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Happy Holidays from the PAm Board, Staff & Scientific Advisors!
CSBA Beekeepers Receive PAm Forage Seed Mix
PAm arrived at the CSBA convention with rapini mustard seed for beekeepers able to plant forage for honey bees.  The 50 pound seed sacks were distributed and loaded onto pickup trucks.  Participants will be part of PAm's grant project 'Seeds for Bees' and will be tracked for bloom outcome.  The seed distribution was just in time to sow and take advantage of the winter rains!
PAm reps Meg Ribotto and Christi Heintz deliver seed mix into the hands of CSBA member Mike Tolmachoff

  CSBA 2012 Survey Results for Almond Pollination Fees

Year            Projected             Actual               Difference

2011            $158.37            $151.56                -$6.81

2012            $154.74            $153.42                -$1.32

2013            $154.03

CSBA Convention UPDATE
The hive tool was passed from Bryan Ashurst to John Miller at the 2012 CSBA Convention.  CSBA's new president also serves on PAm's board.  Congratulations John!  Over 300 people attended the 3 day event.  PAm was well represented.  In addtion to John Miller, were PAm board members Zac Browning, Joe Traynor, Dave Mendes and Gene Brandi.  PAm scientific advisors Dr. Gordy Wardell, Dr. Eric Mussen, Jerry Hayes and Randy Oliver all gave presentations.  Christi Heintz gave a PAm update and Meg Ribotto distributed PAm educational materials in the exhibitor's hall.


PAm Holds 1st-Ever Collaborative Research Strategic Planning Retreat
On November 12, 2012 PAm held a honey bee research planning session that was attended by beekeepers and research leaders to develop the first industry-wide strategic planning framework. The group developed a vision statement - "To ensure long-term sustainability of honey bees to protect the nation's food supply."  Consensus on priority research issues are; 1.  Varroa/Virus Complex 2.  Pesticides, and 3.  Nutrition/Habitat Loss.  The results from this summit will have an impact on the beekeeping industry for years to come.
The Almond Board of California will hold its conference at the Sacramento Convention Center on December 11-13th
 Register Now!
ABF -     January 8 - 12, 2013 Hershey, PA
AHPA -   January 8 - 12, 2013 San Diego, CA
For more info on all these events click here.

   December Bee Husbandry

Beekeeper's Goal:  Strong 8-frame colonies for almond pollination by February 1st. 

Maintenance - Good maintenance prolongs the life of hive parts, clothing, vehicles and other apiary equipment.

Nutrition - Continue supplemental feeding and hydration.

Colony Management - Order packages, nucs and queens for the coming year.  Time hive placement prior to bloom and pickup after almond bloom.  Be aware that overwintering location can positively or negatively affect the strength of colonies.

Visit the PAm Website for Forage Resources
PAm is building honey bee populations by building food resources.  We are looking at mustards, clover/vetch mixes, wildflower mixtures and oilseed crops as a means of providing sustainable nutrition for bees.  Click here to view PAm's forage resource page.
            Elearning Modules on PAm Website  
PAm has developed and implemented an outreach program of sustainable Best Management Practices (BMPs) for beekeepers.  Modules can be accessed online for Nutrition, Varroa Control, Nosema & other areas.  Click here to view the modules.  These short, fun and educational models are designed for honey bee enthusiasts of all levels.  Start learning today!
NOW is the time to purchase the book.  Why?  $5 from every Beekeepers Lamentsale will go to PAm to fund honey bee research.  This critically acclaimed and national best seller by Hannah Nordhaus can be purchased by clicking on the image.  Read about PAm board member John Miller, a 4th generation beekeeper.  Find out what it takes to pollinate crops to feed the nation. 
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