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November 2015
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Below are select offerings from each region. For the full listing of events and workshops go to our Searchable Calendar.
"Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving."
             ~ Henry A. Rosso, Founder, The Fund Raising School, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
To Ask or Not to Ask? That's Not the Question
What's the one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of many grown men and women?

a. A visit from your in-laws
b. Trying a new dish at a trendy restaurant (Try it! You'll like it! )
c. Asking strangers for money.

If you selected "c", you are not alone. Your mother probably told you it isn't polite to ask strangers for money. Here are tips that can make the process easier.

1. Do your research. Know the donor or candidate's giving history and/or as much as you can about his/her relevant interests.

2. Be prepared to discuss typical questions:

a. Why do you need my money?
b. What are you going to do with my money?
c. What did you do with my money last year?
d. What difference did my gift make? 
e. How can I/we get involved and have a positive experience with your organization?

Today's donor connections should go beyond simple asks into an inspiring conversation whenever possible.
It's the beginning of a relationship in which:
* You are connecting prospective donors with their interests or passions. You are making a philanthropic friend.
* You are helping another person, perhaps his or her organization, make a valuable contribution to the community.
* You are providing information they may not have had so that they can help or engage others by supporting your work.
* Often, you are making it possible for people to realize significant changes in their lives.
Every board member should have a role in raising funds and building donor relationships, though there are many roles beyond connecting directly with donors. Explore the board's role in fundraising by checking out this month's free download (see link, left).

And, we are pleased to share handouts from one of the hits of the 2015 Symposium for Women in Nonprofit Leadership, Vicki Floyd Clark's breakout session, "11 Commandments of Wildly Successful Women" (see link, left).
Making new friends,

Lisa Hanger
Statewide Director
Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network 
Map of Indiana with Northern Region HighlightedNorthern Region

Creating Organizational Culture You Can Rely On Through Strong Leadership

Culture as a concept has had a hard time of it. Can you enhance culture? Can leadership create a workplace culture you desire? Creating a strong organizational culture through leadership is based around:
  • Servant leadership
  • Putting people first
  • Compassionate collaboration; and
  • Moral authority
uLEAD and Ben Rheinheimer will take you on an interactive learning experience toward understanding that leadership begins by enabling others to strive for, accomplish, and exceed their goals.

When: Thursday, November 19, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST
Where: LaSalle Bristol Building - 2nd floor, 601 County Road 17, Elkhart, IN
Presenter: Ben Rheinheimer, uLEAD
Cost: $65 includes lunch and all materials

For more information, contact Keith Sarber, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Northern Region.
Southern Region
What do you want to learn in 2016?
Send us your ideas...we are all about your success!
  • We are planning for dynamic 2016 learning experiences here in the Southern Region.  We are already scheduling workshops based suggestions from our 2015 workshop participants.
  • Now is your chance.  What would you like to know?  What subjects would help you and your organization achieve your mission?
  • Let us know.  Is it board development, strategic planning, planned giving, succession planning, donor relationships or something else?
Send us your suggestions, then watch for a Save the Date announcement in December.
For more information, contact June Miller, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Southern Region.
State of Indiana with Eastern Region Hightlighted
Eastern Region
Building a Strong Board: Stop Making the Governance Mistakes That Hurt
Dave Sternberg Is simply having a board that can function a pipe dream? In this session, learn the top governance mistakes, how to avoid them and what to do to correct them.
Participants will understand basic board roles and responsibilities, appropriate board size and structure, and proper ways to recruit, orient, and evaluate all board members. Plus, learn simple strategies and information you will need to move your board forward.
Is fundraising a challenge for your organization? Based on the BoardSource book Fearless Fundraising for Nonprofit Boards, authored by Dave Sternberg, you will learn the important steps to take on how to transition your entire board into a functioning fundraising body.

When: Thursday, December 3, 9:00 AM - Noon EST
Where: Ivy Tech Community College Conference Center, 261 Commerce Drive, Marion, IN
Presenter: Dave Sternberg, Senior Partner, Loring, Sternberg & Associates
Sponsors: United Way of Grant County, Grant County Community Foundation and Ivy Tech Community College
Cost: $10 per participant, thanks to special underwriting from United Way of Grant unty, board participation is encouraged

For more information, contact Lesley Devine, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Eastern  Region.
State of Indiana with Western Region HighlightedWestern Region
Board's Guide to Finances: Everything You Wanted to Know... But Were Afraid to Ask

LynnGreggs Financial statements can be confusing, and the rules and terminology used by not-for-profits can add additional layers of complexity. As a NFP board member, you have a responsibility not only to understand but to make decisions based on those financials you see every month/quarter/year.
This seminar will walk through financial statements commonly used by not-for-profits, explaining purpose, elements, and relationships of all those numbers. It will also define and explain the most often used ratios and other analytical tools for not-for-profits. We will talk about the role and responsibility of the Board, from a financial perspective, and the different relationships an NFP board can have with the management team. And, of course, answer questions about NFP financial statements.
When: Tuesday, November 3,  11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST
Where: The Inn at DePauw, 2 West Seminary Street, Greencastle, IN
Presenter: Lynn Greggs, Simons, Bitzer and Associates
Cost: $15 if registered one week in advance; $25 at the door

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide

What's really going on in nonprofit communications today? Find out during this interactive quiz-style lunch keynote. Compare and contrast the conventional wisdom and what your organizations is doing with what's currently considered best practice and what national research says is actually happening. Nonprofits that communicate well today are mini media moguls that publish and broadcast directly to their participants and supporters, both online and offline. It's a lot to manage.
Learn how to map out your major campaigns and story arcs so that your core messages get through, while leaving room to merge in on-the-fly decisions that take advantage of breaking news or timely discussions in social media. Participants will receive a copy of Kivi's book, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide. 
When: Wednesday, November 4,  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST
Where: Lafayette Country Club, 1500 S. 9th Street, Lafayette, IN
Presenter: Kivi Leroux Miller, Author of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide
Cost: $20

Youth Workers Cafe: Youth and Family Service Provider Resource Fair

During this lunch event, participants will learn more about local organizations that provide programs and services to youth and families in Tippecanoe County and the surrounding area. Organizational representatives who are exhibiting have been invited to speak briefly about the resources they provide. Attendees will then have the opportunity to visit the exhibit booths to learn more in-depth information about each organization. If your organization would like to have a table at this event, please sign up by Nov.10 at: Exhibitor Registration - Provider Resource Fair 11/17. There is no cost to exhibit.
When: Tuesday, November 17, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM, EST
Where: Bauer Community Center,330 Fountain Street,Lafayette, IN 
Cost: FREE, Lunch courtesy of Indiana Youth Institute
Register: Contact Debbie Jones

Outcomes: The What, Why and How of Measuring Results

junemiller In growing numbers, funders, donors, and the public are calling for clearer evidence that the resources they expend actually produce intended results and benefits for people.  They are asking, or requiring, that nonprofit organizations measure and report outcomes or results.  This specially designed workshop reviews the definition of outcomes measurement.  We discuss outcomes measurement not only as an effective tool for evaluation but also as an outstanding planning tool. The session includes specific how-to exercises and easily adaptable tools.

You will learn:
  • How to determine if your programs are having the results you intended
  • How to use outcomes measurement in planning for success
  • What funders are looking for when they request outcomes
  • How to understand the logic model and what the terms mean
  • Benefits of measuring outcomes beyond responding to funders' requests
  • Real-life examples 

When: Thursday, December 10, 8:30 AM - Noon EST

Where: Ivy Tech Community College,1 Ivy Tech Way - Community Room
Logansport, IN 
Presenter: June Miller, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Southern Director

Sponsor: United Way of Cass County
Cost: $20

For more information, contact Jillian Henry, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Western Region.
State of Indiana with Central Region HighlightedCentral Region 

Feeding the Board/Staff Relationship

Every not-for-profit organization strives for an engaged and active board of directors. But what does engaged look like, and how do you build an active board? This workshop will move beyond roles and responsibilities to cover tips for how organizations and staff can inspire and motivate a supercharged governance team.   You will walk away feeling reenergized yourself!  Both staff and board members are welcome.  
When: Tuesday, November 17, 9:30 AM - Noon EST
Where: United Way of Central Indiana, 3901 North Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN
Presenter:  Freedom Kolb, Executive Director, Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation, Fishers, IN
Cost: $20, United Way agencies; $25, others 

For more information, contact Beth Mussman, Director, Nonprofit Training Center, United Way of Central Indiana.