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In this Issue: Friends of Grace Gala, Volunteers Needed for Grace's Garden, Pictures from our "Fat Sunday" Brunch and More!  


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In this issue...
Grace's Garden: Volunteers Needed
Support Women Artists Now
Friends of Grace Gala: Save the Date
"Fat Sunday" Brunch a Success
Parishioner Profile: Rob Cahill
Vestry Notes: Black Netting to Secure Stone Arches
118th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington
Upcoming Events -- Including Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Services
Sunday, March 3rd
After the 10:30 AM Service
Coffee Hour hosted by the Retreat Committee

12:30 PM

20s/30s/40s/ Bible Study
This group will meet with young adults from other Georgetown Episcopal churches for a special Lenten series on Forgiveness.


All (even those outside the 20s/30s/40s range) are welcome. Christ Episcopal Church, 3116 O Street NW, will host these gatherings. 


Sunday, March 10rd

Daylight Savings Time begins today -- remember to set your clocks ahead Saturday night before bed!


After the 10:30 AM Service

Coffee Hour hosted by the Gardens and Grounds Committee
After the 10:30 AM Service
Pastoral Care Knitting Circle
We'll meet in the Rose Room as we do the second Sunday of each month; contact Susan Tobias for more information
Sunday, March 17th
After the 10:30 AM Service
Coffee Hour hosted by the Grace's Table Volunteers
20s/30s/40s/ Bible Study
This group will meet with young adults from other Georgetown Episcopal churches for a special Lenten series on Forgiveness.


All (even those outside the 20s/30s/40s range) are welcome. Christ Episcopal Church, 3116 O Street NW, will host these gatherings. 

Saturday, March 23rd
4:00 to 6:00 PM
Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) Day
See the write-up in this newsletter to learn more

Sunday, March 24th
Palm Sunday
8:30 AM and 10:30 AM 
Distribution of the Palms and Procession, Reading of the Passion Gospel


After the 10:30 AM Service
Coffee Hour hosted by the Seminarian Lay Committee
Thursday, March 28th
Maundy Thursday
6:30 PM | Supper
7:00 PM | Eucharist
Simple Potluck Supper and Informal Eucharist
Join us for a meal and Eucharist with foot washing in the church, followed by the stripping of the altar for Good Friday. 
If you can bring part of the meal please sign-up on the kiosk at Grace. The meal should be simple and not rich; simple soups, breads or salads and without sweets. 
Childcare will be available. 
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Help for Holy Week Services
If you can help with the Maundy Thursday or Good Friday services as a reader, greeter or communion minister, please sign-up on the kiosk at Grace or email John Graham. Your help is greatly appreciated.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Friday, March 29th
Good Friday
11:15 AM Sharp
Procession from Grace to Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
Please note the earlier departure time -- this year's procession will include thee Stations, i.e. stops, at significant places along the route for brief prayer and reflection. 

By doing this, participating churches hope to make our shared observance of Good Friday more visible. 


Noon to 1:30 PM
Service of the 7 Last Words
at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, 1334 29th Street NW, including prayers and meditations by representatives of the member churches of the Georgetown Clergy Association. 

We're delighted that this service will be held, for the first time in many, many years, at a historically African American church. 


7:00 PM
Solemn Liturgy of the Lord's Death
at Grace


Saturday, March 30th
7:30 PM
The Great Vigil of Easter
Held at Christ Church, 31st and O Streets NW. Both Grace and St. John's Episcopal Churches have been invited to participate in this liturgy, and John Graham will offer the homily. 

Grace Seminarian Robert Hartmans has offered to provide an orientation to the Vigil, an ancient service of great power and majesty, to all who are interested. 

Please contact Robert if you'd like to participate and he'll schedule it to accommodate as many participants as possible.
EasterSunday, March 31
Easter Sunday

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Contribute toward Easter Flowers for the Church! Learn More
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

8:30 AM
Holy Eucharist
10:15 AM
Prayers for the Nation and the World
at the Memorial Cross immediately before the 10:30 AM Service
10:30 AM
Holy Eucharist 
with special music


After the 10:30 AM Service
Coffee Hour hosted by the Vestry
After the 10:30 AM Service
Sunday School Easter Egg Hunt
5:00 PM
Service of Prayer, Meditation and Communion
Sunday, April 7th
After the 10:30 AM Service
Coffee Hour hosted by the Newsletter Committee
Sunday, April 14th
After the 10:30 AM Service
Coffee Hour hosted by the Stewardship Committee

After the 10:30 AM Service
Pastoral Care Knitting Circle 
We'll meet in the Rose Room as we do the second Sunday of each month; contact Susan Tobias for more information
Sunday, April 21st
After the 10:30 AM Service
Coffee Hour hosted by the Sunday School
Sunday, April 28st
10:15 AM
Prayers for the Nation and the World
at the Memorial Cross immediately before the 10:30 AM Service

After the 10:30 AM Service
Coffee Hour hosted by the Choir
Sunday, June 23rd
Friends of Grace Gala
Save the date and learn more!
Volunteer to be a Greeter


Welcoming people to Grace on a Sunday morning is a very special thing. We give out the service bulletins and look for people who may be new to the church. 


After the service we try to meet these new people and get an email or address from them. Our purpose is to make a connection with them and see if we or Grace can help them in any way. 


If you would like to learn more about being a Greeter at Grace please email Helen Buhr.

EasterFlowersEaster Flowers for the Church
Your contributions for this very special day are greatly appreciated. Please sign up on the kiosk or email Helen Buhr
If your gift is given in thanksgiving for or to honor someone or something, please note that and it will be included in the Easter Service bulletins. 
Please place your check, marked "Easter Flowers" on the memo line, in the collection plate on Sunday or mail it to the church office. 
March Birthdays

Darcy Bacon
Luca Brennan
Sabrina Brennan
Derek Brock
David Bujard
Hudson Burner
Frank Burgess
Sarah Haft
Aidan Harrington
Lawrence Molinaro
Scott Murphy
Patricia Sarcos Alvarez
Jim Sale
Lee Tyner
Susan Tobias

We'd like to include you in this list! Please email us with your birthday!
Bike Rack on Wisconsin Avenue

Many thanks to those who wrote notes and made calls, and to the District and neighborhood officials who responded to them.

The Capital Bikeshare bike rack which was taking up multiple parking spaces in front of the church has been moved to the sidewalk!

We are happy to have a Bikeshare station right outside the gates of Grace -- and to have much-needed parking spaces in front of the church restored!

                                                                                      March 1, 2013
Dear Friend of Grace,

The first daffodils of 2013 appeared in Grace's Garden this past weekend -- a beautiful reminder to thank our volunteers who so lovingly tend to the plants and to reach out to others who might like to help.

Our "Fat Sunday" Brunch was a success -- a full report, with pictures, appears below. And we're looking forward to this year's Friends of Grace Gala. Funds raised will go to help us fix the arches around the windows above the church entrance and "liberate" them from the black netting which will soon be hung to help keep the stone work in place in the interim.   

There's a lot more here as well, including a schedule of events for the Easter season, an update from the vestry and a profile of Parishioner Rob Cahill, who began coming to Grace in the early 1980s. Please take a moment now to catch-up on the latest news from Grace. 

In Christ's Redeeming Love,
John Graham, Rector
The first daffodils of 2013 in Grace's Garden
GardenGrace's Garden: Volunteers Needed
By Paul Alligood


The buds that are starting to appear on trees and the green grass that is beginning to sprout is a sure sign that spring is right around the corner. That also means that Grace's garden is awakening from its winter slumber.


The garden has long been a place of beauty and peace amid the hustle and bustle of Georgetown. 


Dedicated Grace volunteers have historically tended the garden themselves rather than farming it out to a professional landscaper to maintain throughout the year. It is a ministry among the many ministries found at Grace.


This year will be no different. If you would like to help with the garden - that is, take responsibility for a small section and attend garden days one Saturday morning per month or, in the alternative, work your area at a more convenient time, contact either myself or Kimberly Ludwig (our phone numbers and e-mail addresses are in the church directory).


Being a part of the garden team has several rewards: it allows one to see first-hand the fruit of one's labors; it is an opportunity to be outside when the weather is nice; and, you are providing a service to Grace.


Having gardening skills is not a requirement to be on the garden team. All it takes is enthusiasm, a little time and not having an aversion to dirty hands. As Thomas Jefferson once said, "No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth and no culture is comparable to that of the garden"

SWAN Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) Day
By Catherine Aselford

SWAN Day began in 2008 as a new international holiday that celebrates women artists. 


DC SWAN Day is one of the largest SWAN Days in the United States, and Grace Church has been a supporter of and venue for DC SWAN Day since its beginning. All DC SWAN Day events are free and open to the public.


This year, SWAN Day will be celebrated on Saturday, March 23. Grace Church will host poetry and performance events, from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

GraceGalaFriends of Grace Gala: Save the Date
Sunday, June 23, 2013, 5:00 to 8:00 PM 


We think of Grace Church as the "Public Square" of lower Georgetown, opening its gates to all sorts and conditions of person. And indeed it is. 


But the "face" of Grace, the facade that watches over all the comings and goings, needs a "lift." The stone arches that adorn many of our windows and doors have deteriorated significantly over the century-and-a-half since their installation. 


Some of them are structural, i.e. they help hold up the building. The extent of needed work, and its cost, will be greater than we thought when assessment of this issue began prior to last year's Gala.


Our highest priority is to remove and replace the deteriorated stone around the three windows above our principal entrance. Within the next few weeks, black netting will be installed over these arches to hold the stone securely in place until replacement is complete. 


The cost of stone removal and replacement runs about $30,000 for each of these three windows - $90,000 for all three. Removal and replacement of all the stone arches will cost in the neighborhood of $250,000. A few large donations would make it possible for us to complete this work in one year, but it's more likely a multi-year project.


So the goal of this year's Gala is clear: to replace as much stone on the top three windows, and remove as much netting, as we can! Whatever we can't afford to replace will remain, with the security netting, for future Galas to fund. 


We're delighted to have Jane Mosbacher Morris and Hillary Liebtag as co-chairs of this years event, and we are immensely grateful to Elizabeth Hill for her outstanding leadership of this committee for the past five years. Several members and helpers of the committee hail from Texas, so this year's theme may take us to the Lone Star State: watch this space for more information!


In the meantime, please reflect and pray about how you might help Grace complete a legacy to those who, by God's grace, will carry on Grace's ministry in future generations.

Gigi Raney and Tom Horst were in the spirit!
FatSunday"Fat Sunday" Brunch a Success!

The Outreach Committee would like to thank the Grace family and friends for contributing $1,013 at its Fat Sunday brunch on February 10. 


The committee is particularly thankful for the jazz music contributed by the Blues Alley Youth Orchestra Combo and the culinary contributions of Doreen and Reg Burner, Sarah Haft, Leila Harrington, Jeanne Jennings and Kay and Tom Horst.


A good time was had by all -- here are some pictures of the festivities!


Profile Parishioner Profile: Rob Cahill
By Jeanne Jennings

So do not worry, saying 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Mathew 6:31-34
Rob Cahill paraphrased this bible verse at the very beginning of our discussion. It's apropos, given the transitions, transformations and "God moments" which brought Rob to Grace and, aside from a brief respite, have kept him here.
1983 was a year of transition for Rob, which he defines as going from a "known" point A to a "known" point B. He, his wife Marta and their children, Molly and Kevin, were living in Seattle, Washington (where he was born and raised) when he was appointed to a position at the Environment Protection Agency in Washington, DC. At first he wasn't sure he wanted the job; but Marta was excited to move to DC (she'd lived here before), so they came. 
They rented a place to live in Palisades. The man who owned the house had recently visited Grace to photograph the organ, leading his wife to recommend our church when she found out that Rob and Marta were Episcopal. But it was Janet Sale who sealed the deal on their first visit to Grace, inviting them to a potluck lunch after the service. They thought "Why look anywhere else?" and that was that.
Rob jumped in, being tapped for the vestry almost immediately. Molly and Kevin were baptized during Pentecost about a year after their arrival at Grace; Rob still remembers "sweating like a pig" because there was no air conditioning in the church and it was hot! In 1989 Thelma Smullen was at Grace and persuaded Rob to head up the Stewardship committee. 
Everything was going swimmingly until the summer of 1992, the beginning of a transformation for Rob, which he defines as going from a "known" point A to an "unknown" point B. After 10 years in the federal government his employment was terminated. Rob had a wife and family to support (Marta was a stay-home Mom at that point) -- and had no idea what a new job for him might look like or how to network to find one.
He was vacationing with his family in Seattle when he got the news, so he went on some haphazard interviews there. But they liked their life here, so they came back and Rob started looking seriously. It was Christmas weekend when he finally accepted a job offer, working with a friend at a private firm. They started the same day; after the third day, his friend quit. Rob remembers it being a bad job, he says it was even ugly at times, but he had a family to support. 
It was shortly after this that the Cahills left Grace. They went looking for a church with more children in their kids' age group and they found one in Virginia. 
Also during this time, Rob was introduced to the writings of Joseph Campbell, Joseph Jaworski and others. He calls them spiritual but not religious. Not only did they help him cope with a job he disliked, they helped him clarify his own path. Today he runs his own Leadership & Strategy Consultancy, is an adjunct professor at George Mason University and substitute teaches in the Arlington Public School System. 
A few years ago, after their children were grown, Rob and Marta went to a memorial service for a friend and ran into some people from Grace who suggested they come back. When they did, it felt like they had come home, according to Rob. 

Looking back to my opening paragraph, I still owe you a "God Moment" -- so here it is. Rob first met Marta during the NCAA Final 4; he kissed her good night on their first date and said he knew, right then, that this was the girl he was going to marry. It had to be the Holy Spirit -- a "God Moment" according to Rob. 

Rob and Marta are looking forward to two upcoming trips. The first will be to Florida to see their son Brian play in a basketball tournament; he is a sophomore at Nova Southeastern University. Next up: a trip to Ireland to visit daughter Kelsey, who recently accepted a job there. 

So the next time you run into Rob at coffee hour, ask him about his children, his upcoming trips, his work or the writings of Campbell and/or Jaworski. I always learn something interesting when I speak with Rob. 
VestryVestry Notes from the February Meeting 
Barbara de Beaufort


  • The Vestry approved by unanimous voice vote the 2011 Auditor's Report.
  • Margaret Davis, our Senior Warden, has discussed with Paul Cooney, the Canon to the Ordinary, the process of Mutual Ministry Review. The Vestry is investigating performance evaluations, and feels it is preferable to have a procedure in place rather than initiate one when the parish is under stress. 
  • The Vestry discussed the need for extra support with seating and communion during our Easter service. Adam Harrington, Margaret Davis, and Marie-Laure Poire volunteered to be ushers. Janet Sale and Margaret Davis will help with communion. 
  • Adam Harrington will work on improving our sound system. The Vestry agreed that it is time for a better microphone and new speakers. 
  • Paul Alligood, our Junior Warden, and John Graham continue researching replacement of the stone arches above Grace's doors and windows.  The Vestry approved installation of netting to secure the stone around the windows above the church's main entrance. See the note above about the Friends of Grace Gala for more information. 
  • The Friends of Grace Gala will be on June 23rd this year. This will give us a better chance of having good weather and holding part of the Gala outdoors. 
  • Adam Harrington and John Graham are working on an emergency evacuation plan.

The full minutes of the Vestry Meetings are filed in a binder in the Volunteer Office in the Rectory, after they have been approved by the Vestry.

118th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington
By Adam Harrington

On a blistering cold afternoon in February a few weeks ago, the 118th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington convened at the Washington National Cathedral, and your Grace delegates were there representing you despite the chill!


With a theme of "Equipping the Saints" this year, the Convention kicked off as the second in Bishop Mariann's tenure in Washington, with notably positive energy from the Bishop and her staff. She is an approachable, loving and energetic person who insists on being called "Bishop Mariann," and envisions a bright future for our Diocese under her stewardship.


Each year, we are required to send one Lay Delegate and one Clergy Delegate (John). We have traditionally sent one Alternate Lay Delegate as well so that this person can learn the ropes without having formal voting responsibilities. 


We also normally like to ensure there is one Vestry and one non-vestry member attending. This year, I served as our Lay Delegate and vestry member; Peyton Craighill,who is not on the vestry, served as our alternate delegate.


Convention runs all afternoon Friday and all day Saturday, and it is a great opportunity to witness the markedly democratic processes of our Church in action, as well as a great chance to meet new friends from outside Grace, both clergy and parishioners alike. Several meals are shared, and you have the chance to mingle and participate in interesting "breakout" sessions periodically as well.


The cathedral and Diocesan staff (complete with Sally Stanfield volunteering this year!) always have an excellent presentation, and there are many booths with interesting organizations. This year Peyton and I were even able to purchase some special olive oil made in the Holy Land, with proceeds going to help a good cause.


The Keynote speaker this year was the very eloquent Rev. Dwight Zscheile, author of People of the Way: Renewing Episcopal Identity, a book that Bishop Mariann strongly recommends we all read. 


His speech was an interesting deconstruction of the "state of the Church" in which he argues that since we are no longer the default choice for citizens as "Church of the Establishment," we need to work differently to find relevance in this era of human history. He ended with some interesting calls to action, to consider "relying upon the hospitality of the world" to minister in new spaces outside the traditional. The full video and speech are available online if anyone cares to watch.


The business of the Convention was executed on schedule, and two Resolutions were passed, both asking the General Convention (of the entire Episcopal Church) to make non-binding "statements of support," first on Peacemaking in the Holy Land, and then on Statehood for the District of Columbia. 


There was some passionate discussion again this year about the Resolutions being discussed, sometimes a bit too passionate, but that is the nature of a politically diverse Diocese and Church, perhaps! The Resolution process follows Robert's Rules of Order, and can be quite lengthy as some clergy and lay delegates are not used to speaking within time constraints in a larger body about issues they care deeply about - it could be useful for future Grace delegates to brush up on Robert's Rules if you are unfamiliar.


All in all, Convention 2013 proved that while Bishop Mariann certainly has her work cut out for her with some tough challenges ahead, the Diocese is full of bright, committed clergy and laypersons who are eager to continue ministering in all corners of our region. Peyton and I are proud of our little corner at Grace, and hope that others might volunteer to attend Convention next year and in the years to come!

Weekly at Grace
8:30 AM
Holy Eucharist


9:40 AM
Adult Forum: Evil and the God of Love
Held in the parish hall; child care available
10:15 AM
Prayers for the Nation and the World
Held outside at the Memorial Cross, includes remembrance of the Fallen (last Sunday of each month; 15 minutes)
10:30 AM
Holy Eucharist 
Music, child care and Sunday School


5:00 PM
Service of Prayer, Meditation and Communion


12:15 PM
Centering Prayer
35 minutes
12:15 PM
Holy Eucharist
30 minutes
11:30 AM
Grace's Table

Grace's Table offers hot lunch, Bible study and fellowship for persons who are homeless or living on the margins. 

About Grace

Grace Episcopal Church, Georgetown, was founded nearly 150 years ago to serve the laborers, craftsmen, shopkeepers, and watermen of the Georgetown waterfront.

By 1857 regular services were being held in a wooden chapel that stood in the southwest corner of the churchyard, where the World War I Memorial Cross now stands.

Outreach to the community, particularly lower Georgetown, remains a vital ministry of Grace.

To that end we host a variety of events for the public, including an annual Bach Festival and Music on the Lawn. Our parishioners are also active volunteers for the Taste of Georgetown, which supports the Georgetown Ministry Center, located in the basement of our Rectory. 

Grace Church is committed to providing a spiritual refuge for everyone living and working in the Georgetown area regardless of their religious affiliation. 

Visitors to Grace find a warm welcome, wonderful music, and a heartfelt faith. We are located on the east side of Wisconsin Avenue, just below M Street and the Canal, in the heart of Georgetown. 

Please join us for a service, an event, or just moment of quiet during your day. A weekly schedule of events appears in the column to your left.

Grace Episcopal Church
1041 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20007
2 hours free parking, with Grace validated exit ticket, is available in the Cinema Garage on K Street (just east of the intersection of Wisconsin and K Streets, one block south of the church):
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