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Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.
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Principal's Message...

The other day a parent asked me, "When are basketball tryouts?" - a straight-forward question with a simple answer. Underlying this simplicity, however, is a more complex issue. How can I, as a parent, get sufficient information to support my child's success? At Deal, the factors that compound this challenge are the sheer number of school activities, the variety of ways to get information out, and the differing ways that the community receives information.

As we approach the end of the first advisory, questions about student assignments, grades, and missing work rise significantly. Edline is our primary tool for answering the bulk of these questions, of course, and when implemented correctly is a vast improvement over waiting for a grade report at the end of the advisory. Where information is not correct, or spotty, parents and students struggle with a response. Because all of us rely on Edline to be our baseline reporting tool, when information is missing it is not clear whether it is a student's problem or that of a teacher. If you are not sure, please contact the teacher or your grade-level administrator.

Beyond grades, however, it is a daunting effort to make sure that you know everything that we are doing up here at Deal. On top of our regular exciting academic day, we have 60 clubs and activities, myriad field trips, team- and grade-level activities, and quirky things that we throw in to keep the mix lively. We report on these through this bulletin, our website, morning announcements, emergency emails and phone callouts, posters, letters home, the school marquee, and conversations in the hall. I liken this a bit to looking through a kaleidoscope. The colors and shapes keep shifting in beautiful patterns, but it is hard to get a sense of what the object is in the viewfinder.

So how does a child find out about basketball tryouts - and how do you, as parents, help them get there? The first step is for both parties (school, families) to recognize that we want for students to participate in what we set up for them. We wouldn't be doing something if we didn't think it could make a difference in the life of at least one child. At Deal, we aren't going to push something unless we think it is the right thing to push. That said, all of our vehicles of information are flawed in some way, and messages get lost. About half of the Deal families open this weekly bulletin (so, you are in good company!) which is our primary tool. The rest get the information through secondary sources. One student hears from the coach that tryouts are tomorrow; another hears from the first student that tryouts are coming soon; and a third overhears that there are tryouts for some sport maybe soon. They all go home and tell a parent what they know - all of which is different.

Knowing this happens, we try to be increasingly precise and timely with our information here at Deal. There is always a lot to talk about, so we also have to be strategic (right now, no one is focused on the Gettysburg field trip in the spring is being held) otherwise we risk drowning everyone in useless updates. We will continue to work on getting the right information into the right ears at the right time. The best rule of thumb is if you hear about it and are not sure you heard correctly, please ask us. Anytime.

Here are some big items that warrant more attention:

The "Bully" movie: 8th graders with permission slips will go this Friday, 6th and 7th graders with permission slips will go the following week. While we want everyone to go and have space for all, parents should make the decisions for their family. Please read the permission slip carefully - it went home to 8th grade families Friday, the rest will get it this week.

Parent Information Night: This Thursday, we will present information on both the DC CAS and new Common Core Math and English standards. This night is being offered as a response to community questions about the purpose and process behind these assessment activities. Join us and hear how we have approached both of these in a way that reflects our Deal values.

Deal and its surrounding community came through Sandy relatively unscathed. Thanks go to our custodial team for getting our building tightened up before the storm! Our thoughts and best wishes go out to those of you with family in more seriously affected regions of the coast


Principal Albright


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Monday - Bell I 
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Thursday Bell - SSR
Friday - Bell I
Find out about Deal with...

Deal Tours

Please join us for a tour. All tours start at 9:30 and meet outside the Welcome Center.

November 9
November 30
December 11 

Upcoming Dates 

November 6
Team Leaders

November 7
Buddy Day - Bancroft
Math Dept Meeting, 3:30

November 8
Dep't Chairs, 3:30pm
Parent Info Night: The DC-CAS and the Common Core, 6:30pm

November 9
LSAT, 7:30am
Deal Tour, 9:30am
Grades Due
ELL - Trolley Tour
HR Attendance Lunch Rally
8th graders to "Bully" movie

November 12
Veteran's Day
(no school for students or staff)

November 13
Open House 9 - 12
Team Leaders
 Thanksgiving Food Drive Beginning

November 14
Buddy Day - Eaton ES
7th graders to "Bully" movie

November 15
Picture Day Make Up

November 16
School Dance
La Paz to National Portrait Gallery
Report Cards Issued
8th Grade Common Application Process Begins
6th graders to "Bully" movie

November 17
Saturday Detention 9 - 12

November 19
Mecca - Newseum Field Trip

November 21
Thanksgiving Assembly

November 22 - 23
Thanksgiving Break

November 27
Team Leaders
DC Trolley Tour 8th Grade
Buddy Day - Lafayette ES

November 28
DC Trolley Tour 8th Grade
Literature to Film Festival 

November 29
DC Trolley Tour 8th Grade

November 30
Deficiency to HR Teachers
Deal Tour, 9:30 am   

December 1
Saturday Detention
9 am - 12 noon

December 4
Team Leaders
Attendance Committee Mtg
PIA 2 

December 5
Math Dept. Meeting

December 6
New to Deal, 3:30 pm
Deficiencies to Admin
Mid Summer Night's Dream Play

December 7
LSAT, 7:30 am
Deal Geographic Bee
Second Advisory Midpoint
Mid Summer Night's Dream Play

December 8
PTA Holiday Green Sale
Mid Summer Night's Dream Play 

December 9
PTA Holiday Green Sale 

December 11
Deal Tour, 9:30 am
Shepherd Buddy Day 

December 12 
Open House 9 - 12 am  

December 13
Department Chairs, 3:30 pm

December 14
PD for Teachers and Staff
(No School for Students)
Detention 9 am - 12 noon

December 15
PTA Holiday Green Sale 

December 16
PTA Holiday Green Sale 

December 20
Faculty Meeting, 3:30 pm
Winter Concert, 6:30 pm

December 21
Spanish Field Trip to Guapos

December 24 - January 4
Winter Break

January 7
School Resumes 
Library News

Library Media Center Hours   


 Before School 8 - 8:40 am

 After School  3:30 - 4:30 pm

Students must have parental permission to stay after school


The Alice Deal Library welcomes students for reading and homework after school! Students must have a permission form on file in the library to use the space after school. Students may pick up a form in the library, or may download it from the library website (Library Pass). 


A Midsummer Night's Dream Rehearsal Schedule (3:30-5:00 Auditorium)

Monday - Act 1, Scene 2 - Quince, Bottom, Snug, Flute, Snout, Starveling
Tuesday - Full Cast & Act 1, Scene 2
Wednesday - Act 1, Scene 1 - Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, Theseus, Hippolyta, Egeus, Hermia, Philostrate
Thursday - Act 1, Scene 1 & Act 3, Scene 1 - Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, Theseus, Hippolyta, Egeus, Hermia, Philostrate, Quince, Snug, Bottom, Flute, Snout, Starveling, Puck, Titania, Fairies
Friday - Act 3, Scene 1 - Quince, Snug, Bottom, Flute, Snout, Starveling, Puck, Titania, Fairies
PTA Sponsors
The following are the Deal PTA 2012-2013 business sponsors.

The Broad Branch Market

Taylor Agostino Group

Radifera Design Group

W.C. & A.N. Miller Realtor

Pete's New Haven Style Apizza

Second Wind CrossFit

edCount, LLC

 Math Medics

(More information at 

Community Information

  (Items in this section are not sponsored by Deal)  


Wilson High School Performs Guys and Dolls 


Tickets for Wilson High School's performance of the Tony Award winning "Guys and Dolls" are now on sale! Featuring a well known score with songs such the rollicking "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat" and show stopper, "Luck be a Lady," this musical is sure to delight all ages. Because the Wilson fall musicals have become a school and community favorite, we encourage you to reserve early. Performance dates and times are: Friday, November 9 and 10 at 7:30; Special Matinee Performance Saturday, November 17 at 2:00; and Saturday, November 17 at 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices are: Adults $15, Students/Children $5. Use email address

[email protected]

and be sure to specify the performance date, type and number of tickets you are ordering. Remember, Wilson's musicals are extremely popular so please reserve your tickets early!



Community Service Opportunity at Janney Elementary


Janney Elementary School is looking for 7th and 8th grade students who would be interested in partnering with Janney students as academic buddies, helping with basic math and English language skills as part of a supervised after school activity. This would require a regular commitment between 3:30-4:30 one or two days a week and would count towards community service hours. We are looking for students who are reliable and conscientious, enjoy working with younger kids and who love learning. If you are interested please contact Pippa Trench at [email protected].  202-724-8950.


Information of interest to the Deal community may be emailed for consideration to [email protected]  


Lunch Application

Complete Lunch Form online at   

All families regardless of eligibility must complete a lunch form. This is important and helps determine some funding for the school.


Buddy Days at Deal are coming!


Every year the Alice Deal 6th grade students and teachers host a day for each of our feeder school 5th grade students and their teachers to visit for part of our school day. This is our chance to proudly present our school to future middle school students. We want to make every effort to have our visiting Buddies have a super positive experience.


The following schools are scheduled to visit from 8:50 to noon:



Wednesday, November 7


Wednesday, November 14


Tuesday, November 27


Tuesday, December 11


Non-feeder school students and their families should feel free to attend one of the upcoming Deal Tours or visit the school at any time. 

Student and parent information...   


New: LSAT meeting Friday morning

Our November LSAT meeting will be held in the Conference Room this Friday morning at 7:30. 


New:  Deal Middle School Debate 

Ms. Ruiz and Ms. Henderson would like to congratulate the Alice Deal Debate Team on their excellent showing in our first tournament of the year at Sidwell Friends School. Deal turned up with seven teams made up of both experienced and novice debaters and competed in all four rounds of debates during the tournament on the 27th of October. Debaters won 50% of the 28 debates of the day despite the fact that many of our competitors were novice-first time debaters. Our experienced debaters held their own, with typical skill and determination, against some major power houses of the Greater DC Middle School Debate League such as Sidwell, Rachel Carson, and Kenmore, while our brand new debaters showed enormous spirit in competing against more experienced teams. A very special congratulations to Aaron Rosenthal on receipt of his Award for Speaker points! 


New: Football season concludes

In what can only be seen as a success, Deal's American football team reached the playoffs in just our second year of competition. Building on last year's 3-3 record, Deal's gridders went 5-1 and met Stuart-Hobson in the divisional playoffs. While the outcome was not numerically what we wanted (Stuart-Hobson won 52-6), we took our knocks and kept right on playing. Thanks to all the coaches, students, and parents who came out to support the team this year - and congratulations to our Vikings! 


New: 7th Grade Scary Story Contest

The winner of the 7th grade scary story contest is Lucy Kellogg. Ms. Kellogg's skill at weaving a suspenseful story will impress you! Please click on the following link Read at Your Own Risk to enjoy this great story. The following students received an honorable mention award:


Sophia Diggs-Galligan

Mercia Smith

Anna Piacentini

Eliza Caldwell


New:  Girl Up Fundraiser Extended through Tuesday

Deal's fabulous Girl Up organization will not be deterred by Sandy's fury. We are committed to our goal of sending ten girls in Congo to school for a year, but we need your help! We have pledged to raise $1800 dollars, an amount that will pay for uniforms, books, school supplies, and tuition.


Please, we ask each of you, students and staff members alike, to donate a dollar or two or more through the homeroom fundraising drive. Checks can be made payable to Deal Middle School. Do this because you can and because you know it will make the difference in the life of a girl.


The homeroom that raises the most money will be treated to a cupcake party.


New:  6th grade Art or Music Students 

If you had music during 1st advisory, you will be switching to art class for 2nd advisory. Please bring a blank 40 to 80 page sketchbook to be left in class. If you had art during 1st advisory, you will be switching to music class for 2nd advisory.


New: Indoor Track 

The Deal indoor track team will be forming soon. There will be an informational meeting on Monday, November 12th. If you have any questions, please email Coach Jenkins at [email protected] 


Students to see "Bully" movie
6th, 7th, and 8th graders are now scheduled to see the powerful movie, "Bully," at Mazza Gallery during November. DCPS and the distributor of the film have arranged three separate showings (one for each grade) to see this documentary on the effects of bullying on children. 8th graders are scheduled for November 9, 7th graders for November 14, and 6th graders for November 16. Students will be bringing home a flyer describing the movie and permission slips for the field trip. These field trips will be free to all students. Please note: although the movie is rated PG-13 and all students will need permission to attend, the Chancellor is encouraging all who are able to see the movie.

8th grade permissions slips went home on Friday and are due on Wednesday; 6th and 7th grade permission slips will be going home this week.


World Language Trips Scholarships

We are pleased to announce that there will be ten $1,500 scholarships for students whose families are identified as economically disadvantaged. These scholarships will be provided based on several criteria: financial need, academic and behavioral progress, and a student essay.  


Students who meet the income criteria for support for the World Language trip scholarship were contacted this week by their teachers. The essays and application are due by November 16 (a little less than two weeks away). 


Additionally, for families who do not meet the formal standard for economically disadvantaged but have significant financial hurdles, such as changes in employment status or unexpected medical bills, "gap" scholarships will be made available. These  scholarships will be made on a case-by-case basis by appeal to Principal Albright. Up to $500 is available to families in need through this approach until the total funding pool has been expended.  


These scholarships represent the commitment of many members of the community to support what continues to be an exciting opportunity for our students. Thank you!


Deal-Stoddert Boys Soccer Schedule

Date          Field   Start        End           

11/10/12    Deal    11:45 AM   1:00 PM      



This Week at Deal...   



Monday: Happy Birthday 6th Graders

6th graders who had a birthday during the first advisory (and in July or August) are invited to celebrate on today at 3:00 in the cafeteria. Invitations will be distributed in homeroom.  


Monday: The After School Outdoor Basketball Club  

The After School Basketball Club will meet after school on Monday, November 5 at 3:30 on the court behind the school next to the "Cottage." Dress appropriately. In the event of rain, the club will meet with Mr. Namian in Room W205.


Monday: Int'l Cooking Club  

All students in International Cooking Club will be going to Whole Foods Tenley for a tour of the store, healthy eating tips, and cooking demonstrations. Groups A and half of B will go today and the other half of Group B and group C will go on Monday, November 26th.


Monday: Volleyball

Our last regular season volleyball game is Monday, Nov. 5th against Eliot-Hine at Lincoln MS at 4:30. Please allow volleyball players to leave at 2:55 from 7th period. Playoffs begin November 7th!  


Tuesday: Bocce!

Please join Ms. Zanelli and Ms. Wellersdick for Bocce Club on Tuesday in the Front Lawn. All are welcome to play this fun and challenging lawn game!


Thursday: Parent Info Night: the DC CAS and the Common Core

Curious to know about the Common Core? Dying to understand the DC CAS? Pining for information about the PIA? Come learn about the state-mandated tests your children take and the changes driven by the English and Math Common Core standards. We'll answer your questions on Thursday at 6:30pm.  


Friday: 8th Grade Trip to "Bully" Movie

Permission slips were distributed to 8th graders last Friday; information on Friday's schedule will be distributed through homerooms. 

Mental Health Matters: 

Supporting Children After a Natural Disaster 


The following information is adapted from Lazarus, P., Jimerson, S., & Brock, S. (2003). Helping Children After a Natural Disaster: Information for Parents and Teachers. Posted on the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) website at


Experiencing a natural disaster can be traumatic for children and adults. The impact of such an event may be experienced on both a personal and community level, and may significantly interrupt a child's sense of security and normalcy. The severity of children's reactions may depend on their exposure to the actual event, personal injury or loss, relocation due to destruction, prior traumatic experience, and level of support available. The following tips are offered in order to support children in coping with the traumatic experience and managing feelings of distress:

  1. Remain calm and reassuring. Acknowledge the loss or destruction, but emphasize efforts to rebuild and return to normal. Assure children that they will be taken care of and carry on with a normal daily routine to the extent possible.
  2. Acknowledge and normalize their feelings. Let children know that their reactions are normal and that it is okay to feel scared, worried, or sad. Listen empathetically and address any questions or concerns they may have.
  3. Encourage children to talk about disaster-related events. Provide activities that will allow for children to discuss their experiences in a safe, accepting environment. Encourage them to use whatever means they are comfortable with, such as talking, storytelling, drawing, drama, music, etc.
  4. Emphasize children's resiliency and promote positive coping and problem-solving skills. Help children to focus on their competencies. Help them to identify strategies they have used in the past to cope with feeling scared or upset, and encourage them to develop realistic and positive coping strategies to manage their anxiety. Bring their attention to other communities that have experienced natural disasters and recovered.
  5. Strengthen children's friendship and peer support. Children who feel supported emotionally and socially are less likely to feel isolated and are better able to cope with adversity. Help your child identify their own network of support through family, friends, school, and community.
  6. Take care of your own needs. You will be better able to help your children if you are coping appropriately. Children take cues from you, so if you are visibly upset or anxious, your children are likely to feel the same way. Share your feelings with other adults in your network of support, and take care of your physical health. 


8th grade news and announcements 

Planning for Your Future: Individual Graduation Portfolio (IGP)


The IGP provides students with a road map to the future and a record of the past. Staying on course empowers students to reach the destination-graduation- with all the courses, skills, and experiences needed to make informed decisions about education and career. Grade level milestones and guideways lead students through the program. Learning opportunities available through the IGP include Career/College Major Exploration, High School Course Planning, Goal Setting/Journaling, Interest/Skill Inventories.


Please encourage your student to explore options for their future at home using the following steps:

1.      Go to

2.      Login  with DCPS+studentID and the password the student has created (If it's the students first time logging in, the password is simply DCPS)

3.      Click on Choices Explorer

4.      Click on the Your Portfolio Tab

5.      Click Your Plans and get started on the path


Should there be any questions regarding the Choices explorer, please contact your grade level counselor.


Specialized High School application process opens on November 16! 

Don't miss the opportunity to visit these upcoming Open Houses:


Duke Ellington School of the Arts

December 4 @ 3 p.m. 

School Without Walls High School

 November 14 from 6 - 8:30 p.m.  

 November 15 from 10 - 12 noon  

Wilson High School -

November 16 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

January [email protected] 9:00 am - 11:00 am

February 1 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

February 22 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

March 15 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 


Attendance at Deal 



Every day, strive to learn the Viking Way!


Congratulations to the following 6th, 7th and 8th grade homerooms for on-time arrival of 95% or above! As a reminder at the end of the advisory we will hold an attendance raffle to recognize students with stellar or most improved attendance for each grade. Let us strive to learn the "Viking Way": at school, on time, everyday! 


6th Grade                                       7th Grade                                   8th Grade

Campozano                                     Assael                                          Eckel

Garza                                              Hughes                                         Hovancsek

Martini                                                                                                 Wang


Staff information... 
Friday PD: Teaching Boys 
You've heard that boys and girls often learn differently. What can you actually do about it? Find out Friday at 8:10am in W204 (Mr. Helsabeck). 
World Language Trip sign-ups Don't forget to respond to the Google Form for chaperone sign-up for our World Language trips (China, Costa Rica, France). Check your email for the link.

Diabetes Video
Thanks to the many of you who have viewed the videos on Diabetes care for our students. If you have yet to watch the videos, please do so by this Tuesday. Do not forget to confirm your watching by signing the sheet at the front desk.

Staff Email List 
We have created a new staff email list, using official email addresses. If you did not receive the "Key Information" emails from Mr. Albright last week at your address, please contact [email protected] All staff members must check their addresses daily and use those addresses or team emails for official business.

We need photos of your club/activity, your cool class project, or just your happy students - for the top of the bulletin, for the website, etc. Please email photos to [email protected], and remember to take lots of pictures as the year goes forward.
 CSC Write-ups Please continue to work on your CSC write-ups, due to your grade-level administrators by November 16. If you teach across several grades, submit the write-up to your subject administrator. 

Before and After School Activities

Monday AM


Young Men's Choir - 7:45 am - Rm CG04 

Chinese tutoring 8 - 8:30am - Rm N111  

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Cadavid 8:10 am - RM C314

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - Rm C212









Monday PM  


Girl Up Rm E305

Newspaper club  Rm N116

Deal Garden club - Garden 

Student Council meeting Rm E205

Viking Quarterly Rm W103

African Drumming club- Canceled this week

Girls on Track - Rm E103

 school Outdoor Hoop
club - Rm W205

Ultimate Frisbee club - Rm C130

Volleyball game vs Eliot-Hine @ Lincoln- 4:30 pm 

International Cooking club Group C to 5 pm - Rm C216 

6th grade Concert Band, 7th & 8th Symphonic Band and Jazz band meeting - Auditorium

Tennis club - Rm E300 

Photography Club - Rm E104  French club  to 4:30 - CG07  

Afterschool Basketball club - W205

Vikings Soccer to 5 pm 

GeoPlunge - C130

Board Games to 4:30 - W106

Midsummer Night's Dream Rehearsal - see above for schedule


Tuesday Am


8th String Ensemble - Auditorium 

Jazz Band 7:45 am - Rm CG20

Concert Choir 7:45 am - Rm CG04

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - RM C212










Tuesday PM


Fantasy Football club - Rm C212

Reader's Theater - Rm E205

Cheerleading practice to 5pm 

Ultimate Frisbee club - Rm C130 

Conflict Resolution and Peer Mediation Ms. McFarland's office

Bocce club  - Front lawn

Music workshop    

Girls' Running - RM E304 

Girls on Track - Rm E103 

Golf club to 4:30 pm - E105

Mural/Public Art club

Swimming club to 5:15 pm


Midsummer Night's Dream Rehearsal - see above for schedule 


Wednesday AM


Painting for Your Soul club 7:45 am - C224


6th Grade Concert Band - 7:45 am

Advanced Concert Band - 7:45 am


Young Men's Choir - 7:45 am 

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - RM C212









Wednesday PM


Spartan Barracks  

Deal Student Librarian
-  Library 
Team Mumbai Rm N113
club to 5:00 pm - Rm W207

Alexandria Library  Rm E200

Roman Holiday - Rm E204

After School Sports Rap - Rm W104

Team Santiago study hall - Rm C130

Debate Team  - Rm W100

Type Faster Now to 4:15 - Rm 204

New Student Transitions workshop 7th & 8th  

Ms. White's Office

Roman Holiday - E204

Deal Scientists club - Rm E101

C-Span - Rm W304

Team Alexandria - Rm E200  

Santiago study Hall - C130

Parlons Franšais Club, to 4:30 - C308 

Literature-to-Film Festival to 5 pm - Library
Discovery Club - E101
Midsummer Night's Dream Rehearsal - see above for schedule


Thursday AM


  Chinese tutoring 8 - 8:30 am - Rm N111 

Spanish tutoring 8:10 am - RM C314

String Chamber Ensemble - 7:45 am

Jazz Band - 7:45 am

Concert Choir - 7:45 am 

Spanish tutoring with Ms. Jackson - RM C212 



Thursday PM


Cheerleading practice to 5 pm 

MWIT club - Rm E206

Team London Rm E104

Mathletes Rm E106  

M.I.T. to 4:30 - RM E206

Swimming club to 5:15 pm 

TAGS 6th and 7th graders - C130 
GEMS meeting
Spanish Club 
Midsummer Night's Dream Rehearsal - see above for schedule 











Friday AM


7th & 8th Grade Peer Mediators meeting at 8 am - Rm C116

6th Grade Concert Band - 7:45 am   

Advanced Concert Band - 7:45 am  











Friday PM 


Midsummer Night's Dream Rehearsal - see above for schedule