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 Dear friends of our heart,


As 2013 closes, we are reaching out to all of you with whom we have crossed paths this year, and in years past. We are aware that these are very intense times: for our planet, for our families and communities, for our pocketbooks, and for our relationships.


For us the end of the year is not just about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and New Year celebrations but about going inward, taking stock, paying attention. We like to create our own ritual during this time, where we spend time reflecting both individually and as a couple.

We set aside an evening for the two of us, light a fire and some candles (we live in a place where it's cold and snowy at this time of year!), and contemplate:

  • What we've accomplished this year
  • What we're grateful for about the past year
  • What we long for
  • What lights us up: in work, play, relationship, family ,friends
  • What is being called for - both for our individual personal growth, but also our growth as a couple.
  • We also dig deep and create at least 6 (each) "Impossible Wishes" for the year and years to come. These help us get out of the box. We are stimulated to talk to each other about our values, desires, longings and dreams. It's a fruitful and delicious process!


May your holidays bring you joy and peace. May you love one another more and may you and your families be:


Filled with loving kindness

Healthy and Well

Safe and Protected

Truly happy and free


Very warmly,

Kate and Joel




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A private, tailor made retreat for your relationship.


Great for:

Heal from an affair
Revive your sex life
Repair conflict
Practice profound listening
Co-create your future together.


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"Thank you again for offering your skills, personal experience, unique magic and open-heartedness to all of us this past week-end.

 Once again, you have succeeded in bringing our relationship to new heights of connection and empathy. 

And it has been an honor to witness the trust you create in a room that led to such remarkably courageous disclosures from so many. 

What a rare and profoundly moving experience it has b

A and N 

Happy New Year
Take 15 minutes on New Year's Eve to tell one another all things you appreciate, love, and are grateful for in your relationship with each other. Do it before you head out to that party or gathering... You will engender so much good feeling between you that the evening will be even more full of celebration!

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A new frontier for  

21st century couples


Sex is a profound, important, and often complicated part of a couples life. If you have any frustrations about your sexual life, you are not alone. Sadly we are living in a time in which many, many couples struggle with their sexual connection.

For the past five years,we have been deeply exploring and creating an approach to increase sexual satisfaction for couples. It includes our own sensual and sexual journey, many years of yoga and spiritual practices, traditional sex therapy, Tantra*, and our experience facilitating couples as they deepen their connection and practice the art of Presence with one another.

Here are some of the basic principles of this approach to enriching your sensual, sexual and erotic life together:

  • Know that life is foreplay: Pay attention to every interaction between you and create loving connections all through your day.
  • Be intentional: Create sensual, and sexual dates. Even ten minutes can awaken desire and get you into it.
  • Slow down; relax into the moment. Learn to be present for every move and every touch.
  • Practice "non-demand" touch through- out your day. This means touching affectionately, playfully, sensually and even erotically without the agenda that it should lead anywhere. This is not easy but results in increased desire and eliminates pressure for both partners.
  • Attune to your partner. Learn what is pleasurable to them and give it.
  • Open yourself to receive what is coming to you. Allow yourself to be pleasured even if it isn't exactly right.
  • Let go of results and be with what is.
  • Talk to each other as lovers would: about what you like, what turns you on, what is sexy
  • If something doesn't work, laugh together and talk about it.
  • If you keep getting offended and disappointed in your lovemaking,
    seek help!

* TANTRA is often misunderstood. Here is our working definition: A spiritual practice originated in India about 6000 years ago. The belief and practices center around reaching wholeness by being fully engaged in the senses with a deep openhearted embrace of all physical experience. No part of human experience - birth, death, light, dark, creation, destruction, sex is to be excluded. Tantric masters taught their students how to use sexual energy and sexual expression as a great opener to life, love, God, and all existence.



 Love's Menu 



Love that breathes deeply--

Emptying, replenishing endlessly.


Longing love and love fulfilled.


Love trusty, love lusty--

Diluted or distilled.


Homemade, tasty love

Succulent, luscious to eat,


Concocting all of love's savors

From sour to sweet.


All love's warbling words,

All love's colors for paints.


Love hybrid--

Coupling the love of all sinners,

with the love of all saints.


Also, an unfussy, everyday love,

Fit for an everyday birth.


And multifarious lifetimes of love,    

With our dear Mother Earth.


Love moment by moment,

Love breath by breath;


A love that grows stronger

With each everyday death.  


Lastly, a love that is just us,

Ageless and inexplicably new,


Love in the form of me,

And love in the form of you.


--Richard Borofsky



Our best wishes to you always,    

Kate and Joel Feldman
The Conscious Relationships Institute