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Honey Bee Update
Just In!  Dr. Gordon Wardell, Paramount Farming Co., bee biologist, gives his insight to this year's bee supply. Click on the bee.
Almond Update
Dan Cummings, grower and beekeeper, gives an industry update as the Central Valley of California prepares for the almond bloom.  
Click on the almond.
Cummings Report
Beekeeping Events 2014
Visit our 'Events' page.
Blue Diamond Growers Logo

Follow the Bloom!

Just click on the pic and take a virtual field trip through California's almond orchards, featuring scenes captured on location in the Sacramento Valley and the central and southern San Joaquin Valley. See the latest conditions and crop status from orchards across California.



Blue Diamond Growers is making a significant donation to PAm for honey bee health research!

Bayer Bee Care Tour
Bayer's Bee Care Program will be in UC Davis on Feb.12th.  Through the Bee Care Tour, the goal is to increase the public's awareness of the critical need for pollinators.  PAm will bee there to participate in the pollinator health panel discussion.  Learn more here.
New Research on Expanded Pollen Source
PAm is funding Fresno State to conduct a bee forage study.  Research seeks to determine if expanded pollen sources will help enhance bee nutrition, reduce devastating effects of CCD.  Click here to read more.
Thank you to our new supporter!
New Virus Linked to Honey Bee Losses  
A rapidly mutating virus has leaped from plants to honeybees, where it is reproducing and contributing to the collapse of colonies vital to the multibillion-dollar agricultural industry, according to a new study.
To read more, click here.
Cotton Industry Perspective on Pollinator Protection
The US Cotton Industry is actively involved in pollinator protection.  Click here to read or view a video, click here, about cotton industry efforts in pollinator protection and for an excellent summary of ongoing pollinator protection activities in the US.
Do You Provide Pollination Services? 
The Almond Board of CA has
re-structured its Pollination Directory.  This resource provides growers with information they need for pollination services. Click here and scroll down the left-side to 'Beekeepers' and 'Bee Brokers' to see if your info is up-to-date.  If you need to make changes, log on to the Pollination Directory by following this link.
Bee Informed Partnership and the USDA have piloted a program to aid beekeepers.  ERKs are designed to rule out causes of large scale, suspicious colony loss through small scale sampling. The cost of the kit without pesticide analysis is $80.

Kodua Photography 2014 Honey Bee Calendar

Click on Pic

February 2014
Protect the Honey Bee in the Orchard
This February and March our beekeepers will be in California to pollinate the almond crop.  We had hoped to have forage in the form of mustards - and lots of it - for colonies prior to the almond bloom but Mother Nature didn't quite cooperate.  Growers sowed in the Fall and December saw the seeds germinate with some rainfall but then no subsequent precipitation.  Unless a grower irrigated, and some did, the seeds didn't make it.  There's still a chance that wet weather will move in and the clovers and vetches will provide a nutritional resource post-bloom.


Valentine's Day coincides with the almond bloom and this issue is devoted to our passion - protecting the honey bee.  They say one of the most important aspects of a successful relationship is effective communication between both parties.  Read the articles, watch the video and listen to the interview.  It's all about protecting our honey bee.


                                                                  Meg Ribotto, Editor

 Bee Informed Partnership Meeting

Jan. 6-7 in San Antonio, TX,  Project Director, Dr. Dennis VanEngelsdorp, and the BIP team gave updates on accomplishments, data analysis, ongoing activities, sustainability, beekeeper outreach, and program expansion.  The Tech Transfer Teams that service California, the Midwest, Florida/Southern CA and Hawaii each gave reports.  BIP collaborator, PAm, has provided additional funding and Oregon beekeepers will have a Tech Team in the field in 2014.
Clicking on the pic will take you to BIP's homepage and BMP's based on beekeeper survey results.
Keep Your Pollinator Investment Safe
Project Apis m. - Pollinating Crops
2:45 Minutes
With pollination costs ranging between 12% - 15% of an almond grower's operational budget and continued over-wintering losses of honey bees, Dr. Gordy Wardell, with Paramount Farming, gives helpful BMP's for growers and beekeepers. 

 Bee Culture February 2014 Cover

The cover of February's Bee Culture issue was taken by Meg Ribotto with Project Apis m.  A honey bee pollinating an almond is appropriate, as the largest pollination event in the world begins this month.  Also featured is an article on 'Pollinator Advice From PAm'.  Bee Culture magazine has over 16,000 subscribers and sends over 5,500 issues to newsstands.  That is ALOT of people interested in beekeeping. 
Best Management Practices in the Orchard Growers and Beekeepers
Click on the picture for BMP's:  Pollination Contracts, Colony Strength Evaluations, Hive Placement, Colony Monitoring, Nutrition, and Agricultural Sprays.
PAm's Current Research Projects
Check out our New Research Tab
PAm is proud to support and sponsor research aimed at enhancing the health of honey bees. The research tab shows a list of projects. Click on any Research Title in the table to link to the summary where you'll also find other information, such as links to the published research articles, videos, pictures, and more. 
Protecting Bees During Pollination
Christi Heintz, PAm, Interview - Just Click On The Pic!
Need More Buzz About Bees?
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