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Janet Alexander and Chris Maund

February 2013
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My Valentine

Hi everyone,

To those of you who were wondering if you had missed the January issue of our newsletter....ahhh you didn't WE actually missed it!! 2013 started for us down under in New Zealand where we spent time visiting family and friends and increasing our Vitamin D levels with a great Kiwi summer holiday. On our return to California we attended an intensive Guy Voyer course on Proprioception, essential up-skilling for ourselves, which we will be passing on to our clients so look out for touches of Guy in your upcoming workout programs. Add all that to long run training for Chris (he is returning to Marathon des Sables in Morocco and taking three clients with him) and me having to deal with a knee injury and subsequent withdrawal from MDS, before we knew it January had quickly disappeared. So, here we are in February back at it with Valentines Day fast approaching.

Should I give my Valentine Chocolate or a pair of Trail Shoes?
I'm probably not the best person to be writing this piece as I generally don't care for chocolate unless I have run or cycled for half a day and only then will I eat it. It's not a calorie thing it's a taste thing and yes I can see you 'chocoholics rolling your eyes' saying ''plleeezzzze!' My biased answer? Trail shoes every time but hey I am a runner.
However, if you were to opt for chocolate, what is considered 'good chocolate'? and Is chocolate 'good' for you? It depends on what kind of chocolate it is and who YOU are. Organic Dark Chocolate is the best according to the in-house chocolate eater. A great brand is Green & Blacks which you can get a Whole Foods. Make sure you can pronounce ALL of the ingredients and they are 'clean', not toxic and plastic. If you have to look it up on the internet then don't eat it! Simple. If YOU are overweight and have belly fat (and therefore poor blood sugar control) then chocolate is not a good choice. You could plan on eating something to counter the sugar high that follows. So how could we do that? Eat bacon with your chocolate? Pretty much! The best idea is to expend some energy before indulging in the customary tradition of chocolate, sugary treats and/or a fabulous dinner out with your Valentine. Remember, the more you indulge the more you have to move! We 'heart' trail shoes and maybe you should too. 
Coming up in March - Female Hormone Balance          
The subject of female hormonal balance seems to be the latest buzz phrase and depending on whom you read, the percentage of women over 35 struggling with hormone imbalance is about 75%. That is a lot of unhappy women! I will therefore start a series on this topic in March to make sure 'our girls' stay happy. I also wanted to reiterate what Chris has already covered in past newsletters re collecting data and self testing. Ladies, we need to start collecting OUR numbers for future strategies. Blood, urine, saliva and stool so that when our female hormones start taking a hike and decline, there is a past baseline to make a factual comparison with. It will save you a lot of sleepless nights. Remember, the five critical factors for hormonal control in females is a) Stress Reduction and keeping cortisol at normal levels, b) Eating a correct and balanced diet that nourishes you c) An exercise/movement regime that you can sustain for life d) Good sleep that allows you to fully recover and last but not least e) Non-Toxic relationships. I am all for women knowing where they are at and so get ready for a blast of XX chromosome girl talk in the months to follow. Boys..don't think this is not for you, this may just be the best Valentines Day gift ever. Us girls love a man in touch with his feminine side, just don't hog the bathroom!
Enjoy your day Janet and Chris xxx