February, 2014 
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Jewelry is the quintessential, universal symbol of love; a visual representation of one's deep inward affection and devotion. So, it's only fitting that with the upcoming Valentine's Day Holiday, we were inspired by the look of love. The focal point of our designs are the fiery and vibrant blood-red Burmese rubies and the pungent, yet delicate crimson tourmalines. Both of these brilliantly colored stones are accentuated by pure white and black diamonds that dance around them, as if paying homage. And like all of our designs- and all great love- each is wonderfully unique. 

"Without dreams there is nothing to love...and without love, there is nothing worth dreaming about." -Unknown

Wishing you much to celebrate in this season of love.
out on the town:
Bespoke Magazine

I'll never tire of proclaiming how much I love my job-and what I get to do-every single day. It's truly a dream come true. Yet, the path hasn't always been the easiest, nor the most unwavering of roads to pave. As a designer, particularly in a city like San Francisco where there are so many creative minds and extremely talented artists, it can be difficult to break away from the pack and set yourself apart. Yet through pure determination and a passion for my craft, I've had the joy of living out my dream. Consequently, I feel incredibly honored to have been recognized by Bespoke Magazine as one of the 'Fashion Darlings' of San Francisco and to be acknowledged as a leader in the world of designers in the Bay Area. To be listed alongside such greats as Alexander Wang (creative director at Balenciaga) and Simon Ungless (collaborator with Alexander McQueen), was truly a memorable and humbling moment for me. This recognition not only makes me proud that my designs seem to resonate so intimately, but also makes me realize that my dreams are truly limitless. To read the Bespoke Magazine article in its entirety, click here.

amd welcomes a new member:
Meet Ruby!

Every company needs a mascot, and we've found ours! Meet Ruby, the newest addition to the Ashley Morgan Designs family! Full of life, love and spunk, this little Cavipoo (cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle), made her debut to our family Jan. 31st, and right in time for Valentine's Day! And as you can imagine, we're just in love! 

what's new:
A Day With Caitlin Flemming

It's not everyday esteemed blogger and interior designer/stylist, Caitlin Flemming, of the renowned, Sacramento Street Blog, chronicles your daily activities to feature in her blog.  So needless to say, it was an honor having her in the studio as we showcased some of our recent and upcoming projects for February. 

An artist in her own right, Flemming seeks to inspire readers by sharing the visions of diverse designers around the globe, providing them with a passport into their distinctly colorful, and often artful, worlds. 

Combining her penchant for the clean, modern aesthetic of beautiful interiors along with her love for all things original, Flemming's Sacramento Street blog is a true lifestyle guide from head to toe. Whether you need advise on what outfit to wear for a weekend away, or finding that perfect sectional your living room cannot do without; a tip regarding the most recent must-have apps on your smartphone, or pin-pointing you in the right direction of a particularly charming café on the most quaint street in San Francisco, you'll find all this, and much more, on Sacramento Street Blog.

Make sure to read Flemming's in-depth visit to our studio on her blog this February. 
did you know?:

Burmese Rubies 

Rubies have always been a mainstay in our collections; however, they take center stage this time of year as we pay homage to the season of love. Matching the true spirit and passion of Valentine's Day, rubies capture the essence of love with their glowing red vibrancy. This year, we've designed several new styles of earrings and rings that feature one of the world's most coveted and rare stones-- the Burmese Ruby

Praised for yielding the most prestigious of all colors, the Country of Myanmar (formally Burma), is considered the birthplace for mining such extraordinary stones. The trademarked 'pigeon blood red' is incomparable-- a deep crimson, with a slightly bluish hue, casting an almost electric glow, and making it the most sought-after of all rubies.
design that inspires:
Our Upcoming Buying Trip 

For weeks prior to our stone sourcing, I'm in a constantly inspired-state of mind; like a kid in a candy store who gets to actually sample a piece of each. And in contrast to most trips, this one is particularly exciting as we're embarking upon a new line featuring bolder, more architecturally-distinctive pieces that will set themselves apart from the rest of my previous designs. 

We were inspired to create pieces that embody the fierce inner drive and the palpable energy that inspires us to live and celebrate life to its fullest. Our designs will feature majestic pieces of lapus and malachite in conjunction with our mainstays such as diamond slices and pavé styling. We can't wait to share the wonders we discover and design!

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