsay Harper


Team G

1. Camille Ortiz

2. Brittani Rivera

3. Sarah Desta


Team H

1. Gabriella Anifantis

2. Natalia Fachinato-Sitja

3. TBD


Monday - Friday: Softball

The softball schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday at 4: Deal v. Jefferson at Deal.

Practice Wednesday through Friday from 3:30 to 4:45 pm. 


Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Girls Soccer

Girls soccer practice will resume this Wednesday from 3:30-5:00pm. There are two home games scheduled on Monday and Thursday. Please check your emails for updates.


Wednesday: Move Your Body 2013


On Wednesday, May 1 all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who currently take physical education will participate in Move Your Body. Participating students will report to the field at the beginning of 6th period. Students are responsible for making up any missed assignments.

Wednesday: 8th Grade US History Students

Want to learn more about the women's suffrage reform movement in the United States? Come and watch Iron Jawed Angels with the Humanities Department on Wednesday, May 1 from 3:30 - 5:45 pm in W304. Please feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks. Plan to stay for the entire viewing. Sign up with your History teacher this week.


Wednesday: Discovery Club

Discovery Club will meet Wednesday, May 1 from 3:30 - 4:30 in E101. We will be preparing for our end-of-the-year field trip on Thursday, May 16 2:30 - 4:30P pm to the Museum of Natural History. You must attend the May 1st meeting to go on the field trip. Please see Ms. Law or Ms. Purcell if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at our final meeting!


Thursday: Teachers and Geographic Students (TAGS) DC

TAGS students will meet in room C130 after school on Thursday to continue preparing for our final map presentation on Saturday, June 1. 

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program: The Next Chapter


 IB MYP Evaluation Self-Study


In the fall of 2013 representatives of the IB organization will come to Deal to evaluate the implementation of the Middle Years Program. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide the school with feedback on what is working and areas in need of refinement. One requirement of the evaluation process is a self-study. The self-study is conducted using surveys of completed by members of the school community. The Deal staff has participated in the first round of the survey. It is now time to survey parents and guardians. Parents and guardians will receive a link to the survey this week. We are asking that the survey be completes and submitted no later than May 6.
8th grade announcements  


Wilson High School Academy Selection and Upcoming Parent Meeting


Eighth grade students had the opportunity to receive a greeting from Principal Cahall and the counseling staff of Wilson HS recently and should have shared with you an Academy Course Selection Sheet. Students who are interested in being a part of a Wilson Academy should fill out the sheet and turn it in to Ms. White by May 10.


There is a parent meeting scheduled to take place on May 8, 2013 at 7 p.m. at Wilson. Parents of rising 9th grade students are encouraged to attend in order to find out more about what Wilson has to offer your student.

STEM HS Option for 8th Grade DCPS Students

The TransTech Academy is an exciting place to be for the 2013 - 2014 school year! It will be housed in the newly renovated Cardozo Senior High School with state of the art classrooms and enriching and exciting career pathways in engineering, aviation and robotics/electro-mechanical technology training. Our 8th grade students will have an opportunity to apply. Anyone who is interested should contact Ms. Shirley McCall by email at [email protected] or by phone at 202-673-7753.


Key Information about 8th Gr Transition

At this time of year, many DCPS families are already thinking about their enrollment plans and options for next school year. We would like to provide families with children in transition grades, with important information regarding their DCPS school options for next year. Please read: Next Year's Enrollment Letter for 8th Grade Students 

Free Test Prep for Standardized Tests
Eighth grade students are encouraged to log onto their IGP to utilize TestGear which can help in preparing them for standardized tests like the PSAT. TestGear is offered to students beginning in 8th grade. 
Staff information ...

2nd and 3rd Floor Desktop Computers 
Computers were unplugged over the weekend to ensure that we have sufficient wireless coverage for online testing on Monday. Please do not plug them back in until lunchtime Monday. If you plug them back in during the week, please unplug in time for online testing on Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Team Leaders Meeting Tuesday
Usual time, usual place. See you there! 

Monday AM


Chinese tutoring
8:00am/Rm N111  

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Cadavid 

8:10 am/RM C314


Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson

8:10am/Rm C212 


Tuesday AM


String Ensemble

Jazz Band 
7:45 am/Rm CG20


Concert Choir

7:45 am/Rm CG04
Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - RM C212




Wednesday AM


Concert Band (6)

7:45 am   



Concert Band

7:45 am

Young Men's 


7:45 am 


Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson

8:10am/Rm C212





Thursday AM


String Ensemble
Jazz Band 
7:45 am/Rm CG20


Concert Choir

7:45 am/Rm CG04
Chinese tutoring
8:00am/Rm N111  


Spanish tutoring with Ms. Cadavid 

8:10 am/RM C314

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - RM C212

French tutoring 
8:10 am/Mr. Ngwa

Friday AM


Peer Mediators

8:00/Rm C116


Concert Band (6)

7:45 am   



Concert Band

 7:45 am  



 Monday PM

(All at 3:30 

unless otherwise noted)  


Girl Up

Rm E305



Rm N116


Student Council

Rm E205


Viking Quarterly

Rm W103


French Club 

Rm CG07  


Rm C130


Board Games

Rm W106


Deal Relief 


Rm E104


Comic Book 


Rm C203 

Cooking Club
Rm C216  

Tuesday PM

(All at 3:30 

unless otherwise noted)  

Reader's Theater
Rm E205



Resolution& Peer Mediation

McFarland's office


Bocce Club

Front lawn


Music workshop   




Wednesday PM 

(All at 3:30

unless otherwise noted)  


Student Librarian


Team Mumbai
Rm N113

Alex. Library
Rm E200


Roman Holiday

Rm E204


After School 

Sports Rap

Rm W104


Team Santiago

Study Hall
Rm C130


Debate Team

Rm W100
New Student


Ms. White's office



Roman Holiday 



Deal Scientists 

Rm E101


Team Alexandria

Rm E200  


Santiago Study 



Rm C130


Parlons Franšais

Rm C308 

Film Festival

Discovery Club
Rm E101

Salva Las Focas/Save the Seals
Rm C314

Creative Writing
Rm C305

Thursday PM 

(All at 3:30 

unless otherwise noted)  

MWIT club
Rm E206


Team London

Rm E104



RM E106  



Rm E206



Rm C130 

Writing club
Rm W305

Friday PM 

(All at 3:30 

unless otherwise noted)  


Type Faster Now

Rm W204 

8th Grade Model UN
Rm W304

Tennis Club

Rm E300

Outdoor Track 

Vikings Soccer

Ultimate Frisbee
Rm C130


Girls on Track

Rm E103


After School 

Outdoor Hoop

Rm W205

Tennis Club
Rm E300
Weight Area 
Outdoor Track

Ultimate Frisbee

Rm C130

Girls' Running
Rm E304 


Girls on Track

Rm E103 
Outdoor Track
Outdoor Track

Outdoor Track


Community Information
(Items in this section are not sponsored by Deal)


2013 Camp Forget-Me-Not/Camp Erin DC
The Wendt Center for Loss and Healing will be hosting its 15th camp for grieving children and teenagers (ages 6-16) who have experienced the death of a loved one. Camp will be held Friday, June 21 through Sunday, June 23, 2013 at Arlington Echo Educational Center in Millersville, MD. It is a fantastic opportunity for young people to meet other grieving kids, explore their own grief in a safe supportive environment and have a really fun time. All campers are matched with an adult "buddy" for the weekend. All buddies are trained and screened volunteers.  The weekend blends traditional camp programming (swimming, confidence course, camp fires, canoeing) with grief focused activities including support groups, therapeutic art, drumming, drama and a memorial boat ceremony.
Applications for campers are available on the website 
Deadline for application has been extended to Friday, May 3.

Summer Jazz Camp with the Blues Alley Jazz Society  

Your kids can swing into summer with our internationally renowned jazz educators at the Blues Alley Summer Jazz Camp, to be held July 8-19, 9:30 am-3:00 pm, at Carton Barron -- with an end-of-camp student concert on July 21st at Glen Echo. Campers bring their own lunch (refrigeration available). We provide drum sets, amplifiers, keyboards, and music stands. The cost of the two-week session is $350. Please contact director Michael Bowie at [email protected] to register. NO AUDITION REQUIRED!

Duke Ellington School of the Arts Summer Arts Intensives 
Looking for something fantastic to do this summer in the arts? Duke Ellington School of the Arts may be the place for you. Ellington will be offering summer arts intensives in Literary Media & Communications, Instrumental Music, Dance, Vocal Music, and Theatre. Each will have a component specifically for incoming students, with the exception of Literary Media and Communications which are open to current 6th through 8th graders.  These are great programs for any child who is motivated in the arts, especially current 7th graders that are eyeing Ellington as a high school choice.  Any interested students/parents should contact the program coordinators listed below for more details: For Dance- Charles Augins- [email protected] or 202-337-7958; for Literary Media & Communications- Mark Williams- [email protected]; for Instrumental Music- Isaac Daniel- [email protected]; for Vocal Music- Mary Jane Ayers- [email protected]; for Theatre- Dawn Naser- [email protected] A flyer for these programs is also posted outside of Ms. White's office on the first floor.

Tiger Elite Summer Basketball Camp  
Please take a look at our Tiger Elite Summer Basketball Camp that will be held at Wilson SHS! It's for rising 1st - 8th graders of all levels and abilities.There is a focus on the development of basketball skills; however, each camper will also experience fun camp activities, such as arts and crafts, games, speed and agility drills, etc... We hope to see your kids there!

Summer Tennis Camp for Alice Deal Students at Lafayette July 15-19    

You can spend a week starting or improving your tennis game during the summer at our tennis camp. We are setting July 15-19 as the week for Alice Deal students. So come with your friends or meet other Deal students during this week of fun in the sun. Check it out at Camp is open to beginners and advanced players. If you can't make it that week, you are welcome to join any of the other camp sessions. If you have questions you can call or text Paul Rosenbaum at 202 441-0925.