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In this Issue: Spiritual Literacy, Ice Skating Party, Pictures from the 2013 Children's Advent Pageant and More!  


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In this issue...
Epiphany "Mini-Pageant," January 5th
Spiritual Literacy, January 7th
Youth Group Scavenger Hunt and More, January 19th
Service for Christian Unity/Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday, January 19th
Ice Skating Party, January 26th
Youth Group Feeds Our Shelter Guests
Pictures from the Children's Advent Pageant 2013
Stewardship Update, 2013 and 2014
Vestry Notes from December
UpcomingEventsUpcoming Events
Sunday, January 5th
10:30 AM Service
Children's Epiphany Pageant

Following the 10:30 AM Service
20s30s40s Bible Study

Tuesday, January 7th
6:30 to 9:00 PM
Parents Night Out Please RSVP via email to Helen Buhr

7:00 PM
'Spiritual Literacy' and parish life initiatives for the youngest members
Guest speaker Iman Green, Diocesan Youth Missioner; Childcare available thanks to Parents Night Out

Sunday, January 12th
8:30 AM and 10:30 AM Services
Prayers for Healing

Sunday, January 19th
11:30 AM to 2:30 PM
Youth Group Scavenger Hunt and More
Drop off at Grace, pick-up at St. John's Georgetown

After the 10:30 AM Service
20s30s40s Bible Study

1:30 PM
Service in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
Being held at St. John's Georgetown

Sunday, January 26th
After the 10:30 AM Service
2nd Annual Grace Church Ice Skating Party
Being held at the outdoor ice rink at Washington Harbour in Georgetown

The Way of Non-Violence
The second in a a series presented by Helma Lanyi and The Reverend John Graham

Sunday, February 23rd
After the 10:30 AM Service
The Way of Non-Violence
The last in a three-part series presented by Helma Lanyi and The Reverend John Graham

Sunday, March 2nd
After the 10:30 AM Service
Fat Sunday Coffee Hour Celebration
More details to come 
Coffee Hour Hosts
5th Memorials Committee
12th Stewardship Committee
19th 20s30s40s Group
26th Choir
2nd Seminarian Lay Committee
9th Newsletter
16th Counters
23rd Friends of Grace Gala
wednesdaysHoly Eucharist, Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
The Reverend Florence Li Tim-Oi

Each Wednesday during the 12:15 PM service we celebrate a holiday or the life of someone important in the church. Here's the upcoming line-up: 



1st Feast of the Holy Name

8th Harriett Bedell and Julia Chester Emory, Missionaries

15th St. Peter/St. Paul, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

22nd Florence Li Tim-Oi, First Ordained Woman Priest
29th St. Thomas Aquinas, Priest and Friar
Please join us for this brief (30 minutes) but spiritually rewarding service. 
PNOParents' Night Out,
Tuesday, January 7th
Leave your little ones with us on Tuesday, January 7th from 6:30 to 9:00 PM and enjoy an evening in Georgetown, attend the 'Spiritual Literacy' event with Iman Green or simply get some time to yourself. 

Helen Buhr and Chris Kreutziger will be on hand to have fun with the children.  


Please phone (301.529.2511) or email Helen Buhr if you plan to come. 
January Birthdays

Bill Carter
Henry Carter
Rosalie Cornelius
Miriam Dotson
Adam Harrington
Sharon Ollison  


We'd like to include you in this list! Please email us with your birthday!

ShelterGMC Shelter at Grace, December 8th to the 22nd
Thank you to all the volunteers who cooked and served dinner, provided breakfast, spent the night with the shelter guests and helped transport the cots and bags to Grace and on to the next church. 

Special thanks to Helena Dunn, Shelter Coordinator, for all her efforts to be sure no details were missed.
Grace's Table

It takes many hands to cook and serve the food each Saturday at Grace's Table. We are grateful to all who have been a part of this ministry over the last few months: 


Cathy & Mike Applin | David Bujard | Ana Cabrero-Cook | Helena DunnSarah HaftKay HorstKornelia & Oliver Koppany | Helena Mirtova & Anna Engelsone | Donna Pica | The People of St. Johns Lafayette Square | Members of the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity at Georgetown University

                                                                            January 3, 2014

Happy New Year! If you enjoyed the Children's Advent Pageant (pictures here), you won't want to miss the Epiphany "Mini-Pageant," which will take place this Sunday, January 5th. 

Also join us for a talk on Spiritual Literacy Tuesday night, January 7th and the Service for Christian Unity on Sunday, January 19th (the youth group is actively involved in this service and will be meeting prior to it - more on that here).

We've also got a stewardship update for you in this issue and we hope you'll come out for our Second Annual Grace Ice Skating Party on Sunday, January 26th.  
As always, please take a moment now to get caught up on upcoming happenings at Grace. 

In Christ's Redeeming Love,
John Graham, Rector
epiphanyEpiphany "Mini-Pageant,"
Sunday, January 5th, 2014


On the first Sunday of each month, Grace offers a Children's Homily just before Announcement time during our 10:30 service. 


This coming Sunday, January 5th, the homily will focus on the principal event of Epiphany, the arrival of the wise men from the East, with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the Infant of Bethlehem.


Sunday School students will place figures of the wise men and their camels around the manger scene on the altar platform, as Assistant Rector Sarah Motley helps them, and us, to understand the meaning of their journey and their offering. 


This "enacted homily" will finish the story our children began to tell so beautifully with their Advent pageant on December 22nd.

LiteracySpiritual Literacy, 
Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
By the Reverend Sarah Motley

Episcopalians have a long, rich heritage of prayer. 


The Book of Common Prayer which unites congregations throughout the country and indeed, other places in the world, has been revised numerous times over the centuries to reflect and articulate the times in which it is used.


But how much have those prayers really been internalized, integrated, into daily life? What are the prayers of the Episcopal Church, how are they learned, and what do they do for spiritual sustenance and growth?


These are a few of the questions that might be asked at an evening set aside to consider more closely how 'fluent' our prayer grammar and vocabulary, structure and creativity are. And, in particular, how 'teaching' prayer to children, so that it is not seen as something that 'grown ups' or other people do, is crucial to Christian formation from a very early age. 


Iman Green, Diocesan Youth Missioner, will visit Grace Church for an evening discussion on these and other related topics.  The evening is aimed at parents but is open to all.


Please mark your calendars now as the date quickly approaches!


An Evening with Iman Green, Diocesan Youth Missioner

Tuesday Evening, January 7th, 2014, 7:00 PM

Free Child Care (Parents' Night Out)
Free 2-hour Parking at the Cinema Garage (just east of Wisconsin and K)

For more information please email The Reverend Sarah Motley

YGFutureYouth Group Scavenger Hunt and More, 
Sunday, January 19th, 2014

By Jeanne Jennings


If you are a teen or preteen (you will turn 12 by May 2014), please join us for this upcoming Grace | St. John's Youth Group Event! You're also welcome to bring friends.


Sunday, January 19th 

11:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Scavenger Hunt, Pizza Party and Service for Christian Unity/Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday

Please join us as we pack a ton of fun and spirituality into a few mid-day hours. 


We'll be meeting at Grace Episcopal Church in Georgetown at 11:30 AM and promptly breaking into teams for a scavenger hunt which will take us to a variety of churches in Georgetown (we'll have an adult chaperon accompany each group -- please contact Jeanne to volunteer).  


We'll reconvene at St. John's at 12:45 PM and host a pizza party for youth from our group as well as other churches in Georgetown. Scavenger hunt winners will receive their prizes!


At 1:30 PM we'll attend the service for Christian Unity/Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday at St. Johns -- members of the youth group are invited to participate in the service as readers. The Blues Alley Youth Orchestra will be providing some jazz music, in addition to the regular hymns. 


We hope you can join us! Please RSVP online by Sunday, January 12th -- to learn more please email Jeanne. 


We're still working on our February  event -- watch your email for more details!

Unity Come One, Come All!
Service for Christian Unity / Martin Luther King, 
Sunday, January 19th, 2014
The Reverend Sarah Motley


Now that the holiday season is past, it is time to look forward to new events in the new year.


On Sunday, January 19, Grace parishioners will have an opportunity that comes only a couple of times each year - a chance to gather for worship with others from churches around Georgetown. 


The 'Week of Prayer for Christian Unity/Martin Luther King Day' service will celebrate our common call and mission in Christ, and recall the call and mission of Martin Luther King Jr.


This year's event will focus especially on youth. The Grace/St. John's Youth Group will be holding a scavenger hunt around the churches of Georgetown prior to the service, and inviting youth from each of the dozen participating congregations to a pizza lunch to share history, anecdotes, 'favorite things' from their worshiping communities. Learn more and RSVP


In addition, members of the Blues Alley Youth Orchestra will be adding their music to the mix. Put the date on your calendars now! 


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity/Martin Luther King Day

St. John's Episcopal Church
Potomac and O Streets, Georgetown

1:30 PM, Sunday January 19, 2014

(Youth pizza lunch at 12:45 PM)

Sponsored by the Georgetown Clergy Association

Grace, Jeanne Jennings, Amy Aden Dunn and Wilson having a blast on the ice last year!
skating2nd Annual Grace Church Ice Skating Party, Sunday, January 26th, 2014
By Jeanne Jennings
Please join us, and feel free to invite family, friends and neighbors, for our second annual ice skating party on Sunday, January 26th, following the 10:30 AM service. 

We'll be skating at the outdoor ice rink in Georgetown, just a short walk from Grace at Washington Harbour, 3050 K Street NW.

It's a fun and healthy activity for children and adults. They have penguins that kids just learning can use to help with balance while they're getting the skating motion down. Rental skates start at size 8J and go through adult. 

If we get 10 people, we'll qualify for a group rate of $10 per person, which includes skating and skate rental. This is a savings of $2 to $4 dollars off the usual cost. 

We'll meet and leave from Coffee Hour after the 10:30 AM service. If you're planning to join us or would like more information please contact me via email or phone (202.365.0423). Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!
Axel, Lauren and Martin having fun while chopping onions and making chili to enjoy with our shelter guests
YGPastGrace | St. John's Youth Group Enjoys Jazz Vespers and Dinner with Grace's Shelter Guests

A good time was had by all when the youth group attended Jazz Vespers and then prepared dinner for Grace's shelter guests on Sunday, December 8th!


The main course was chili, made from scratch and seasoned to perfection by the youth group members, with just a little adult supervision.


After meeting the shelter guests, some youth group members marveled at how much 'like us' they seemed. Sports were a major topic over dinner, with members and shelter guests sharing stories of their favorite professional teams.  


Thanks to all the members that attended -- and to their parents for providing transportation on this cold, snowy night!  


Parishioners ages 12 to 18 and their friends are all invited to join the Youth Group; learn more about our upcoming events here.  

pageantChildren's Advent Pageant 
Thank you to all the children that participated in this year's Advent Pageant on Sunday, December 22nd! You did a great job!
stewardshipStewardship Update


Grace's clergy, staff, Wardens, Vestry and Stewardship Committee are all very grateful for the generous response to our year-end "push" for payment of 2013 pledges and submission of commitments for 2014.


We're now at a payment rate over 100% for 2013, higher than that of 2011 and 2012. Pledged income is approaching $345,000 as this summary is being written. This represents our highest total ever, and an increase of more than $15,000 over 2013. 


Given the loss of several pledgers who have moved away or suffered significant financial setbacks, and the death of our beloved long-time supporter, member and friend Jean McKinney, we are delighted with these results. 


With this heartening response, it now appears Grace will be able to maintain increased commitments from 2013, including the provision of health insurance and pension benefits to lay and clergy staff working half-time or more; 10% of our operating income dedicated to support of diocesan ministries -- the recommended percentage; and small raises for staff. This good news presumes that we reach $345,000 in pledges, and even meeting this goal will leave us with less than $100 to spare, so if you haven't made your 2014 pledge yet, please do so as soon as possible.


Pledge cards are available at church, or by request from the office.  Electronic transmission is fine, too: email Stewardship Chair Scott Murphy, and send a copy to the church office via email. 

Vestry Notes from the December Meeting
By Barbara de Beaufort 
  • The Vestry welcomed the newly elected  members: Ari Lynn Tonini, Lee Tyner, and Larry Molinaro. Their terms and that of our Junior Warden, Diana Dick, will  begin in January, 2014.
  • The Vestry bid a fond farewell, with heartfelt thanks, to Junior Warden Paul Alligood and Vestry member Sally Avignone. Sally served the maximum of two full terms, or six years, as a Vestry member. Paul served the maximum of two full terms, or four years, as Junior Warden, in addition to completing the unexpired term of Hannah Phillips, his predecessor in this position.
  • Aeon Preservation, our consultant, has submitted the application for our stonework restoration project to the Old Georgetown Board of the Commission of Fine Arts. The Board will consider the application at its January 2nd meeting; both the Rector and the Junior Warden will attend, as well as an Aeon representative.
  • Peter Wallace, the Grace Church Treasurer, presented a first draft of the 2014 Budget. At this point, there's a gap of about $25,000, not including possible staff raises, between projected income and projected expenses. We spent the majority of the meeting time considering ways to bring the budget into balance.
  • The Vestry scheduled the vote on the 2014 Budget for January 23rd, our next meeting.  
Full minutes of Vestry Meetings are in the binder in the Volunteer Office of the Rectory after they have been approved by the Vestry.
Weekly at Grace
8:30 AM
Holy Eucharist


10:15 AM
Prayers for the Nation and the World
Held outside at the Memorial Cross, includes remembrance of the Fallen (only the last Sunday of each month; 15 minutes)
10:30 AM 
Holy Eucharist 
Music, child care and Sunday School


5:00 PM 
Evening Eucharist
Plan to stay for refreshments after the service
Laying on of Hands for Healing, second Sunday of each month at the 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM and 5:00 PM services. 


12:15 PM
Centering Prayer
35 minutes
12:15 PM
Holy Eucharist
30 minutes
11:30 AM
Grace's Table

Grace's Table offers hot lunch, Bible study and fellowship for persons who are homeless or living on the margins. 


Contact the church office for more information or to volunteer.  

About Grace

Grace Episcopal Church, Georgetown, was founded nearly 150 years ago to serve the laborers, craftsmen, shopkeepers, and watermen of the Georgetown waterfront.

By 1857 regular services were being held in a wooden chapel that stood in the southwest corner of the churchyard, where the World War I Memorial Cross now stands.

Outreach to the community, particularly lower Georgetown, remains a vital ministry of Grace.

To that end we host a variety of events for the public, including an annual Bach Festival and Music on the Lawn. Our parishioners are also active volunteers for the Taste of Georgetown, which supports the Georgetown Ministry Center, located in the basement of our Rectory. 

Grace Church is committed to providing a spiritual refuge for everyone living and working in the Georgetown area regardless of their religious affiliation. 

Visitors to Grace find a warm welcome, wonderful music, and a heartfelt faith. We are located on the east side of Wisconsin Avenue, just below M Street and the Canal, in the heart of Georgetown. 

Please join us for a service, an event, or just moment of quiet during your day. A weekly schedule of events appears in the column to your left.

Sunday Parking: 3 options


1. South Street Lot behind the church - 20 spaces free until 1:30 PM with one time use pass from Grace Church entrance.


2. Eagle Bank Lot across Wisconsin Avenue from the Church - 8 spaces free until 1:30 PM with one time use pass from Grace Church and limited use based on availability for the 6:00 PM service (5:00 PM beginning September 8th).

Cinema Garage on K Street just east of Wisconsin Avenue - 2 hour free parking until 1:00 PM with a separate exit ticket from Grace (exit tickets just inside the church left side door) - use both tickets at the pay station to leave the garage.

Weekday Parking at the Cinema Garage on K Street just east of Wisconsin Avenue - Monday through Thursday Day and Night and Friday until 6:00 PM. 2 hour free parking with a separate exit ticket from Grace (exit tickets just inside the church on the left) - use both tickets at the pay station to leave the garage.


Grace Episcopal Church
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