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October 2015
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Below are select offerings from each region. For the full listing of events and workshops go to our Searchable Calendar.
"Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Turning Points: Take Time to Celebrate and Reflect
INRN's 20th anniversary celebration will culminate on October 2 at the sold-out (!) 3rd Annual Symposium for Women in Nonprofit Leadership in West Lafayette. There are no more seats to beg, borrow, or steal - clearly an exciting achievement reflecting enthusiastic interest and anticipation.
As we reflect on thousands of miles logged, finding board rooms through main streets, forests, and farms, navigating small burgs and large, INRN has come a long way. Thousands of stories include an all-volunteer religious order tackling new challenges with twinkles in their eyes and a major community player addressing new roles. There have been groups in crisis and boards leading major transformation. INRN's return on investment has delivered stronger more well-informed and confident boards, chief executives, volunteers and their managers, and staff.
INRN remains the champion for grassroots organizations as well as more established ones. The INRN team is proud of its straightforward guidance, inspired training, and skilled consultation services. INRN shares its accomplishments with all the dedicated boards, other volunteers, and passionate staff who make the time to stay current and continually improve. Since October 1994, INRN has served over 101,000 participants from 24,000+ organizations through over 5300 workshops, strategic planning, and other services reaching participants from all 92 counties.
Please join us in celebrating by making a commitment to reflect on your hard-won results and celebrate your local successes. To prompt your thinking, this month's free download reflects a great way to reflect during times of transition, a quick Exit Interview Checklist (see link, left).
In service,

Lisa Hanger
Statewide Director
Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network 
Map of Indiana with Northern Region HighlightedNorthern Region
The Millennial Project 

The most common age in America last year was 22. There were more 22 year olds than any other age group. Getting to know the millennial and, perhaps of equal or greater importance, millennials getting to understand and know you is what this mini-conference is all about.
When: Thursday, October 15, 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM  EDT
Where: Sugar Grove Church, 58512 Old County Rd 17, Goshen, IN
Keynote Speaker:  Derrick Feldmann, Achieve
Presenters: Faiz Khoja, Stifel Investment; Amber Grundy, Camp Fire: Myles Robertson and Nalani Stolz, Birdsell Project; Ritch Hocstetler and Ben Rheinheimer, uLEAD
Sponsors: Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, The Elkhart County Community Foundation, and United Way of Elkhart County
Cost: $65, includes all materials, keynote, and lunch

Answer: Understanding Outcomes
Question: What is the Outcome of an Outcomes Training?
Outcomes tell us "what happened" as a result of using resources and engaging in activities to improve the lives of people. Outcomes are the "change everyone wants to see." We will present an interactive learning experience on the outcome management process.

Participants will learn:
  • How to write clear and measurable outcomes, including particularly hard to measure outcomes
  • An understanding of outcomes and how they differ from outputs
  • Key terms
  • The benefits of outcome measurement
When: Thursday, October 22, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM EDT
Where: Adams Memorial Hospital,  1100 Mercer Avenue, Decatur, IN
Presenters: Waldo Mikels-Carrasco, lead researcher for MHIN; and Keith Sarber, Northern Regional Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network  
Sponsor: United Way of Adams County
Cost: $55, includes lunch and all materials 

Creating Organizational Culture You Can Rely On

Creating a strong organizational culture through leadership is based around:
  • Servant leadership
  • Putting people first
  • Compassionate collaboration; and
  • Moral authority
uLEAD and Ben Rheinheimer will take you on an interactive learning experience toward understanding that leadership begins by enabling others to strive for, accomplish, and exceed their goals.

When: Thursday, November 19, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST
Where: LaSalle Bristol Building - 2nd floor, 601 County Road 17, Elkhart, IN
Cost: $65 includes lunch and all materials

For more information, contact Keith Sarber, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Northern Region.
Southern Region
Millennial Donors and Strategies for Engagement
The Millennial generation (age 20-30) is redefining how they connect, involve, and give to causes. Based on his book, Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement, and years of research with the Millennial Impact Project, Derrick will help you understand the characteristics of this generation's participation with causes and what you can do to capture their attention, talent, and resources for your organization. He will also help you develop a Millennial fundraising and marketing call to action campaign. Derrick will highlight successful campaigns, components for success, and the approaches for the greatest response. 
When:  Tuesday, October 20, 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM CDT
Where: Central Library Browning Room, Evansville, IN
Presenter:  Derrick Feldmann, President, Achieve Guidance
Sponsors: Koch Bussing Foundation and Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network Southern Region
Cost: $29, includes lunch and materials
Registration:  For more information contact Karen Williams, , 812-422-4100 

Keys to Volunteer Management
junemiller Volunteers provide an invaluable service to nonprofit organizations.  Discover effective methods for determining the wants and needs of volunteers in today's changing environment.   Learn why people volunteer and how to best utilize that motivation to fit your needs.  This session addresses recruitment trends, where to look for the volunteers of tomorrow, and how to keep the volunteers you have.
When:  Tuesday, October 27, 11:15 AM - 2:00 PM EDT
Where: Ivy Tech Community College, 590 Ivy Tech Drive, Madison, IN
Presenter:  June Miller, Southern Regional Director, INRN
Sponsor: Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County
Cost: $15, includes lunch and materials
Registration: Required for all participants by October 20.  Contact Kelley Hoagland at or 812-274-0243

For more information, contact June Miller, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Southern Region.
State of Indiana with Eastern Region Hightlighted
Eastern Region
Recruiting and Engaging Board Members
Do you have a plan for recruiting new board members? Discover techniques for identifying the right individuals to help move your mission forward. Once they are recruited, learn how to actively get them engaged, involved, motivated, and moving forward with the organization.

When: Tuesday, October 27, 9:00 AM - Noon EDT
Where: Ball State University Alumni Center, Meeting Room 1, 2800 West Bethel Ave., Muncie, IN
Sponsor: United Way of Delaware County
Presenter: Phil Purcell, Vice President for Planned Giving and Endowment Stewardship, Ball State University
Cost: $30 per participant, $25 for board members
Team participation is encouraged!

For more information, contact Lesley Devine, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Eastern  Region.
State of Indiana with Western Region HighlightedWestern Region
Board's Guide to Finances: Everything You Wanted to Know... But Were Afraid to Ask

Financial statements can be confusing, and the rules and terminology used by not-for-profits can add additional layers of complexity. As a NFP board member, you have a responsibility not only to understand but to make decisions based on those financials you see every month/quarter/year.
This seminar will walk through financial statements commonly used by not-for-profits, explaining purpose, elements, and relationships of all those numbers. It will also define and explain the most often used ratios and other analytical tools for not-for-profits. We will talk about the role and responsibility of the Board, from a financial perspective, and the different relationships an NFP board can have with the management team. And, of course, answer questions about NFP financial statements.
When: Tuesday, November 3,  11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EST
Where: The Inn at DePauw, 2 West Seminary Street, Greencastle, IN
Presenter: Lynn Greggs, Simons, Bitzer and Associates
Cost: $15 if registered one week in advance; $25 at the door

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide

What's really going on in nonprofit communications today? Find out during this interactive quiz-style lunch keynote. Compare and contrast the conventional wisdom and what your organizations is doing with what's currently considered best practice and what national research says is actually happening. Nonprofits that communicate well today are mini media moguls that publish and broadcast directly to their participants and supporters, both online and offline. It's a lot to manage.
Learn how to map out your major campaigns and story arcs so that your core messages get through, while leaving room to merge in on-the-fly decisions that take advantage of breaking news or timely discussions in social media. Participants will receive a copy of Kivi's book, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide. 
When: Wednesday, November 4,  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST
Where: Lafayette Country Club, 1500 S. 9th Street, Lafayette, IN
Presenter: Kivi Leroux Miller, Author of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide
Cost: $20

For more information, contact Jillian Henry, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Western Region.
State of Indiana with Central Region HighlightedCentral Region  

Everything You Wanted to Know About Nonprofit Financials, But Were Afraid to Ask

Back by popular demand, this workshop creates a safe place to learn about nonprofit financials. Budgets, balance sheets, cash flow statements, restricted vs. unrestricted funds, and accrual vs. cash accounting will be explained in lay terms. Our presenters have spent extensive time providing controllership services for nonprofits.
When: Wednesday, October 7, 9:00 AM - Noon EDT
Where: United Way of Central Indiana, 3901 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN
Presenters: Ann Federwisch and Molly Williams, mAccounting
Cost: $20, United Way agencies; $25, others

Feeding the Board/Staff Relationship

Every not-for-profit organization strives for an engaged and active board of directors. But what does engaged look like, and how do you build an active board? This workshop will move beyond roles and responsibilities to cover tips for how organizations and staff can inspire and motivate a supercharged governance team.   You will walk away feeling reenergized yourself!  Both staff and board members welcome.  
When: Tuesday, November 17, 9:30 AM - Noon EST
Where: United Way of Central Indiana, 3901 North Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN
Presenter:  Freedom Kolb, Executive Director, Hamilton Southeastern Education Foundation, Fishers, IN
Cost: $20, United Way agencies; $25, others 

For more information, contact Beth Mussman, Director, Nonprofit Training Center, United Way of Central Indiana.