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PAm Attends 2-day BIP Meeting

Nearly 50 participants attended the 2-day BIP (Bee Informed Partnership) conference in Anaheim, CA hearing all about the various aspects of BIP from Tech Transfer Teams to their intensive collection of bee health data to Sentinel Hive programs.

BIP has been partially funded by a 5 year USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) grant. Project Apis m. has assisted in funding the Northern California, Midwest, Florida/Georgia, and Oregon Tech Transfer Teams and is assisting in the start-up of a new team in Texas.


NO 30th Birthday for Varroa!

PAm's executive director, Christi Heintz, announced at the North American Beekeeping Conference in Anaheim, CA during her Project Apis m. update to an audience of several hundred participants that there will be NO birthday party for the Varroa mite in September, 2017.  If still in the U.S. by that date, the Varroa mite will have been in this country 30 years.  
PAm will conduct a wide search, even beyond the usual arena of bee scientists for innovative possibilities to combat this pest.
Read more about it here.


PAm Mustard Mix Is Up!



We have reports and have received photos from our 'Seeds for Bees' participants that the PAm Mustard Mix is up and bees are happy working the mix.


If you are a participant in the 'Seeds for Bees' program, please email your photos to  Thank you!


Where to See Us Next...
Jan 21-23 in Tucson, AZ


PAm will be attending and presenting at the American Bee Research Conference, which is being held in conjunction with The Apiary Inspectors of America (AIA) and the American Association of Professional Apiculturists (AAPA).
Pollination Contract

Do you have a contract in place for 2015? A signed contract protects both the grower and the beekeeper. A template can be accessed on the PAm website here. Don't delay!
January 2015
Let 2015 Bee a Year of Change!!!


Let's work towards a better 2015 for bees and beekeepers!  Project Apis m. is uniquely positioned to bring positive energy and change.  We hold the respect of beekeepers throughout the U.S., as well as academic institutions, government representatives, growers and farmers, food producers and distributors, and a wide array of agricultural stakeholders.  Here at PAm, we have the ability to take a lot of thoughts and ideas, stray efforts here and there, and cement them into a cohesive program to help bees and beekeepers.  Look at our BMP program, launching Tech Transfer Teams, Seeds for Bees and our successful honey bee habitat programs as examples.  That's exactly what we intend to do in 2015!  Stay tuned!

  Christi Heintz, Executive Director

Sioux Honey Tour
PAm was represented at both the recent national meetings, the North American Beekeeping Conference and the American Honey Producers Association.  Both groups enjoyed the opportunity to tour the Anaheim facility of the Sioux Honey Association. 

Thank you to our 2014 Supporters!


We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our generous supporters from the past year.  Did you make the list?
Click to view the PAm 2014 Supporters.

Project Apis m. continues to focus on real-time, practical solutions for beekeepers. With your support in 2015, we can continue working for you!  All of the good work we do is done with very low overhead and donations received go directly to fund our programs.
Mail a check or donate securely online at 

 Speaking of Supporters...

Joe Traynor 



At the CA State Beekeepers convention, PAm Board Chairman Gordon Wardell and the PAm Board accepted, with regret, Joe Traynor's resignation from the Board to "give an opening for younger talent on the Board."  Traynor served on the Board since its inception in December, 2006.  PAm would like to express our gratitude for his long and faithful service and will greatly miss the consistent input from this dedicated beekeeper and friend of the honeybee.


Read more about Joe's contributions on our website.


The Top 10 Pollinator Plants

Top 10 Pollinator Plants
Pheasants Forever - Best plants for your pollinator habitat

 BMPs for Growers & Pesticide Applicators


With input from Project Apis m., the Almond Board of CA has released a set of Honey Bee Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the almond industry. BMPs can be accessed here.

Will YOU Tell YOUR Story?


There's a huge media interest in honey bees.  We all need to articulate the proper story about the importance of honey bees to our food supply.  With almond pollination around the corner, the Almond Board of California is preparing for the numerous media inquiries about bees and pollination.  They would like your help.  Now is your chance!  If you are interested in talking with the media about how you care or your bees, your pollination program, and what it takes to work with your almond grower to ensure healthy bees and proper pollination, please contact Mark Looker at 209-604-9709 or email him at  He will provide pointers on how to work with the media.  Knowledge of the Almond Board's recent BMP Guide is a plus.  Thank you for helping out!


January Bee Husbandry

Beekeeper's Goal: Strong 8+ frame colonies by February 1st for pollination services.
  • Time hive placement prior to bloom and pick-up after almond bloom
  • Order packages, nucs and queens for coming year
  • Secure a pollination contract to protect both grower and beekeeper
  • Determine pollination fees that are realistic relative to your operation costs
  • Develop contingency plans for the unexpected
Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

Do you like what PAm is doing? How can your corporation or business help the honey bee? You can become involved in the vital pursuit of improving honey bee health and productivity for improved crop pollination and in increasing U.S. honey production.
Project Apis m. has the experience in developing partnerships within your corporate environmental stewardship and sustainability program. A sustainable supply of bees equates to a sustainable food supply.
We can help you plant the seeds for a corporate responsibility program that involves honey bees. Contact Christi Heintz. To learn more, click here.

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