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When fishing in less than 3 feet of water give this weedless tip a try.  Read all about how to rigg your soft bait from Capt. Rick Davidson Here!


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 Fiddler Crab Festival


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Mark and Jay 

Mark Rustemeir and Jay Peacock from Gainesville, FL.


The trout are moving through the channel between markers 20 through 25, and are sunning themselves on the outer ledges. Be sure to anchor outside of the channel and cast into it. Another hot spot is just across the river from us at marker 46, known as the "Suicide Hole". Rig live shrimp under a Cajun Thunder float, free line another and put one on the bottom with split shot and Mustad's 37140-1/0 hook so when you get snagged and you will, it will be easier to release. Also try 3" Pearl White Gulp! on a 1/8 or 1/4 oz red jig head with a cast into the channel.  Let it drop to the bottom, then give it just a little action with a slow retrieve. They are using sinking Mirrolures, especially the 808 or 11 series, with the same retrieve action. Also super hot is the Skitter Walk in the Silver colors and Cotton Cordell's Red Fin in the gold and silver colors as well


 Trolling MirrOlures like the 52MR808 and the TTR 808 in the river from marker 32 to 42 are very effective right now, especially during the afternoon bite.



Paul Brown Original Devil 09 & 01: a steady, rod-tip-up, slow retrieve works best in cold months. Fishing in cold water, though, one has to remember that cold-blooded fish become very sedentary. They are not interested in chasing anything for any distance, especially if they have to move fast to get it. To summarize how to fish the lures...very, very, very slowly. In other words, fish the lure as slowly as you possibly can, then slow that down by half.

Elliott and Chase
Elliott and Chase with some keepers caught in the river trolling the 52MR808 MirrOlure in the river last week.  

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Crab Festival 
Chase-N-Fish giving the fish a break
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