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 Immature Almonds Pollinated by Honey Bees in 2014

Have your almond pollination contract in place by the end of the summer - at the latest! In 2015, it will take 1.7M honey bee colonies to pollinate the almond crop alone. A contract template can be accessed here.

PAm Chairman Emeritus Testifies before Congress

Dan Cummings, beekeeper and almond grower, appeared on Capitol Hill April 29th. Dan was part of a panel of four who made prepared statements addressing the importance of honey bees to agriculture.  See article.


Honey Bee Forage Plant

Meadowfoam (Limnanthes) 

Found in Southern Oregon and California, Meadowfoam is grown for its seed oil, which contains long chain fatty acids (greater than 20 carbons), has high oxidative stability, and is highly emollient.

PAm Supporter!

Lyle Johnston

Johnston Honey Farms, The Colorado Honey Company, and Beeyond The Hive are all intertwined and represent four generations of hard work and dedication. Thank you for your donation!
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Highways BEE Act
H.R. 4790 is the Highways Bettering the Economy and Environment Pollinator Protection Act. Click here to sign a support letter. Your e-letter promotes conservation practices on 17M acres of highway rights-of-way (ROWs) by encouraging willing State DOTs to reduce mowing and to plant for pollinators. 

PAm Supporter!

Scientific Ag Co.

Joe Traynor, Scientific Ag Company manager and PAm board member has generously donated again to PAm. Based in Bakersfield, CA, Joe operates a pollination service for beekeepers and almond growers. Thank you!
Beekeeping Events 2014
Visit our 'Events' page.

PAm Supporter!
Steve Park Apiaries
Long-time supporter and a founding PAm board member, Steve Park has generously contributed to Project Apis m. Thank you for your donation!


BUZZ Worthy


Articles, Books and Videos

PAm Supporter!

The Bee Ranchers

With every hive placed, Mike Vigo, owner of The Bee Ranchers, donates a portion to PAm. Mike has made another contribution. Thank you!
Emergency Response Kit
Bee Informed Partnership offers this service to aid beekeepers with crashing hives that require immediate attention. With ERKs, beekeepers gain a better understanding of the factors that contribute to their colony loss and what may be ruled out. To order kits call (301) 405-3799 or 


Press Release: New Honey Bee Coalition Formed

Bringing together diverse stakeholders, including PAm, to improve the health of honey bees is the goal of the newly formed coalition.
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July 2014
President Protects Pollinators


On April 30, 2014, PAm's executive director, Christi Heintz and Zac Browning, PAm board member, were invited to Washington, D.C. to provide input on White House initiatives to help honey bees and other pollinators.  On June 20th, the White House issued a resulting memorandum to create a strategy to promote the health of honey bees and other pollinators.  Under this memorandum, a Pollinator Health Task Force among heads of various federal agencies will be formed, co-chaired by the Secretary of Agriculture and the Administrator of EPA. This Task Force has 180 days to develop a strategy for research and action on honey bee health stressors, monitoring hive health, developing affordable seed mixtures, best practices to reduce pesticide exposure, and habitat restoration. PAm is proud to have been a part of this unprecedented meeting for pollinator protection.

                                                 Meg Ribotto, Editor

PAm Invited to the White House 

Christi Heintz and Zac Browning, 
Browning's Honey Co., PAm Board Member
To read Project Apis m.'s initiatives provided as input to the White House, click here.
A Memo from President Obama

June 20, 2014 - NEWS RELEASE
TO: Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies
SUBJECT: Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of HONEY BEES and other Pollinators. HERE.

 This T-Shirt is Mine!

Would You Like Your Own?

Celebrating Pollinator Week (June 16-22) PAm gave away a t-shirt-a-day to the lucky winner of the day's drawing. Entry into the drawing was given to anyone who donated $20 or more to PAm from June 9 - 22NOD Global, a PAm donor, provided their "Healthy Bees - Healthy Planet" t-shirts for the daily drawings. If you missed your opportunity for a t-shirt, visit NOD's clothing store by clicking on the pic to order your own. We appreciate everything NOD does for honey bees!

 Dave Hackenberg on The Weather Channel

Weather Matters when You're Traveling with Thousands of Bees
Weather REALLY Matters when You're Traveling with Thousands of Bees                  2:36 minutes

 Do You Enjoy Honey Wine? 


The Honey Wine Company of San Francisco has teamed up with PAm. With every case sold, Honey Wine will donate $4.00 to PAm. The wine is made with local honey, buying it directly from California beekeepers. PAm recently met Ayele Solomon, visionary behind the honey wine company. Ayele has developed two wines, a Brut and a Demi Sec, to appeal to those who like their honey wine dry or semi-sweet. With every wine purchase you will be supporting beekeepers and the honey producing industry. Thank you for your partnership!

vanEngelsdorp, Spivak & Miller

If you haven't had a chance to listen and watch honey bee talks on TED, now is the time to listen to the best and the brightest in the industry give their insight to the causes of honey bee decline and what you CAN DO to help. To date, over 2 MILLION have tuned in!

 Mount Diablo Beekeepers

On June 12th, in Walnut Creek, CA, PAm was the invited speaker for the Mt. Diablo Beekeeper's Association club meeting. Mike & Gabrielle Harrel contacted PAm to present on honey bee forage and research updates. Mike is also on the CSBA Public Lands Committee.The event garnered about 100 members.

 NOD Supports PAm

NOD recently made a donation to PAm and also donated T-shirts to PAm's Pollinator Week fundraiser. Click on their logo to learn more about NOD Global and the products they sell.
Thank you!
Now Enrolling CA Almond Growers in Honey Bee Forage Project
PAm is once again providing free seed to almond growers in California. The 'Seeds for Bees' honey bee forage project is now enrolling cooperators. Working with land managers and owners, PAm has established acreage, seed mixes, seed suppliers, and planting regimes. By educating growers about the value of providing honey bee forage, many acres of potential honey bee habitat can be made available to sustain nutrition-starved honey bees. The project has yielded over 2,500 acres of bee pasture in two years. Mustard pre-almond bloom and clover/vetch post-almond. If you are an almond grower, contact Visit to learn more.
 July Bee Husbandry
  • Inspect and monitor for Nosema.
  • Check often using a random sampling with microscopic examination.
  • Be aware that Nosema in the presence of high Varroa mite levels can compromise colony health.
  • Chemical control with Fumagillin. Practice judicious treatment. Follow proper prep, storage and application.
  • See Project Apis m. elearning module and  YouTube video on Nosema control. Click here, 
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