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December 2015
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Below are select offerings from each region. For the full listing of events and workshops go to our Searchable Calendar.
When Good Boards Micromanage
Executive director, Manny, was hired 5 months ago. After 15 years as a nonprofit professional, he's surprised that his board questions everything he does. They ask for extensive background and indulge in endless discussion before making decisions. Sarah, board chair, remembers the whiplash the board felt through two prior directors with wildly different management and leadership styles. She liked the quiet confidence of one executive but realized his risk-taking was low. Others liked the outcomes-oriented executive but noted staff spent more time measuring results than delivering client services. Neither executive stayed long enough for the board to form solid working relationships; the board got skittish.

Boards slip into micro-managing for many reasons including overreacting to a previous executive's issues. Or there could be a mismatch with the board's traditions or chair's leadership style. The challenge is for both boards and executives to see their realities clearly and arrive at an understanding while moving the organization forward responsibly. Micromanaging boards may relax with:
  1. Innovation balanced with strong core services
  2. Focused relationship building
  3. Strong ED preparedness and ability to answer questions with ease
  4. Reasonable financial controls compared to current conditions
  5. Clearly defined goals

Strategy #5 may help lighten a micromanaging board's grip the most. With a clear plan, supported by and well-crafted strategies, the focus shifts to effective goal achievement more than personal working styles. December is a great time to review goals for the coming year. Build in checkpoints for each board meeting's discussion throughout the year. In the background, keep an eye on your executive/board dynamics and watch for opportunities to keep the communication open.

While your internal communication relaxes, take advantage of this month's Exclusive Use free download focusing on your external communication with an updated sample Brand/Marketing Committee job description (see link, left). 

Lightening up,

Lisa Hanger
Statewide Director
Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network 
Map of Indiana with Northern Region HighlightedNorthern Region

Watch for 2016 Workshop Calendar
The North Region will be concentrating on Board Development training in February with the Whitley County United Way, Steuben County YPN, and Walnut Hill Early Childhood in Elkhart County.
In March 2016, we will focus on fundraising, fundraising, and fundraising. In April we will move into strategic planning and board development (with some fundraising sprinkled in). Presenters include Rob Henson of Henson Group, Nick Parkevich and Dave Sternberg of  Loring Sternberg, Laura Macknick of Trine University, Steve Zimmerman of Spectrum Nonprofit Services. All are slated before summer; location and dates will be announced shortly.

For more information, contact Keith Sarber, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Northern Region.
Southern Region

2016 Training and Events Details Available Soon

  • February: From Stressed to Joyful, Charting a New Course featuring Erin Ramsey
  • April: Meet Our Funders featuring seven local funding organizations
  • June:  Finding Grants and Writing Grant Proposals
  • August: Securing Major Gifts featuring Rob Henson

Jasper, Madison, Vincennes and Seymour:

  • Details will be available soon.


For more information, contact June Miller, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Southern Region.
State of Indiana with Eastern Region Hightlighted
Eastern Region
Building a Strong Board: Stop Making the Governance Mistakes That Hurt
Dave Sternberg Is simply having a board that can function a pipe dream? In this session, learn the top governance mistakes, how to avoid them, and what to do to correct them.
Participants will understand basic board roles and responsibilities, appropriate board size and structure, and proper ways to recruit, orient, and evaluate all board members. Plus, learn simple strategies and information you will need to move your board forward.
Is fundraising a challenge for your organization? Based on the BoardSource book Fearless Fundraising for Nonprofit Boards, authored by Dave Sternberg, you will learn the important steps to take on how to transition your entire board into a functioning fundraising body.

When: Thursday, December 3, 9:00 AM - Noon EST
Where: Ivy Tech Community College Conference Center, 261 Commerce Drive, Marion, IN
Presenter: Dave Sternberg, Senior Partner, Loring, Sternberg and Associates
Sponsors: United Way of Grant County, Grant County Community Foundation, and Ivy Tech Community College
Cost: $10 per participant, thanks to special underwriting from United Way of Grant County, board participation is encouraged

For more information, contact Lesley Devine, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Eastern  Region.
State of Indiana with Western Region HighlightedWestern Region
Outcomes: The What, Why and How of Measuring Results

junemiller In growing numbers, funders, donors, and the public are calling for clearer evidence that the resources they expend actually produce intended results and benefits for people. They are asking, or requiring, that nonprofit organizations measure and report outcomes or results.  This specially designed workshop reviews the definition of outcomes measurement.  We discuss outcomes measurement not only as an effective tool for evaluation but also as an outstanding planning tool. The session includes specific how-to exercises and easily adaptable tools.

You will learn:
  • How to determine if your programs are having the results you intended
  • How to use outcomes measurement in planning for success
  • What funders are looking for when they request outcomes
  • How to understand the logic model and what the terms mean
  • Benefits of measuring outcomes beyond responding to funders' requests
  • Real-life examples 
When: Thursday, December 10, 8:30 AM - Noon EST
Where: Ivy Tech Community College- Community Room, 1 Ivy Tech Way, Logansport, IN 
Presenter: June Miller, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Southern Director

Sponsor: United Way of Cass County
Cost: $20

For more information, contact Jillian Henry, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Western Region.
State of Indiana with Central Region HighlightedCentral Region 

2016 Events Coming Soon


For more information, contact Beth Mussman, Director, Nonprofit Training Center, United Way of Central Indiana.