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Our school mission:
Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.
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Principal's Message...

Friday morning I was privileged to welcome the many adult volunteers who came to Deal to help judge the science fair. This large group represented parents, friends of teachers, alumni, and experts in their fields. I emphasized to them how important it is to our students to make presentations to someone other than their teachers or peers. The need to explain yourself, to communicate effectively, with someone that you don't know will always be there. [Often I am asked in conversation to say something about Deal to someone who knows nothing about our school or what our kids have done; the challenge of this "elevator talk" is not to be sneezed at!] Deal Vikings take these opportunities to speak seriously; our visitors often leave impressed at the ability of the students both in terms of their work as well as their capacity to talk about their work.

If you have been a close follower of this bulletin, you will have noted the many times that we have reached out to the community to ask for volunteers for student evaluation. We just finished a new IB technology unit on designing iPad apps about Deal; a critical part of the final mark was how the audience (the intended end user) evaluated the design according to certain criteria. The science fair followed a similar model. Coming up soon (see the request below) we are going to need more volunteers for National History Day. These requests happen all year long, and need lots of respondents.

Volunteering at a middle school is different from volunteering at an elementary school. Rather than serving as room parents or helping out in the front office, volunteers at Deal are needed to engage with students around the curriculum, whether it is during a field trip embedded in the curriculum or reviewing student work. Deal has a very motivated and knowledgeable parent community, one that we are eager to bring into the building. If your child comes home and asks for you to describe a childhood experience for a journal, or to respond to questions developed in class, or to provide information only you know about, don't be afraid to participate!

Now that we are moving smartly into the third advisory, it is time to turn our attention to the long haul that is the end of February and all of March. For many of us, the idea of a series of uninterrupted weeks of instruction is a dream - teachers get to hit their stride in timing and flow of the curriculum, there is no need to re-establish classroom norms, and some significant momentum is built up. At the end of March, we find Spring Break, and on the heel's of that nine-day break comes the DC-CAS. But while we are all working together to keep students focused on the work at hand, we need to keep in mind that students need to find ways to be refreshed and balanced. Let's not collapse together at the beginning of Spring Break, but instead be ready to enjoy the time that has been set aside.

Principal Albright

Get Ready for Deal Island Paradise Auction on Feb. 23

Auction Tickets on Sale Now! 


Break out that Hawaiian shirt , throw on your grass skirt and get into that island state of mind to come party with your friends -- and make new ones-- and to help the Deal PTA raise funds to support the school in everything from  international travel to agendas for students.

There will be hundreds of items to bid on in the silent auction, plus drawings for great gifts throughout the night. And check out what's new this year: The Big Kahuna! Buy a $100 ticket and take your chance on winning a dozen (yes, 12!) tickets to the sold out Taylor Swift concert in May, or experience the Nationals up close and very personal with batting practice, tickets to the game, and much more. Or support the school by buying two Big Kahuna tickets, and you may even go home with both!

It's not too late to donate an item, a gift card, a getaway, tickets to a show or a unique DC experience. Re-gift a duplicate holiday gift to support your child's school. Plan a party to mingle with friends, meet other parents and all while raising money for the school.

Take a moment to consider how you can volunteer your time and talents. Parents are needed for set-up on Friday, Feb 22 and on the day of the event. And when the party is over, a clean-up crew is needed to ready the school for classes on Monday.

To donate, or for more information, contact Diana Rojas at [email protected]. 

Linger after the bidding is done for an after party performance by the band, Cheaper Than Therapy!


Tickets are now available and the catalogue is available online and ready to peruse. Get ready! Your support means a GREAT Deal, and another fabulous auction party.

Click here to purchase tickets for the Auction
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Monday - Bell I 
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Thursday Bell - SSR
Friday - No School for Students
(PD Day for Teachers and Staff) 
Deal Sports Game Schedule

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Find out about Deal with...

Deal Tours
Please join us for a tour. All tours start at 9:30 and meet outside the Welcome Center.
February 12 

Upcoming Dates 

February 12
NAEP Testing
Deal Tour (the last one!)

February 13
National Portrait Gallery - Firenze

February 14
Winter Dance 3:30 - 6

February 15
Professional Development Day
No school for students
Detention 9 am - 12 noon

February 18
Presidents Day
No school for staff and students

February 20
Literature to Film Festival
Embassy Program - London
8th Grade We the People Mock Trial

February 21
Faculty Meeting 3:30 pm

February 22
Deficiencies to HR
World Language Trip Meeting

February 23
Saturday Detention; 9 - 12
Deal PTA Auction - 6:30 pm

February 25
Parent-Teacher Conference Day
No school for students

February 26
Team Leaders, 3:30 pm 

February 27
Deficiencies to Admin

February 28
Third Advisory Midpoint
Hoops for Heart 

March 4
8th Grade Art History Trip

March 5 
Team Leaders
8th Grade Art History Trip

March 6
 Math Department Meeting, 3:30 pm

March 7 
New to Deal, 3:30 pm 

March 8
LSAT, 7:30 am 

March 9
Scrabble Tournament 9 - 3:30 pm

March 12
Team Leaders

March 13
Literature to Film Festival

March 14
PI Day
Department Chairs, 3:30 pm

March 15
World Language Trip meeting

March 18 
NHD Registration

March 19
NHD Judging 

March 20
NHD Viewing
EAP - Sydney

March 21
Faculty Meeting, 3:30 pm

March 26
Team Leaders
NPG - Mecca

March 27

March 28

March 29 
Records Day/ End of 3rd Advisory

March 30 
France Trip Departs 
Lunch Application

Complete Lunch Form online at   

All families regardless of eligibility must complete a lunch form. This is important and helps determine some funding for the school.


Library News

Library Media Center Hours   


 Before School 8 - 8:40 am

 After School  3:30 - 4:30 pm

Students must have parental permission to stay after school


The Alice Deal Library welcomes students for reading and homework after school! Students must have a permission form on file in the library to use the space after school. Students may pick up a form in the library, or may download it from the library website (Library Pass). 
PTA Sponsors
The following are the Deal PTA 2012-2013 business sponsors.

The Broad Branch Market

Taylor Agostino Group

Radifera Design Group

W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtor

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

Second Wind CrossFit

edCount, LLC

 Math Medics

(new!) Elements Fitness and Wellness Center

 (new!) Discount Vacation Rentals for Deal Families

 (new!) Capitol Language Services 


Bus Information
If your child travels on the 4 bus routes that WMATA makes available for Deal students, here are some important phone numbers for you.

If the D31 or D32 bus is late, misses a pick-up, or never shows up, please call the Western District Superintendent, Ms. Peggy Neils, at 202-962-5860 as soon as possible. Students who are passed should try to get the bus identification number. If your child rides the D33 or D34, the Northern Division contact is Sophia Coleman Hill, and she can be reached directly at 202-568-1446.

As always, please send an email about a bus problem or concern to [email protected]

Here is a link to the bus route schedule.

Student and parent information...   


New: Speech and Drama Competition on February 28

In celebration of Black History Month, Deal will sponsor a Speech and Drama Competition.  6th, 7th, and 8th graders are encouraged to participate in the competition by memorizing one poem and one prose selection (speech, monologue, etc.) written by an African-American author to present. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive cash prizes.  


Staff members who would like to help with the planning of the competition or would like to coach one of the participants are asked to meet in the conference room after school on Monday, Feb. 11. Interested students should see Ms Neal during their lunch period on Tuesday, February 11 to sign up.  


New:  Debate Team Rocks at Home 
This past Saturday, the Deal Debate Team hosted the 3rd DC Urban Debate League Tournament. Twelve schools came from the MD, DC, and VA metro region to participate in the tournament: 53 teams, or more than 145 student debaters.  Deal debaters proudly represented the Deal Viking spirit and tenacity. Six Deal teams, or 18 Deal students, won at least one of their four debates. In particular, Claire Medina, Zola Bzdek, and Julia Pennanen won three of their four debates; and teams that included Emily Walke, Claire Schmitt, Lillian Keller, Nas Fair, Fatimah Fair, and Taima Crean won two of their four debates.  Philip Hesse and Noam Jacobovitz, Deal's only two-person team, diligently battled some of the League's toughest teams. Aidan Trinity, Clare Trinity, Taila Zitner, Daniela Kidder-Luciano, Tim Berger, and Nadeeya Harrison excelled in their argumentative skills and presented intriguing theories of critical thinking during every debate. Please congratulate each of our debaters for their  tenacious spirits, and plain-old hard work. Thank you to all the parents, Deal student attendees, and volunteers, for your support and encouragement throughout the day.  A special thank you and shout out to Deal parents who volunteered as judges (Mr. Keller, Mr. Crean, Mr. Berger, and Mr. Medina) and others who stood by and helped the debaters prepare for their arguments.


The next Debate Tournament is March 23rd at the Walker Mill Middle School in Capitol Heights, Prince George's County, MD. The topics that Deal debaters will be preparing for that event are:


1. Middle schools should not facilitate animal dissection.

2. Energy drinks should be regulated as drugs by the FDA

3. The U.S. should arm the rebels fighting against the Assad regime Syria.


New: MathCounts Team Competes

Congratulations to the MathCounts team! While we didn't win a prize, there were personal victories. Special shout-outs to Jamel Silver-Rhodes for going to the individual round and Julius Ball-Haldan, Ziggy Annaville, Leonard, Fluckiger, and My Vu for their efforts as well. 


New:  Girl Up News

Join in the fun as we plan our bake sale for February 25, discuss our latest book club book, finalize plans for a Sunday field trip to a concert, and start writing our own Girl Up book of facts. We will also watch the documentary "Opium Brides" from a recent CNN broadcast. The meetings are held every Monday in room E305 from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. All are welcome!


New:  National History Day Judges Wanted

The 8th Grade Humanities program is looking for historians, journalists, archivists, librarians, documentarians and museum curators to help evaluate student projects on Tuesday, March 19. If you have expertise in any of these fields and would be interested in spending a day working with students and their National History Day projects, we invite you to contact Cynthia Mostoller at [email protected] at your earliest opportunity.


New: Group: Parents of Students with ADHD

The next group will be Monday, February 11, 5:30 - 7pm in the Conference Room. The group will focus on providing parents a forum to exchange support and parenting advice for all settings of the child's life. Please RSVP to Mr. Chang, School Social Worker, at [email protected].


New:  Indoor Track Members

Indoor track team members: Don't forget to turn in your uniforms this week.


New:  International Cooking Club

The International Cooking Club will meet on Monday, February 11th after school in room C216 (the teacher's lounge). Meetings will take place from 3:15 until 5 pm. This meeting will include members from both Groups A and B. Please consult the list below.


Clarke Paty                          Erica Serrano

Mattie Melnyk                       Tahaje Tomlinson

Zach Crouch                         Felicia Klimpacher

Caleb Bush                           Marjorie Albert

Meghan Dayton                     Lily Chanine

Lukas Leijon                         Cecelia Sneed

Mabel Malhotra                     Gabby Anifantis

Lena Kohls                           Ashan Kiridena

Natalia Facchinato                 Leela Yadav

Camille Ortiz                        Ariana Daly

Tylor Reynolds                     Myles Duncan

Leah Pearcy                         Cyrus McDowell

Zenon Melynk                       Sarah Desta


In addition, the March 4 meeting will consist of some members from Group B and Group C.


Zarina Carpenter                Rikyah Bell

Surina Goel                       Naejia Piper

Manny Scherif                    Youssef Youssef

Shakaliah Smalls                Shrabonti Turna

Jordyn Wright                    Sofia Geislinger

Calia Christie                     Nastia Webber

Matilda Jensen                   Clara Edmonds

Robert Graves                   Lalita Kohls

Anna Joos                         Ariana Wehoz

King Cambell                     Olivia Howard

Leo Saunders                     Kendra Brown

Emilia Menjersik                 Alexandra Tomkin

Madeliene Yando                 Jaednee Ramirez-River


New: 8th Grade TAGS meeting 

Tuesday, February 19 from 3:30 - 4:30 pm in W304.


Social Justice Printmaking

Do you like to think about issues in social justice?  Do you like art? Are you an 8th grader?  If so, please consider joining a new after-school club that will meet on Tuesdays starting on February 26 called Social Justice Printmaking. Students will explore issues of social justice by analyzing prints already made and then make their own prints about topics and issues important to them. This after-school club will be led by Ms. Alex, a Deal alum, and Ms. Trenkle. Stop by and talk to Ms. Trenkle in W304 if you have questions and/or are interested! Hope to see you there! 


New: Surfboard Decoration 

The auction committee is looking for students to represent each team for a Surfboard Decorating project. The Surfboards will be used to decorate the auction party, and will be sold at the party itself. We will need students from each team to plan, design, and decorate a pre-cut 5-foot-tall surfboard. Students will have one day to sketch out their team idea, and only two days to decorate. The committee asks that kids come prepared with ideas beforehand. 


Parents, this is your chance to get involved with the auction!!  The auction committee needs parents to help supervise these young artists on the below dates. Parents please contact Sue Longo Wright to tell which date/dates you are available at [email protected] .


This project will meet in the gallery after school on:

Feb 12, 3:20 - 5pm plan and sketch designs on boards. Bring a pencil and ideas.
Feb 19 & 20, 3:20 - 5pm. Decorate and paint boards.


Deal Science Fair Results

The Science Department would like to thank the many community members who served as judges for this year's fair.  We appreciate your time and expertise. In addition, we would like to acknowledge the support of all staff who helped make the fair possible, including the administration, the librarians, the custodial staff, and office staff.  We congratulate the following students for their award winning projects:

Grand Prize

Julius Ball Hellman - Environmental Management

Ella Buring - Environmental Sciences

Emma Buzbee - Engineering 

Henry Lent -Engineering 

Jack Nugent - Microbiology

Blue Ribbon

(* indicates Grand Alternate)

Alex Dorosin - Biochemistry

Miles Mellott - Cell Biology

Hope Stonner - Microbiology

*Lauryn Donahue - Mathematics

*Jonah Merriam - Plant Sciences

Nicole Davies and Allie Schwalb - Team Projects

Eli Moraru - Behavioral Sciences

Sophia Claman - Behavioral Sciences

Jacob Weitzner - Energy & Transportation

Ian Emlet - Physics

*Zola Bzdek - Earth & Planetary Science

Alex Joyce-Johnson - Medicine & Health Sciences

*Kian Sablad - Chemistry

Dylan Hurst - Animal Science


Honorable Mention

Sam Masling - Mathematics

Joey Schulman - Animal Science

Meredith Ellison - Biochemistry

Elizabeth O'Brien - Engineering 

Amir Barnett - Environmental Management

Andonny Garcia - Plant Sciences

Claire Contreras - Plant Sciences

Coleman Ayers and Jordan Phillips - Team Projects

Lucy Kellogg - Physics

Kayla Howard - Medicine & Health Sciences

Ethan Rosenthal - Chemistry

Maiah Moody - Microbiology


This Week at Deal...   


Monday:  The Afterschool Outdoor Basketball Club

The Afterschool Outdoor Basketball Club will meet Monday, Feb. 11 at 3:30 pm behind the school on the court next to the "Cottage." Dress for COLD weather. In the event of rain, we will meet with Mr. Namian at 3:30 pm in Room W205.


Monday:  7th/8th grade Ski/Snowboard Trip Update

At this time, all slots have been filled for all ski/snowboard trips. There will be a mandatory pre-trip meeting for 7th & 8th graders who signed up for the trip on Monday, February 11 after school in the auditorium. If you cannot make this meeting, please let Ms. Giron know in advance.


Monday:  Student Council Meeting

Every Monday from 3:30 to 4:30. Homeroom teachers, please remind your representatives to come to our meetings!


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: Softball Team

All girls interested in trying out for the 2013 Softball team should attend a brief meeting on Monday, February 11, at 3:20 in the gym. They will sign-in and pick up a consent form and an emergency treatment form; each must be signed by a parent/guardian.


Softball try-outs will take place on Tuesday, February 12, Wednesday, February 13 and Tuesday, February 19 from 3:30 to 5:00. Please dress comfortably and bring your softball items (glove, tennis shoes)


Tuesday:  6th grade Ski/Snowboard Trip Update

At this time, all slots have been filled for all ski/snowboard trip. There will be a mandatory pre-trip meeting for 6th graders who signed up for the trip on Tuesday, February 19, after school in the auditorium. If you cannot make this meeting, please let Ms. Glick know in advance.


Tuesday: 8th Graders Participate in NAEP  

All 8th graders will participate in NAEP testing on Tuesday, February 12. This assessment monitors what US students know and can do in key subject areas. Students will test in their homerooms. The 90-minute assessment will begin at 9:00 am. Although 8th graders will be testing from 9 until 10:30, 6th and 7th graders will follow the regular Bell I schedule.


Tuesday:  Meeting for 8th Graders Participating in the We the People Mock Hearings (Citywide)

We will have a meeting about logistics, to answer questions, solidify your final prep and provide final info. We will meet in W304 at 3:30 pm on Tuesday, February 12, for about 20 minutes.


Tuesday:  Jewish Culture Club (6th Grade) 

The Jewish Culture Club will meet this Tuesday and have a lunch time feast. Please bring your favorite Jewish dish and plenty to share with your friends.


Wednesday: Tm. Santiago Corcoran Gallery Field Trip

On Wednesday, February 13, all Team Santiago students will be visiting the Belazel Exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery. This is an exhibit of Israeli artwork focused around the theme of identity from the Belazel University of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Team Santiago students must return permission slips to Mr. Martini by Monday, February 11.


Wednesday: Tm. Firenze to National Portrait Gallery

Team Firenze students will visit the National Portrait Gallery as part of our ongoing collaboration among the Humanities (American History), English, and Art departments. 


Thursday:  Winter Party 

When: Thursday, February 14th from 3:30 to 5:30

Tickets: Sold during lunch on February 12 and 13th for $3.00!


But wait! There is a special "Group of Friends" deal! Our SUPER AMAZING discount of ONLY $2.00 is coming right at you... All you have to do is purchase your tickets in groups of 4 or more, and you will get each ticket for $2.00! Drag your friends over and have a blast...TOGETHER!


Activities: We have deeeeelicious food, a great movie, ping-pong, and SO MUCH MORE...!


P.S. Bring your money to buy tickets and food at the PARTY!

International Baccalaureate at Deal


Preparation for the fall evaluation of IB Middle Years Program at Deal is in full swing. The instructional staff has participated in a self-study of the program. Additionally, during the last several months teachers have selected IB assessment tasks to administer to students. For each subject area, IB defines the types of assessments teachers are to use. The assessment process also requires teachers to use a specific set of criteria/rubrics to evaluate students' work. Teachers can make adjustments to each criterion to fit the tasks they design. As a part of the school's fall evaluation by IB, we will be submitting scored student work samples to undergo the IB monitoring process. The monitor for IB will provide us with feedback on our assessment process in their evaluation report.


8th grade announcements  


High School Course Planning 
During the month of February we will be working with your student to plan their courses for their first year in high school. All students will begin this process here at school and are encouraged to seek your input in their planning. To view your child's plan, you may log onto the IGP (Individual Graduation Portfolio) website at using your child's username and password. Please look for more information regarding this process to come home over the next few weeks. The deadline for all course planning is February 28. If you have trouble logging in or further questions, please contact Ms. White at [email protected] or at 202-939-2013.

Wilson Senior High School Parent Meeting 
Parents of students who will be attending Wilson Senior High School next year are invited to a special informational meeting on March 5, 2013 from 7-8:30 p.m. Parents, come out to hear about what Wilson has to offer.The snow date for this event is March 12. 
Free Test Preparation for Standardized Tests
Eighth grade students are encouraged to log onto their IGP to utilize TestGear which can help in preparing them for standardized tests like the PSAT. Test Gear is offered to students beginning in 8th grade. 
Staff information ...

New:  8th Grade Teachers 

The 8th grade level will meet Monday morning at 8:10 in Ms. Hovancsek's classroom W305.  We will discuss NAEP testing and 8th grade promotional activities.


New: Teach Standard PD Sessions for Teachers

Master educators will be leading a series of professional development sessions on the Teach standards on Mondays from 4:30 to 6:30 pm between Feb. 25 and Mar. 25 at the WTU Teacher Center at Whittier EC. Full details can be found here and on the attached flyer. Contact the IMPACT Helpline with questions at [email protected] or (202) 719-6553.


New: PTA Newsletter deadline

Teachers, staff and administrators:  It is time for the next PTA Newsletter.  Please share team news, information about the sport or extracurricular team or club you coach, or any items of interest to the deal community.  The deadline for items for the next newsletter will be February 13th.  Items can be sent to [email protected]If you have any questions please email Kim Gross at [email protected].


New: Grade-Level Chairs

The regularly scheduled grade-level chairs meeting on Thursday is cancelled due to the school dance. Chairs should already have submitted their budget requests to their departmental administrators; if this is not the case, please contact your administrator immediately.  


New: Friday is PD Day!

A schedule for the February 15 Professional Development Day will be sent out on Monday.   


Wired/Wireless Internet

To improve performance of our wireless Internet, we need to make sure that all of the desktop computers are plugged into the "wired" Internet - that is, plugged into the wall. School and OCTO staff will be visiting classrooms to help with this. Teachers may need to do some classroom rearranging to ensure that computers are near the Internet outlets. 

Before and After School Activities

Monday AM


Young Men's Choir - 7:45 am - Rm CG04 

Chinese tutoring 8 - 8:30am - Rm N111  

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Cadavid 8:10 am - RM C314

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - Rm C212











Monday PM  


Girl Up Rm E305

Newspaper club  Rm N116

Student Council meeting Rm E205

Viking Quarterly Rm W103

African Drumming club

Girls on Track - Rm E103

 school Outdoor Hoop
club - Rm W205

Ultimate Frisbee club - Rm C130 6 

6th grade Concert Band, 7th & 8th Symphonic Band and Jazz band meeting - Auditorium

Tennis club - Rm E300 

Photography Club - Rm E104  French club  to 4:30 - CG07  

Afterschool Basketball club - W205

Vikings Soccer to 5 pm 

GeoPlunge - C130

Board Games to 4:30 - W106

Deal Relief Council - E104

Comic Book Creators Club-RM C203. 
International Cooking club, RM C216 


Comic Book Creators to 4:30 - C203.





Tuesday Am


8th String Ensemble - Auditorium 

Jazz Band 7:45 am - Rm CG20

Concert Choir 7:45 am - Rm CG04

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - RM C212












Tuesday PM


Fantasy Football club - Rm C212

Reader's Theater - Rm E205

Cheerleading practice to 5pm 

Ultimate Frisbee club - Rm C130 

Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Ms. McFarland's office

Bocce club  - Front lawn

Music workshop    

Girls' Running - RM E304 

Girls on Track - Rm E103 

Mural/Public Art club

Swimming club to 5:15 pm

Football Conditioning to 4:45 pm - Weight Area 


Wednesday AM


6th Grade Concert Band - 7:45 am

Advanced Concert Band - 7:45 am


Young Men's Choir - 7:45 am 

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - RM C212















Wednesday PM


Spartan Barracks  

Deal Student Librarian
-  Library 
Team Mumbai Rm N113
club to 5:00 pm - Rm W207

Alexandria Library  Rm E200

Roman Holiday - Rm E204

After School Sports Rap - Rm W104

Team Santiago study hall - Rm C130

Debate Team  - Rm W100

Type Faster Now to 4:15 - Rm 204

New Student Transitions workshop 7th & 8th  

Ms. White's Office

Roman Holiday - E204

Deal Scientists club - Rm E101

Team Alexandria - Rm E200  

Santiago study Hall - C130

Parlons Franšais Club, to 4:30 - C308 

Literature-to-Film Festival to 5 pm - Library
Discovery Club - E101
Salva Las Focas/Save the Seals club - C314
Creative Writing - W305

Thursday AM


  Chinese tutoring 8 - 8:30 am - Rm N111 

Spanish tutoring 8:10 am - RM C314

String Chamber Ensemble - 7:45 am

Jazz Band - 7:45 am

Concert Choir - 7:45 am 

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - RM C212 

French Tutoring Mr Ngwa 8:10 am  



Thursday PM


Cheerleading practice to 5 pm 

MWIT club - Rm E206

Team London Rm E104

Mathletes Rm E106  

M.I.T. to 4:30 - RM E206

Swimming club to 5:15 pm 

TAGS 6th and 7th graders - C130 
GEMS meeting
Spanish Club 
Writing club RM W305
Socratic Club to 4:30 pm 











Friday AM


7th & 8th Grade Peer Mediators meeting at 8 am - Rm C116

6th Grade Concert Band - 7:45 am   

Advanced Concert Band - 7:45 am  













Friday PM 



Type Faster Now to

4:15 -W204