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In this Issue: Bach Festival, Holy Pilgrimage DC, Sunday Evening Eucharist moves to 6:00 PM and More!  


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In this issue...
Episcopal Youth Group -- Join Us!
20th Annual Bach Festival
Holy Pilgrimage DC 2013
Sunday Evening Service Moves to 6:00 PM
Friends of Grace Gala and Silent Auction, June 23rd
Profile: Jacqueline Walters
Vestry Notes
Upcoming Events
Sunday, July 7th
After the 10:00 AM Service
20s30s40s Bible Study
Summer theme: Luke's Gospel

11:30 AM
Episcopal Youth Group for Georgetown
Second organizational meeting -- please join us! Details

1:30 PM
The 20th Grace Church Bach Festival
Please join us! Details on performers.

Wednesday, July 10th
7:30 PM
The 20th Grace Church Bach Festival
Please join us! Details on performers.

Friday, July 12th
7:30 PM at Wolf Trap
Grace's own Steven LaBrie, baritone soloist, in Carl Orff'Carmina Burana with the National Symphony Orchestra

Saturday, July 13th
7:30 PM
The 20th Grace Church Bach Festival
Please join us! Details on performers.

Sunday, July 14th
1:30 PM
The 20th Grace Church Bach Festival
Please join us! Details on performers. 

Thursday, July 18th
6:30 PM 
Holy Pilgrimage DC 2013: Spirit, Art & Music
National Cathedral Gargoyle Tour and Sung Compline, $5 per person; email your RSVP; reservations required. 
Details on all events.

Sunday, July 21st
After the 10:00 AM Service
20s30s40s Bible Study
Summer theme: Luke's Gospel
12:30 PM 
Holy Pilgrimage DC 2013: Spirit, Art & Music
Grace Church Organ Tour followed by Art Project. 
Details on all events.

Saturday, July 27th
1:00 PM 
Holy Pilgrimage DC 2013: Spirit, Art & Music
Save our Seminary Walk/Talk/Tour in Silver Spring, MD, $5 per person. 
Details on all events.

Sunday, August 4th
2:00 PM 
Holy Pilgrimage DC 2013: Spirit, Art & Music
'Children of the Gospel' concert, National Building Museum.
Details on all events.

Coffee Hour Hosts

7th  Taste of Georgetown Volunteers
14th  TBA
21st  Choir
28th  Garden and Grounds Committee

4th  Grace's Table
11th  Music on the Lawn
18th  Memorials Committee
25th  Greeters
Holy Eucharist, Wednesdays at 12:15 PM
St. Ignatius

Each Wednesday during the 12:15 PM service we celebrate a holiday or the life of someone important in the church. Here's the upcoming line-up: 



3rd Independence Day

17th Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amelia Bloomer, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Beecher Stowe

24th Thomas a Kempis, Priest

31st Ignatius of Loyola

Please join us for this brief (30 minutes) but spiritually rewarding service. 

PNOParents Night Out,
July 16th
Leave your little ones with us on Tuesday, July 16th from 6:30 to 9:00 PM and enjoy an evening in Georgetown or simply some time to yourself. 

Helen Buhr and Chris Kreutziger will be on hand to have fun with the children.  


Please contact Helen via email or phone (301-529-2511) if you plan to come. 
Seminarian Robert Hartmans Ordained
Robert Hartmans and Marie-Laure Poire 
photo and article courtesy of Marie-Laure Poire

Saturday, June 15 was a beautiful and warm spring day in Knoxville, Tennessee, and so was the ceremony which ordained our dear Seminarian Robert Hartmans to the Sacred Order of Deacons at St John's Cathedral. 


Family, including his parents and little brother Peter, and friends gathered around Robert for a delightful lunch filled with gratitude and love especially for those who could not be with us that day. 

July Birthdays

Ed Borcherdt

Bryce Clark
Taralynn Dwelle

Elizabeth Hill

Kay Horst

Jacquie Jones

Kaya LeBouder

Richard Meyer

Emma Millar

John Noer

Hunter Riley 

Fred Tyner


We'd like to include you in this list! Please email us with your birthday!

EasterFlowersFlowers for the Church
It's always a pleasure to see flowers in the church! 


If you have a loved one or an event you'd like to commemorate, please consider contributing flowers for the Sunday services! 


You may deliver flowers to the church yourself on Saturdays or call 202-333-7100 or email the church office and we can order them and have them delivered for $65.
Write for Greetings from Grace!
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How about you?  
A fan of the Bach Festival? Get a byline by putting your thoughts about one or more of the events on paper for Greetings from Grace. 
Participating in the Summer Pilgrimage Inter-generational Vacation Bible School program? Share your experience and some photos with our readers! 
The more voices in the newsletter the better -- please contact editor Jeanne Jennings to discuss opportunities. 
                                                                                      July 3, 2013
Dear Friend of Grace,

The 20th Annual Bach Festival
 at Grace begins next week -- save the dates and join us! There's also news here of our Vacation Bible School program for all ages, Holy Pilgrimage DC 2013: Spirit, Art and Music, taking place in July and August.  
We're also looking at starting an Episcopal Youth Group here in Georgetown -- please plan to attend the next organizational meeting on July 7th after the 10:00 service if you are interested in getting involved.  

Please take a moment now to get caught up on upcoming happenings at Grace. 

In Christ's Redeeming Love,
John Graham, Rector
youthgroup Episcopal Youth Group in Georgetown

The Reverend Sarah Motley is working with The Reverend Sarah Duggin, from St. John's Episcopal Church here in Georgetown, on starting a joint Episcopal Youth Group. 

The first meeting, held June 30th at St. John's, was a great start! The conversation will continue on Sunday, July 7th at 11:30 AM at Grace. 

Parents of pre-teen and teenage children, as well as those who would enjoy working with children in this age group, are invited to join us and share ideas!
Can't make the meeting? Feel free to reach out to The Reverend Sarah Motley and express your interest in being part of this new youth ministry! 
Johann Sebastian Bach
bach20th Annual Bach Festival at Grace Episcopal Church Georgetown

Sunday, July 7th, 1:30 PM
The Teiber Trio
Regino Madrid, violin
Charlie Powers, cello 
Sarah Hart, violist
All works are by Johann Sebastian Bach

Wednesday, July 10th, 7:30 PM
Stephen Ackert, organ and harpsichord
Claudia Chudacoff, violin
Ben Wensel, cello
Sonata in E Major for Violin and Harpsichord, BWV 1016 and Sonata in G Major for Cello and Harpsichord, BWV 1027 (both works, c. 1720)

Saturday, July 13th, 7:30 PM
Con Brio!
Lawrence Molinaro, harpsichord
Shaughn Dowd, flute
and friends

Sunday, July 14th, 1:30 PM
Lawrence Molinaro
The Goldberg Variations

Wolf Trap Summer Series
Friday, July 12th, 7:30 PM
Steven LeBrie, baritone soloist, in Carl Orff's Carmina Burana with the National Symphony Orchestra
'Children of the Gospel' Concert at the National Building Museum
HolyPilgrimage Summer Pilgrimage 2013: Spirit in Art and Music
By The Reverend Sarah Motley


Back for another summer run, Grace Church's own version of summer Bible camp!  


This year the theme will be 'Spirit in Art and Music' in keeping with Grace's year-round engagement with the arts communities in the Washington DC region.


At the heart of the Christian gospel is God the Creator - the One in whom all things "live, move and have their being."  It is the creative Spirit of God that inspires, guides, strengthens  and challenges Christians to become 'co-creators'.  


This summer's Pilgrimage will explore just a few of the many manifestations of this Spirit.  Part of the enjoyment of the Pilgrimage is the sites visited - another, equally important aspect is going 'on Pilgrimage' with others and seeing/experiencing the art and/or music together.


For that reason, your presence is sincerely invited and encouraged!  The programs are meant for all - including children, and anyone else who would enjoy a way to come to know other Grace Church families 'off site.'  


Also, these visits are an excellent way to invite along friends, family or colleagues to introduce them to Grace's approach to the life of the Spirit.


Sign up sheets are on the kiosk outside of church (or in the parish hall in case of Sunday rain).  Or, contact the office via email or phone (202-333-7100) to register.  Come one, come all! 

Thursday, July 18th
6:30 PM, Gargoyle Tour
7:45 PM, Sung Compline
Washington National Cathedral 
One of the Cathedral's 'summer evenings' with time for an up-close tour of the stone carvings, and a quiet Compline service to close the day. Good for all ages but suggested for children over ten. Reservations required; cost: $5 per person. 


Sunday, July 21st

12:30 PM, Organ Tour and Art Project

Grace Church

Join Francine Mate for a choir's-eye-view of the church. Stay for an art project that will adorn the church for the remainder of the summer.  All welcome!


Saturday, July 27th
1:00 PM, Save our Seminary Walk/Talk/Tour
Silver Spring, Maryland 
An historical spot in Silver Spring that Sunday School parent Mary Daly invites us to visit together - an outdoor tour exploring the history of a unique neighborhood of homes and meeting places. 
This is not the Episcopal Seminary which is in Alexandria, but a place to contemplate the beauty of nature, the forces of history, and the call to consider Christian stewardship of the natural world. Learn more; cost: $5 per person. 
Sunday, August 4th 2:00 PM, 'Children of the Gospel' concert
National Building Museum (Metro: Red Line, Judiciary Square)
This free concert in one of the capital's  most impressive museums will give us a chance to hear a special group sponsored by the Washington Performing Arts Society.


In addition, we hope to add one more 'stop' on the Pilgrimage.  Ideas and suggestions still welcome!  Contact The Reverend Sarah Motley.


Don't forget to sign up!

Kevin O'Brien on bagpipes;
photo courtesy of Martin Fischer
Holy Eucharist, Sundays at 6:00 PM -- New Time!

The Sunday evening service is moving to 6:00 PM, an hour later than usual, in July and August. 

Please plan to join us for one or more of these brief but spiritually rewarding services. 

On Sunday, June 9, we remembered the life and witness of St. Columba; his community of monks on the Isle of Iona helped spread the Gospel throughout Scotland. Kevin O'Brien provided music for the service on his bagpipes. 

We're looking for reflections, ideas and suggestions about how this service might serve and draw more people. Please contact the Reverend Sarah Motley with your thoughts. 
photos courtesy of Nancy Seferian
A Texas-Style Shindig -- The Annual Grace Gala and Silent Auction was a success!

Thanks to those who attended -- a great time was had by all! See more pictures from this special night here. 

Special thanks to those who made this wonderful event possible:

Tom and Key Horst
Terry and Patricia Murphy

Russ and Shirley Davis
Christina Kreutziger
Will and Sharon Ollison

Paul Alligood
Adrienne and Jim Bacchus
Ed Borcherdt
Rosalie Cornelius
Margaret and Drew Davis
Debra and Michael Decker

Bill Kenety
Gordon and Alice Maxson
Thelma and John Smullen

Grace Gala Committee
Helen Buhr
Doreen Burner 
Megan Ching
The Reverend John Graham 
Paige Hill
Thomas Hudak
Hillary Liebtag
Jane Mosbacher Morris
Scott Murphy
Janet Sale
Luis Solares
Ari Lynn Tonini

View more pictures from this wonderful night!
Jacqueline Walters
photo courtesy of Nancy Seferian
Profile Profile: Jacqueline Walters
By The Reverend Sarah Motley  

Each Sunday morning, at the exchange of the Peace, the congregation has the delight of 'Welcoming the Children' from Sunday School into the service.


A quiet, smiling presence accompanies them up the stairs and onto the altar steps for a presentation or a homily. Sunday School and child care parents know her skills and caring best, but there is much more to what has formed Jacqueline Walters' ministry.


She is a calm, caring presence, but that's not all.  Her life is also.... busy!


Jacqueline has been the Children's Ministries Coordinator at Grace Church since 2007.  "It's my therapy," she says with a chuckle. "Here it's all about warm fuzzy stories and watching kids grow." 


In her weekday life, it's different. She has been a special education placement specialist for the Washington DC public school system, and, as of this summer, will become the Special Education Compliance officer. "There are thousands of complaints each year," she says, and her job is to facilitate early conflict resolution on a case-by-case basis.


If that's not busy enough, she has concurrently also been a student at Catholic University's Law School, graduating last May, and plans to take the Maryland Bar exam in late July.


Before working for the District, Jacqueline's teaching took her into a variety of settings. Her first experience was in Baltimore, working for two years in an elementary school, a juvenile detention center, and as a private school resource teacher. 


While a student at Columbia University in New York City, from which she graduated in 2005, she also spent a summer in Los Angeles on an internship at a California Talented Youth summer camp and also interned at People magazine.


That's only her recent work life, though. While a student at Columbia, Jacqueline "did a LOT of babysitting - the best way to pay for college!" It wasn't only for the usual neighborhood families, however.


For four summers, she was the touring companion/nanny for folk singer

Suzanne Vega's family, taking her to international venues and giving her a close-up look at a very different world from that of the classroom. Jacqueline also spent a college semester in Madrid, though she says now "my Spanish is pretty rusty." 


In her free time, it's the outdoors that calls - water sports such as rafting, hiking, and...skydiving. "For my 30th birthday I said I was going to skydive," she said, and plans on taking the leap sometime this summer. (Maybe after the Bar exam??) She also finds time to see independent films whenever she can. 


Jacqueline has dreams for the Sunday School, but they're a little more down-to-earth. "I'd love to form a children's choir, and continue the bell choir," she says, "and, like most Sunday School coordinators, I would love to have a strong group of parents/parishioners to take a turn at teaching the children, for one month each school year." (She promises to "teach the teachers")


As the youngest in a family of seven children, Jacqueline speaks from experience when she says with a smile, "Though it's very different from the church I grew up in, Grace Church is like a family, with an approach to faith that guides and prepares children as they come to understand the faith."


That understanding, and all her experience, show in her smile each Sunday as she joins in welcoming the children into church. Grace Church is blessed with her gifts and glad to hear her voice joining theirs: "Peace be with you!" And also with you, Jacqueline.

VestryVestry Notes from the June Meeting 
By Barbara de Beaufort


  • Stephane La Bouder was elected to the Vestry to replace Adam Harrington, who has resigned from the Vestry to begin the discernment process to become a priest.  Stephane will serve through the end of Adam's unexpired term, on December 31st of this year.
  • Our seminarian, Robert Hartmans was ordained a Deacon on Saturday, 6/15. He will be ordained into the priesthood on 12/15 in St John's Church, Knoxville.
  • Loie Randall and Mike Osborn will co-chair our new seminarian, Nic Mather's lay committee. 
  • Netting has been installed to secure the stone around the three windows above the main entrance. We are in the process of studying a joint proposal from two firms, one specializing in preservation and the other a structural engineering partnership, for the stone repair.
  • Eastbanc's financial contribution to the garden enhancement has arrived. Eastbanc's landscaper will replace the two dead trees planted in the winter as well, free of charge.
  • The Friends of Grace Gala team reported that there are more items in the silent auction this year. More businesses, for example, the Ritz Georgetown and the Care of Trees, have donated items. 
  • The Vestry approved the repairs on the organ this summer by David Moore.
  • The Vestry approved an amount to support the Summer Pilgrimage Events.
  • Prayers for Healing will begin on the second Sunday of the month at the 10 AM service.
  • Alternate liturgies with Eucharistic Prayers from Enriching Our Worship will begin on the last Sunday of the month at Sunday morning services.


The full minutes of the Vestry Meetings are filed in a binder in the Volunteer Office in the Rectory, after they have been approved by the Vestry. 

Weekly at Grace
8:30 AM
Holy Eucharist


9:45 AM
Prayers for the Nation and the World
Held outside at the Memorial Cross, includes remembrance of the Fallen (only the last Sunday of each month; 15 minutes)
10:00 AM
Holy Eucharist 
Music, child care and Sunday School


6:00 PM New Time!
Evening Eucharist
Plan to stay for refreshments after the service
Laying on of Hands for Healing, second Sunday of each month at the 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM services. 


12:15 PM
Centering Prayer
35 minutes
12:15 PM
Holy Eucharist
30 minutes
11:30 AM
Grace's Table

From September through May, Grace's Table offers hot lunch, Bible study and fellowship for persons who are homeless or living on the margins. 


This ministry is also offered on some Saturdays over the summer, contact the office for specifics.  

About Grace

Grace Episcopal Church, Georgetown, was founded nearly 150 years ago to serve the laborers, craftsmen, shopkeepers, and watermen of the Georgetown waterfront.

By 1857 regular services were being held in a wooden chapel that stood in the southwest corner of the churchyard, where the World War I Memorial Cross now stands.

Outreach to the community, particularly lower Georgetown, remains a vital ministry of Grace.

To that end we host a variety of events for the public, including an annual Bach Festival and Music on the Lawn. Our parishioners are also active volunteers for the Taste of Georgetown, which supports the Georgetown Ministry Center, located in the basement of our Rectory. 

Grace Church is committed to providing a spiritual refuge for everyone living and working in the Georgetown area regardless of their religious affiliation. 

Visitors to Grace find a warm welcome, wonderful music, and a heartfelt faith. We are located on the east side of Wisconsin Avenue, just below M Street and the Canal, in the heart of Georgetown. 

Please join us for a service, an event, or just moment of quiet during your day. A weekly schedule of events appears in the column to your left.

Grace Episcopal Church
1041 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007
202-333-7100  |  |
2 hours free parking, with Grace validated exit ticket, is available in two locations.
The Cinema Garage on K Street (just east of the intersection of Wisconsin and K Streets, one block south of the church):
  • Sunday until 1:00 PM 
  • Monday through Thursday until 11:00 PM
  • Friday until 6:00 PM  
The Eagle Bank lot, directly across Wisconsin Avenue from the Church: 
  • We have exclusive access to this lot Sundays until 1:30 PM
  • And non-exclusive access for the 6:00 PM service on Sundays