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Welcome to the first issue of "The Long Run" monthly e-Newsletter.  We hope this will help keep our membership and partners up to date with NSGA association news, National Games updates, athlete features and health and wellness information. Be sure to check our website at www.NSGA.com for up-to-date information.

Game On!

Remember - Early Registration Deadline For Cleveland is February 28, 2013!

Hey qualifiers, the 2013 National Senior Games presented by Humana will be here before you know it.  We know you are very busy training and bragging to envious neighbors about how you are going to rock the world in Cleveland, but if you are gearing up to come, why not save yourself a few bucks and register early? 


Our new registration system is easier to navigate and faster to use than ever before. Many athletes are reporting personal best records for getting registered, and that makes us happy. So do yourself a favor and get in the game early so you won't even need to remember the final registration deadline on May 1.



Association News

Annual Conference Focuses on Health and Wellness, Growth

Health and wellness initiatives and raising awareness and participation in the Senior Games movement were major topics at the 2013 National Senior Games Association Annual Conference held this month in Kissimmee, Florida.


Newly elected board chair Stephen Rodriguez acknowledged the input and work contributed by members and the board, and agreed that building awareness and putting more emphasis on healthy aging are key goals for NSGA and its members.


"Our stated mission is to promote health and wellness to adults 50 and over through education, fitness and sport," said Rodriguez. "We've developed some new initiatives and a plan to get out and communicate beyond all the great things that take place with the National Senior Games. In doing this, we will increase awareness about the opportunities to achieve health and wellness with our network of local, state and national games."


"There was an increased sense of purpose and for getting things done at this year's annual conference," said NSGA CEO Marc T. Riker. "You could literally feel it in board and committee meetings, and it was amplified in sessions where our members listened and shared ideas for moving things forward."



Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of the Florida Sports Foundation, was also honored with NSGA's Warren Blaney Lifetime Achievement Award given every other year for individuals who have actively contributed to the Senior Games movement for a minimum of ten years at local, state and national levels.  One other biennial tribute, the Harris Frank Distinguished Service Award, was given jointly to Kay and Ed Roberts for their longtime participation and support of the Texas Senior Games, as well as for significant contributions made to improve management and processing of competition results for NSGA.


NSGA Awards Program

State associations also gained recognition for best practices with winners determined by the members themselves.  This year's winners were:

  • Games Specialty Items - Athlete T Shirt: Louisiana
  • Games Specialty Items - Medals: Kansas
  • Games Promotion Packet - Annual State Games Budget $49,999 & under: Alaska
  • Games Promotion Packet - Annual State Games Budget $50,000 & over: Florida
  • Web Site: Delaware
  • Sponsorship Packet - Annual State Games Budget $49,999 & under: Maine
  • Sponsorship Packet - Annual State Games Budget $50,000 & over: New Mexico
  • Innovation Program: Pasadena Senior Games

Board of Directors

At several times during the conference, the board and membership showed its appreciation to outgoing chair Dana Brown, who will retain a position on the board.


Six positions were filled In Board of Directors elections.  DJ Mackovets (GA), Ed Roberts (TX) and Joe Rossi (OH) were re-elected, and new members Carmela Martinez (NM), Becky Ridky (MI) and Cynthia Rosedale (CA) were welcomed aboard.

HUMANA Heroes: Athlete of the Month

Persistence, Thy Name is Rick Muth

Rick Muth of Orange County, California is a runner.  Boy, is he a runner.  Muth, 63, missed the California Senior Games but was determined to qualify for the National Senior Games.  He had business in Charlotte, NC so he figured he would take a tree hopper to Charleston, WV where the West Virginia games were taking place. 


His perfect plan went awry when the flight was delayed. Determined to take his shot at qualifying, Muth hailed a cab and scurried from Charlotte to Charleston (250 miles - $750) to make sure he arrived in time.  "At that point I figured I would've spent that much or more if I had to schedule somewhere else to qualify - and I'm glad I took that ride."  Muth did make it in time, and he did qualify for both 400 and 800 meter events.  "I know it sounds a little crazy, but I'm very proud I made the effort."


We are too, Rick, and good luck.  With that kind of persistence, we know you'll do your best and inspire those around you.  As for the rest of you, there's no reason for anyone else who qualified to sit on the bench.  Rick Muth will be waiting to see you in Cleveland.

Senior Health and Wellness

Athlete Screening Results Shared at Conference

Senior health and wellness was a common theme in our annual conference sessions. One featured results of screenings conducted on athletes at the 2011 National Senior Games held in Houston. 


Becca Jordre, a geriatric physical therapist and assistant professor at the University of South Dakota, shared that Senior Games athletes out-perform the general population in most areas tested.  "They still, however, have some areas that put them at risk of injury, disease or adverse events," Jordre reported.  "It seems to be a bit more difficult to find these limitations as health care providers are not accustomed to seeing athletic older adults."


Jordre said the purpose of the screenings is to assist Senior Games athletes in preventing injuries, disease or adverse events in order to keep them participating each year.   She said that in addition to additional screenings conducted at state games in Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota in 2012,  the university is planning to bring the screenings back to the 2013 National Senior Games in Cleveland.


To read the abstract from the screening report, click here.