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Great Beers for Bad Weather
April 2013
Volume 2 Issue 8 
Dear Rays Craft Beer Lovers,
The old adage of April showers has definitely applied this week. If rain wasn't enough of a problem, my basement even flooded! Even though the beer cellar survived (priorities, right?), the rain has not brought much fun, and I know I'm not the only one. It did, however, bring inspiration for this edition of the craft beer newsletter. In the spirit of bitterness we'll focus on some new and seasonal Wisconsin IPAs. After going through these hoppy delights, we'll wrap up with an IPA cocktail from Ray's newest spirits specialist Jason Neu! I promise it'll be more fun than using your Wet-Vac.


Dan Downes
Hinterland White Cap
Ale Asylum Bedlam
Capital Mutiny
Central Waters Illumination
Beer Cocktail
At least it will stay above 40. That's good, right?
Hinterland White Cap



Many people may not consider themselves IPA drinkers, but the first selection from the fine folks at Hinterland is not your typical pale ale. Their latest release is actually something called a White IPA. Most people trace the White IPA's roots to a collaboration between Deschutes Brewing and Boulevard Brewing in 2010, and a few other places have followed suit. A relatively new style, the easiest way to describe it would be to call it a cross between a witbier and an IPA. 


Straw colored with a thick, white head, the nose is full of citrus and a hint of coriander. On the front end, you'll pick up the wheat beer components as lemon acidity blends with smooth, pale malt. The hops punctuate the finish with grapefruit, tangerine and enough bitterness to round out the initial sweetness. Orange peel, coriander and cloves are also present. All in all, this is a smooth, drinkable beer that goes well with poultry. Also, the hybrid nature of the beer makes it perfect for salads whether they use creamy dressings or vinaigrettes.  Even if you don't normally drink IPAs, this could be one worth trying 

Ale Asylum Bedlam



Another hybrid style, Ale Asylum's Bedlam is their much beloved Belgian IPA. Designed to jolt your taste buds out of winter slumber, this beer emphasizes both American hops and Belgian yeast. First conceived in 2010, co-founder and brewmaster David Coffey was initially reluctant to embrace this nontraditional style. Luckily for all of us he had a change of heart!


A hazy orange color, Bedlam unleashes an incredible aroma with the hops bringing bright citrus and pine. The hops dominate initially with flavors of tropical fruit and resiny, slightly herbal tones. Not simply a one note hop bomb, biscuity malt comes through to smooth things out. Much like White Cap, the finish really shines as the Belgian yeast adds elements of clove and white pepper. Medium-light bodied, this is another beer with prominent hop profiles, but won't totally obliterate your palate. Aggressive at first, it really balances out towards the end with a soft finish.

Capital Mutiny

From Madison, we take the short drive to Middleton for Capital Brewing's Mutiny IPA. Known for producing impeccable traditional German beers, Capital finally threw their hat into the IPA game this April. Brewmaster Brian Destree origianlly wanted to name the beer "Paradigm" to signify the big departure from their usual portfolio. As intense debates over naming such an important beer progressed, one employee joked that a mutiny was brewing (pun intended). Well, the theme stuck!  


Clear amber color, the American hop varietals provide they necessary grapefruit and citrus bouquet along with a floral element. Bready malt and some slight caramel aromas also come through. Taste wise, the hops are definitely present, but they're not clumsy. The grassy and citric hop tones play with the bready malt sweetness and gives balance to a style that has fallen victim to the "IPA arms race" we've witnessed over the years. Finishing dry, Mutiny is one of those beers that you like at first, but wind up loving by the time you finish the bottle (no, that's not the alcohol talking). The bitterness that you seek from the style slowly compounds with each sip and really makes it something you won't mind opening again. Unlike William Bligh, you'll appreciate this mutiny. 

Central Waters Illumination 
Had enough of these finesse beers? Are you searching for a palate wrecker of an IPA? Well, Central Waters closes things out with another solid selection from their Brewer's Reserve Series. Clocking in at 108 IBUs, the Illumination Double IPA blends Chinook, Centennial and Simcoe hops with heavy handedness that's sure to please any hop head. 

Bronze in shade, the different hop varietals provide a vast array of aromas and flavors. There's so much complexity here as floral, spicy aromas mix with pine, grapefruit and apricots. The same intricacies follow to the taste as grassy, herbal flavors transition to pineapple and spice. Like all high quality DIPAs, the malt serves as a backbone provided caramel and toffee. The skies may be overcast, but one sip of this beer will illuminate you. 
Beer Cocktail
Whiskey Hopped Sour

Jason appears to be deep in concentration.


The newest member of the Ray's team, Jason Neu is one of the foremost spirits/cocktail experts in the entire state! So when I approached him asking if he had a cocktail recipe featuring India Pale Ales, he immediately recommended the Whiskey Hopped Sour. The herbal and citrus notes of an American IPA serve as the perfect accent to the sweet smoothness of wheated bourbon along with the bright acidity of fresh lemons. If you like what you see (and drink), be sure to sign up for Jason's upcoming newsletter here


Whiskey Hopped Sour


1 oz W.L. Weller

oz fresh lemon juice

oz simple syrup

1 -2 oz Lakefront IPA


Shake bourbon, lemon juice and simple syrup well with ice, and strain into a highball with fresh ice. Top with beer and gently stir. Garnish with a thin orange zest.


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