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Subject:       Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians - HB 2642
The 2015 Legislature passed HB 2642  creating the Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians (Board) within the Health Licensing Office (HLO) to oversee the safe practice of advanced nonablative esthetics and to ensure that individuals who are practicing advanced nonablative esthetics are qualified to perform services on the public.  Below are a list of frequently asked questions regarding a general overview of HB 2642, how to apply to be on the board and how to receive updates on administrative rules, policies and public meetings. 
Overview of HB 2642
Question 1 - Does Oregon have licensing or certification for advanced esthetics?
Answer 1 - Yes, as of July 1, 2016
Question 2 - Are there grandfathering provisions for individuals who have been performing advanced nonablative esthetics prior to passage of HB 2642?
Answer 2 - Yes. HB 2642 provides two grandfathering pathways to certification for individuals who have been performing advanced nonablative esthetics.  To qualify under grandfathering an individual must be at least 18 years of age and be certified as an esthetician under the Board of Cosmetology as well as meeting the requirements of one of the following pathways:
         Pathway 1 - Provide proof to the office of having been employed for not less than 500 hours as a laser operator under the supervision of a health care professional whose scope of practice includes the practice of advanced nonablative esthetics procedures
         Pathway 2 - Provide proof to the office of having completed 40 hours of education related to laser theory and fundamentals and of having completed 24 hours of practical experience performing each modality listed in the definition of advanced nonablative esthetics procedures (skin rejuvenation, photo rejuvenation, body contouring, dyschromia reduction, cellulite reduction, hair removal or reduction and nonablative tattoo removal).
Question 3 - Who will determine specific qualifications within the grandfathering provisions such as proof of 500 hours as a laser operator?
Answer 3 - The Board and HLO will determine specific policy through the administrative rulemaking process once Board members are appointed by the Governor.
Question 4 - Is an active esthetics certification from the Board of Cosmetology required for certification as an advanced esthetician?
Answer 4 - Yes in order to become a certified advanced esthetician you must have an active esthetics certification issued by the Board of Cosmetology.
Question 5 - How much time does an individual have to meet the grandfathering qualifications?
Answer 5 - HB 2642 allows for HLO to accept qualifications until January 1, 2018.
Question 6 - What should an individual do to prepare for the certification in July 2016?
Answer 6 - Gather all information pertaining to training you have received in advanced nonablative esthetics.
Board Member Recruitment
Question 7 - When and how will board members be appointed?
Answer 7 - The law requires that the Governor's Office appoint all nine board members.  HLO will be working with the Governor's Office to obtain interest forms for board membership. HLO anticipates having a fully operational Board by October 1, 2015. Membership is made up of the following members:
Five Board of Cosmetology certified estheticians with at least three years' experience practicing advanced nonablative esthetic procedures.  Upon certification of advanced estheticians and when deemed appropriate by the Governor's Office five certified advanced estheticians will be appointed.   
         Two physicians or physician assistants licensed under ORS 677 or nurse practitioner
      licensed under ORS 678.375 to 678.390.   
Two public members who are residents of this state.   
         One nonvoting member who is section manager or their designee of the Radiation
Protection Services of the Oregon Health Authority
Question 8 - How do I apply to be on the Board?
Answer 8 - Submit Executive Appointments Interest Form to the Governor's Office, which must include background page, resume, statement of interest and biography. The Governor's Office provides a detailed description on How To Apply for Board membership on its website. For more information please contact the Office of Executive Appointments at (503) 378-2317 or email at
Question 9 - What is a public meeting?
Answer 9 - Board meetings are considered public meetings. Any individual is welcome to attend, observe and listen. However only board members appointed by the Governor may participate fully in the meeting. Public meetings generally provide a time for the public to comment.
Stay Informed of New Information
Question 10 - How do I stay informed about new requirements for advanced esthetics?
Answer 10 - There are several ways to notify HLO that you want to be on the administrative mailing list.
  • Compose an email to with name, address, email, phone number and which program you would like to receive information on (Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians) and how you would like to receive the information (by postal mail or email).

  • Send by postal mail the Request to be Added to the HLO Contact List form or other written request that includes name, address, email, phone number and which program you would like to receive information on (Board of Certified Advanced Estheticians), as well as how you would like to receive the information (by postal mail or by email).
Question 11 - Who do I contact if I have further questions?
Answer 11 - Contact Samie Patnode at (503) 373-1917 or by email at
Question 12 - Is there a website I can review with up-to-date information?
Answer 12 - Yes, visit us at to get the most