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Janet Alexander and Chris Maund

October 2013
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Once again we have managed to miss a month completely (September) and it's already half way through October. Sorry about that! We've been spending some time studying with Guy Voyer recently with more of the same in the next 6 weeks. Guy's information and expertise is second to none...if you get the chance to attend one of his lectures or do one of his courses, do it. Most people go through life never really understanding how their body works...pain, dysfunction, allergies, GI complaints, auto immune disorders, cancer...all are a complete mystery to the average man in the street. It pays to educate yourself and Guy Voyer is a great guy to learn from. Not only is he an MD and DO and a PT but he was an elite judo competitor for France in his youth...that combination of education and experience is tough to find.

Now let's talk about detoxification as autumn (fall) is a great time for some serious internal cleaning.
We're big fans of using a Finnish style sauna to help people detoxify, having spent quite a bit of time in Finland cross country skiing. In fact we liked our Finnish winter escapades so much that we had a sauna installed in our garage in 2005...of course to get the most from it you need a cold plunge so we also purchased a very large plastic fertiliser container and we fill that with water and 100lbs of ice (that's about 45kg of ice). This gets the water temperature down to about 6 Celsius which is enough to freeze the balls off a ...well anyway, you get the point.
Should you wish to give this a try start with a fairly low sauna temperature (around 180 Fahrenheit or 82 Celsius) and don't put very much water on the coals. It's better to keep the humidity quite low and stay in the heat for a bit longer. Start with 5-10mins in the heat then get in the cold water for about 30s-60s. Repeat this process 3 times i.e. hot/cold/hot/cold/hot/cold. To get optimal detoxifying effect you should gradually build up to higher temperatures for 15min blocks but always with 60s in cold water after each of the three 15min sauna blocks.
Unfortunately in the US you cannot legally buy a sauna heater that will deliver anything over 194 Fahrenheit (lawyers we suspect!). This is a bummer because most people will eventually need anywhere between 210 and 240 Fahrenheit to get maximal benefit. Anyone know how to undo the thermostat modification that is made to all imported sauna heaters?!? Seriously...if you have these skills please let us know!

Another great detoxifying technique is fasting. The simplest way to fast is also the cheapest, the hardest and the most effective. If you have no self control or self discipline this is NOT for you!

Step 1...days 1-3: Eat nothing but pureed veggies for 3 days. This is NOT the same as are eating the entire vegetable whereas juicing throws away all the fibre. A good way to do this is to steam the veggies first then use a potato masher to get them nice and soft. Drink as much water as you like during the first 3 days. Do not drink carbonated or flavoured water or distilled water. Do not drink anything else except water.

Step 2...days 4-6: Eat nothing at all. Drink only water....again no carbonated or flavoured or distilled water. Each day do at least 60mins of brisk walking but don't let your HR go over 60% of your predicted maximum (220 minus your age). By performing low intensity aerobic exercise every day while you consume no calories you are forcing your body to burn fat. The longer you stay on step 2 the deeper into your fat reserves you will get. In Europe step 2 is sometimes maintained for 21 days...but usually under medical supervision. Eventually you will access the brown fat that surrounds your organs...this can result in "miracle" cures for patients with tick borne illness like Lyme disease. Stay in step 2 for at least 3 days but if you can handle it try for 6. More is better.

Step 3...same as for step 1 for another 3 days. This gives your body time to adjust to dealing with food again.

Give it a whirl and tell us what you notice!     
And lastly for this month...Halloween is coming up and that means kids knocking on your door expecting sugar. Unless you are planning on hiding under the sofa with the lights out you are going to end up giving kids sugary "treats" so at least scrutinise the labels for things like colourings, flavourings, preservatives and other non nutritive additives. Another great idea is to give them treats that contain plenty of fat as fat blunts the "rush" that sugar creates when eaten on its own. Justin's Peanut Butter Cups come to mind. Peanut butter added to any sugary "treat" is usually a good idea when it comes to kid behaviour management!
Happy October to you all Chris and Janet xxx