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June 2015
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"There are just not enough problems for the solutions that we have!"

                          ~ Jurriaan Kamp, President and Editor-in-Chief, The Intelligent Optimist magazine

Being a Solution Magnet             

Do you have more solutions than you need? Funny question, right? The fabulous quote, above, claims boldly that they have loads of solutions to share. What would it take to make that bold claim for your resource development strategy? Here are some easy ideas to get started:


  1. Gather ideas from experienced people! Invite the last five annual fund/campaign chairs to meet, share successes, and reminisce about highs and resolving the lows during each of their fundraising cycles. Then ask them to compare their ideas to the current challenges and goals. Refine and adjust. Mix in a wild array of new inspiration... and implement.

  2. Invite ideas from outside your typical circles. While nearly the opposite of the above strategy, new perspectives can bring valuable insights. "Outsiders" don't carry the same baggage, "we've always done it this way." Tap people who are respected and known to be thoughtful and/or adventurous. Invite them to chat privately. Or be brave and invite them to the meeting in #1, above.

  3. Try lateral thinking. Think of all the things you take for granted with a successful fundraising strategy: a well-researched goal, strong team, clear and inspiring messaging, priority candidates, etc. Select one element and shake it up. What if that element did not exist in the expected way? Let's take "clear and inspiring messaging." How might your organization communicate your work without a prepared message? Staff and volunteers could interview everyday service recipients and capture why they value your services. Invite aspirations about how to serve them even better. Create an interview clip montage illustrating real-life experiences as well as wishes. End with a summary of actual services your organization provides.

Learn more about fundraising by downloading the free resource, left.


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Lisa Hanger

Statewide Director

Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network 


Map of Indiana with Northern Region HighlightedNorthern Region
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The Millennial Project 

The most common age in America last year was 22. There were more 22 year olds than any other age group. Getting to know the millennial and, perhaps of equal or greater importance, millennials getting to understand and know you is what this mini-conference is all about.


When: Thursday, October 15, 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM  EDT

Where: Sugar Grove Church, 58512 Old County Rd 17, Goshen, IN

Presenter:  Derrick Feldmann, Achieve

Sponsors: Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, The Elkhart County Community Foundation, and the United Way of Elkhart County

Cost: TBD


Answer: Understanding Outcomes

Question: What is the Outcome of an Outcomes Training?


Outcomes tell us "what happened" as a result of using resources and engaging in activities to improve the lives of people. Outcomes are the "change everyone wants to see." We will present an interactive learning experience on the outcome management process.


Participants will learn:

  • How to write clear and measurable outcomes, including particularly hard to measure outcomes

  • An understanding of outcomes and how they differ from outputs

  • Key terms

  • The benefit of outcome measurement

When: October 22, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM EDT

Where: Adams Central Hospital, The Decatur Room, Decatur, IN

Presenters: Waldo Mikels-Carrasco, lead researcher for MHIN and, Keith Sarber, Northern Regional Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network  

Sponsor: The United Way of Adams County

Cost: $55, includes lunch and all materials 


For more information, contact Keith Sarber, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Northern Region.

Southern Region


Creating a Comprehensive Fundraising Plan
Whether you are new to fundraising or have experience in the field and are seeking a fresh approach to planning for your resource development endeavors, this session will have key takeaways for you.


When: Thursday, June 11, 8:30 AM- 11:30 AM EDT

Where: Vincennes University Jasper Campus, CTIM Building, 850 College, Jasper, IN

Presenter: Laura Macknick, Director of Development, Trine University

Sponsor: Dubois County Community Foundation - Better Together Series

Cost: $15, includes refreshments and materials

Registration: Contact June Miller, 812-421-7482


Finding Grant Opportunities and Preparing Grant Proposals 

This workshop is an introduction to how nonprofit organizations can find available grants and what funders are looking for when reviewing those grant applications.


When:  Thursday, June 18, 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM CDT

Where: Central Library, 200 SE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Browning Room B, Evansville, IN

Presenters:  Nathan Jochum, Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library and, June Miller, Southern Regional Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network

Sponsors: Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library and Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network

Cost: $39, includes lunch and materials

Registration:   or contact Karen Williams,, 812-422-4100 


For more information, contact June Miller, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Southern Region.

State of Indiana with Eastern Region Hightlighted
Eastern Region


Strengthening Your Nonprofit During Times of Change. A three-part series


How to Tell Your Story: Getting to the Heart of the Matter


MikeStone How do you use the limited time and resources you do have to get to the heart of the matter when talking to others, including funders, about the work of your agency?

  •  Use the logic model to frame your organization's core narrative
  •  Identify individuals and groups likely to support the work of your organization
  •  Develop a broad "case statement" tailored to specific audiences, including potential donors and other funders


When: Monday, June 1, 9:00 -11:00 AM EDT

Where: United Way of Madison County, 1201 East 5th Street, 2nd Floor, Anderson, IN

Presenter: Mike Stone, Impact Strategies

Cost: $25 per session; $65 for the three-part series 



Anchor Strategy: Preparing for the Unexpected


The purpose of this workshop is to help nonprofits become better able to cope with continual change and uncertainty by equipping them with an "anchor strategy" comprised of three core elements of nonprofit strategy.

  •  The Core, which defines what we do, for whom, and why
  •  The Strategy Driver, which determines what business we are in
  •  The Strategy Boundaries, which determines what we will not do

When: Monday, June 15, 9:00 -11:00 AM EDT

Where: United Way of Madison County, 1201 East 5th Street, 2nd Floor, Anderson, IN

Presenter: Mike Stone, Impact Strategies

Cost: $25 per session; $65 for the three-part series 



The Tough Calls: Making Strategic Program Decisions


In times of increased competition and declining resources, nonprofits must rely on sound, objective, consistent information about program performance to make decisions about how best to allocate the available resources, even if it means collaborating with other providers.

  •  A strategic framework to provide the context for decisions
  •  A process, based on the belief that how you arrive at a decision can be just as important as the decision itself
  •  The tools to accomplish the task 

When:  Monday, June 29, 9:00 -11:00 AM EDT

Where: United Way of Madison County, 1201 East 5th Street, 2nd Floor, Anderson, IN

Presenter: Mike Stone, Impact Strategies

Cost: $25 per session; $65 for the three-part series 



For more information, contact Lesley Devine, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Eastern  Region.

Western Region State of Indiana with Western Region Highlighted
Conversations to Upgrade the Gift - AFP Luncheon

Susan Decker in Breakout Part of our AFP/Governance Lunch and Learn Series, this workshop will discuss strategies for working with your existing loyal donors and how to approach the subject of increasing their gifts. Cultivating donors is critical to keep them investing in your mission. This session will provide engagements tips and conversation examples on how to communicate the importance of increased giving with your donors. Susan will talk about her fundraising experiences with St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Susan G. Komen for the Cure and how she worked on moving donors up the donor pyramid, from increasing their annual gifts to major gifts, to planned gifts.
Participants are encouraged to stay for the afternoon workshop (below).
When:  Wednesday, June 3, Noon - 3:00 PM EDT
Where:  Lafayette Country Club, 1500 S. 9th Street, Lafayette, IN
Presenter:  Susan Decker, St. Mary of the Woods Faculty and Board Source Certified
Cost:  $20, includes lunch


Leveraging Board Member's Skills and Influence

Part of the Douglas W. Eberle Not-for-Profit Board Governance Series, this workshop will discuss how board member's skills and influence can be used to propel your mission and your fundraising efforts. All board members have a varied circle of influence and tapping into those circles can open doors for your nonprofits. This workshop will discuss the various ways we can work with our boards members and how their unique contributions can better lead our organizations. This session is intended for multiple board member participation and their executive directors.
Participants are also encouraged to attend the AFP luncheon (above). 
When: Wednesday, June 3, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT
Where: Lafayette Country Club, 1500 S. 9th Street, Lafayette, IN
Presenter: Susan Decker, St. Mary of the Woods Faculty and Board Source Certified

Working with Millennial Volunteers


Millennials have more to offer your organization than just dollars. This unique generation is collaborative, transparent, tech-savvy, and believes in making a difference.  And they are waiting to get involved in your cause. Mackenna Schon, Director of Volunteer Engagement at the United Way of Porter County will share personal and industry best practices in engaging this target market through Board of Director membership, young professional groups and committees, and targeted marketing and events. 


When: Tuesday, June 9, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM EDT

Where: Matchbox Co-Working Studio, 17 S. 6th Street, Lafayette, IN

Presenter: Mackenna Schon, Director of Volunteer Engagement, United Way of Porter County

Cost: Free - reservation required



For more information, contact Jillian Henry, Director, Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network, Western Region.

State of Indiana with Central Region HighlightedCentral Region  


Grantwriting for Beginners


Start at the beginning with this workshop! Bring your grant proposal ideas and your questions! Please bring lots of resource information about your organization and business cards. Learn how to: use SAVI data to build your case, write a case statement, research funding sources, develop a budget, manage the grant project and include a realistic project management and evaluation component.

What are the elements of a strong board?


When: Tuesday, June 16, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM EDT

Where: United Way of Central Indiana, 3901 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN

Presenter:  Toyin Martin, Manager, Your Vision Services

Cost: $60, United Way agencies; $70, others



For more information, contact Beth Mussman, Director, Nonprofit Training Center, United Way of Central Indiana.