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PAm to host 'Seeds for Bees' Forage Field Day
APRIL 26th
Hamilton City, CA
Stay Tuned for Details at
Beekeeper Keys to Success:  'Bee' visible to your grower; 'Bee' dependable with the timing of hive drops and pick-ups; Develop contingency plans for the unexpected; keep good records and prepare for the coming year.  Before you leave the orchard, consider securing a pollination contract for next season.  Click on pic!
Pollination Contract
The Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) needs commercial beekeeper input for management survey. 
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February 1, 2013
The 2013 Pollination Season Begins
Dear PAm Reader 
This month 1.6 million honey bees will be in California for the largest pollination event in the world - the almond bloom.  Read the latest on the 'Bee Status' and the 'Cummings Report' on almonds.
ALERT - Dimilin & Effects on Bees
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Diflubenzuron, generally sold under the trade name Dimilin is an IGR or 'insect growth regulator' that has been approved for use in almonds since 2004.  This reduced risk IGR has recently been found in PAm sponsored research to have a negative effect on developing honey bee larvae.  Beekeepers should communicate to growers that ag sprays should be applied in late afternoon or at night, when there is little pollen left in the blossoms.
Project Apis m. - Learn about PAm
Project Apis m. - Learn about PAm

NEW - YouTube Video Posted!

Have you ever wondered what PAm stands for or what we do?  To better inform our enews subscribers, we have developed a short video about our non-profit.  This is just the first as we continue to develop media tools to keep you up-to-date! 

BMP's for out-of-state beekeepers include; 1. Self-inspect colonies prior to shipment, 2. Keep pallets clean - free from dirt, plant material or other debris, 3. High pressure wash or brush, 4. Do not add truck skirting as it impairs visual inspection, 5. Outfit trucks with soakers to hook up to hose bibs, 6. Plan to arrive at the Border Inspection Station during business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, when pest ID's can be made. Click on the truck to view a video on transporting honey bee colonies to CA for almond pollination.



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