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January 2016
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"The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs."
~ Vance Havner
To Lobby or To Advocate, That is the Question
It's an election year, and it's going to be a wild ride! But every year is an election year at some level. It's always time to advocate for your mission and advance your good works. Just be sure to know the differences between lobbying, advocating, and supporting a candidate or party. In the examples below, which scenarios are considered lobbying? Which ones are legal?

A. Our organization monitors possible legislation and issues during every session. Our CEO or board member writes an editorial as an educational tool in general support of issues important to our mission.
B. Our board leaders met with a legislator in person to discuss our position on a proposed bill.
C. Our CEO is great friends with a local elected official and meets with her for coffee weekly. This week, our newspaper featured a picture of the CEO and the official in front of our building with our nonprofit logo clearly visible to the side.

Answers: "A" and "B" are clearly legal. There are important caveats for "C." Quick points:

A. Educating the public, including legislators, is always legal and a vital role. It's advocacy, not lobbying, when the message is general, not in support of any specific legislation. Check out "Stand for Your Mission, The Power of Board Advocacy: A Discussion Guide for Boards"
, brought to us through our partnership with National Council of Nonprofits. Encourage board discussion to strategize and use your informed voices wisely and legally.
B. It's clearly lobbying when communication relates to specific legislation and when the communication is directly with a legislator. Nonprofits can definitely lobby and the rules are much less restrictive than most realize. Independent Sector has a concise explanation at
C. Watch out! Relationships with elected officials can be great assets. It's fine to have coffee with an elected official, recruit her to your board, or invite him to a group ribbon cutting ceremony. But if a nonprofit engages in political or partisan activity, the 501-3-c organization may jeopardize their tax-exempt status. When someone is running for office, never appear to or directly support any candidate, such as invite him to give a speech right before the election or otherwise influence any election.

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Championing the cause,

Lisa Hanger
Statewide Director
Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network 
Map of Indiana with Northern Region HighlightedNorthern Region

Watch for 2016 Workshop Calendar
The North Region will be concentrating on Board Development training in February with the Whitley County United Way, Steuben County YPN, and Walnut Hill Early Childhood in Elkhart County.
In March 2016, we will focus on fundraising, fundraising, and fundraising. In April we will move into strategic planning and board development (with some fundraising sprinkled in). Presenters include Rob Henson of Henson Group, Nick Parkevich and Dave Sternberg of  Loring Sternberg, Laura Macknick of Trine University, Steve Zimmerman of Spectrum Nonprofit Services. All are slated before summer; location and dates will be announced shortly.

For more information, contact Keith Sarber, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Northern Region.
Southern Region

Mark Your Calendars!
2016 Evansville Workshops
Watch your email for details

  • February 26: Be Amazing: Leadership and Professionalism are the Cornerstones to Greatness featuring Erin Ramsey
  • April 7: Meet Our Funders featuring seven local funding organizations
  • June 28:  Finding Grants and Writing Grant Proposals featuring June Miller and Nathan Jochim
  • August 16: Major Gifts: Three Steps to Accelerating Your Success featuring Rob Henson
  • October 21:The 50/50 Solution: Raising More Money from Men and Women presented by Andrea Pactor
Jasper, Madison, Vincennes and Seymour:
  • Details will be available soon.

For more information, contact June Miller, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Southern Region.
State of Indiana with Eastern Region Hightlighted
Eastern Region
2016 Events Coming Soon
For more information, contact Lesley Devine, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Eastern  Region.
State of Indiana with Western Region HighlightedWestern Region
2016 Events Coming Soon

For more information, contact Jillian Henry, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Western Region.
State of Indiana with Central Region HighlightedCentral Region 

2016 Events Coming Soon
For more information, contact Beth Mussman, Director, Nonprofit Training Center, United Way of Central Indiana.