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9 Kislev 5774 -  9 Tevet 5775                                                     December 1-31, 2014 
Inspiration. Celebration. Transformation.
Celebrating 90+ Years in the Palm Beaches
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We Love to Say, "Mazel Tov" ... So Send Us Your Good News! 
Our new members, the Hackmans, have just opened their new restaurant at 7434 S. Dixie Highway (near South Olive Elementary) ... please stop by and say "hi" from Temple Israel to Chef/Owner Michael Hackman as you visit "Aioli," his new breakfast and lunch restaurant!  Mazel tov on the Hackmans' new business venture!  

Please call Lori in our Office to let us know and she will make sure we include it in an upcoming issue of the eKoleynu!
Do You Want to Hang a Mezuzah on Your Door? 
If you would like help hanging a Mezuzah at your home, please let Rabbi Olshein know and she will be happy to discuss what need and help you make it happen!
Can't Remember Your Hebrew Name?  Don't Have One?
If you don't have a Hebrew name and would like one, get in touch with Rabbi Olshein and she will help select your Hebrew name with you!  Just call the Office to make an appointment with her and she will help make it happen!
WPB Food Pantry Volunteer (and Donation) Opportunities
Volunteers (and Donations) Needed for Our New Food Pantry! 

Our new WPB Food Pantry needs volunteers on the 3rd Friday of each month ... and the time commitment is only 2.5 hours a month!

Regarding donations, items of critical need include:
- Peanut butter
- Rice and/or beans
- Canned protein (chili, salmon, tuna, etc.)
- Tomato sauce
- Pasta
- Canned Fruit
- Cereal (single-serving oatmeal also appreciated)
- Ladies hygiene products
- Hotel-sized toiletries
Also, feel free to bring condiments such as mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard!
Please bring these items any time you come to Temple Israel ... we will make sure they get to the WPB Food Pantry!
Our next volunteer opportunity is Friday, 12/19, at 9:30am, at the Urban League's Community Services Center at 2107 Tamarind. 
Volunteer Positions:
- Greeter (help people fill out the necessary paperwork)
- Interviewer (help people qualify to receive food)
- Sorter/Bagger/Stock Person
- Data Entry (to track pantry aid recipients)
Training provided for all positions.  
For more information about becoming a Food Pantry volunteer, please contact Ellen Flaum by clicking here 

Donations in October:  TI Wants to Thank These People for Their Generosity ... 
Click here to see who we thank for their donations during October!
Celebrating Our December Birthdays 
Look for an upcoming separate email containing this information!
Celebrating Our December Anniversaries
Look for an upcoming separate email containing this information.
Temple Israel Sends Healing Prayers to ...
We include the following individuals in our community's prayers:
- Jonathan Adwar
- Marcia Bernhardt
- Saralyne Feinberg
- Marshall Levy
- Fern Rose
Jerome Rubin
Seymour Shlakman
- Peggy Silbert
Ian Williamson
- Jane Zion
- Rabbi Martin Zion

As a result of current privacy laws, we are not informed when someone is sick and in the hospital or a rehab facility.  If you know of someone from Temple Israel who fits these categories, please contact the office so we can reach out to support them through their difficult time.
Is There a College Student in Your Life?  Tell Us Where They Live!
Members:  Temple Israel wants to reach out to your college student this year, but we need to know where to find them!  Fill out an info sheet on each child the next time you are at Temple Israel so we can get them on our new Kesher/College Connection list. 

Questions?  Click here to contact Stefanie Raifman, our "Director for Everything Under 40" for more information!
Consider Honoring a Loved One with a Leaf on TI's "Tree of Life" ...
Leaves are available  for only $180.  Click
here to learn more about this wonderful way to mark a special occasion!  
We Can Help With Cemetery Arrangements ...
Temple Israel owns cemetery plots in the Temple Israel section of Star of David Cemetery in Palm Beach Gardens. To purchase one of our plots, you need to first  contact a Family Counselor at Star of David to discuss locations and other details (call 627-2277 to speak with a counselor).

We offer our plots within Temple Israel's section at a special rate of only $2,750 per plot. After speaking with the professional and choosing your plot location within the TI section, please contact our Executive Director, Linda Solomon, to make payment arrangements. Linda is available to assist you in any way she can ... please call her at the Temple office at 833-8421 so she can help you take care of the best gift you can gift your family, the gift of pre-planning so they don't have to make the arrangements later.
Honoring Someone With a Memorial Plaque ...
Please contact Lori Parris in our Office if you would like to dedicate a permanent reminder of your loved one, which will be lit each year on their Yarzheit.
Know Someone Who is Unaffiliated?
Temple Israel is committed to making membership possible for anyone who would like to join our spiritual community, and even has specific programs to make young adult membership possible (membership is free until age 30 and significantly reduced up to age 45).  Please click here to contact our Executive Director, Linda Solomon, for more information about becoming part of the Temple Israel family.
Want to Get More Out of Your TI Membership? Get to Know More People by Getting Involved and Giving Back!
Interested in making the world a better place? Join TI's Social Action Committee!

Contact our Social Action Committee Chair, Nancy Horowitz, by clicking here for more information regarding how you can become involved.

Want to help other congregants in need? Join TI's Chesed/Caring Community! 

Contact our Chesed/ Caring Community Chair, Tracy Simkowitz, by clicking here for more information on how you can help.

Have ideas about how to make certain TI is financially secure in the future?

Marty List, TI's Fundraising Chair, invites you to join our Fundraising Committee. Please contact him by clicking here to let him know you want to help Temple Israel be here to serve the Jewish population in Palm Beach County for many years to come!

Know Someone in Need of Some Extra TLC?
If you know a TI member who might benefit from a visit or a phone call from Rabbi Olshein or our 

Chesed /Caring Community, please inform the Office so we can contact them. Furthermore, we now offer "Chicken Soup for the Soul," meaning that we have frozen meals available for those who might be going through a difficult time.  If you know someone who might benefit from this program sponsored by our Caring Community, please contact Rabbi Olshein or our Executive Director, Linda Solomon, to let us know how we can help!

How to Reach TI's Lay Leadership and Professional Staff ...

Please call the Office to reach these individuals:

- Maintenance Technician Earnton Mosley, Jr.
- Accompanist David Block
Rabbi Olshein's December Message ...
Bringing Light Into the Darkness ...

Each winter as the sky darkens earlier and earlier, Jews around the world find themselves seeking not only actual, but also spiritual light.  We do this by lighting a special Chanukah menorah (called a "Chanukiyah") for eight nights, starting with one candle and each night adding another candle to its brightness.  It is important to note that one is not supposed to use this light for practical purposes, but instead, the light is supposed to displayed to bring notice to our Chanukah miracle, only for the purpose of bringing light to the world.  

Which leads me to the following questions ... what do you do to bring light to the world each and every day?  When given the opportunity, do you help others or do you believe that each person should fend for themselves?  How good are you at NOT carrying your pain around and inflicting it on others?  How much of your day is focused on you versus how much of your day is focused on uplifting of others?  Do you try to alleviate others' pain or do you contribute to darkness in this world?  The Torah tells us in simple terms that, yes, we ARE our brothers' (and sisters') keeper, which means that we cannot solely focus our energy inward.  We are required to focus our energy outward as well.  

Even though we are blessed with pretty spectacular weather year-round in the Palm Beaches, not everyone responds to winter the same way ... especially with these short days, these winter months can be a time for receding from friends and family.  Please consider reaching out to someone you might not normally reach out to and simply say hello ... with a simple phone call, you might just bring a little light into their world ... and who knows what that could lead to?
QUICK CALENDAR:  What's Happening through 12/31 at TI ...
TI Learns:  Holidays and Holy Days:  Winter and Spring (Part One) ... free and open to all, so invite your friends!
Special Dinner for "President's Circle" Members 
"Proneg" (our nosh before services)
Erev Shabbat/Friday Night services with Rabbi Cookie Lea Olshein and Cantor Michael Kruk, featuring Rabbi Emeritus Howard Shapiro's "Next Person I Want You to Meet," Ari Shavit, followed by our Oneg Shabbat dessert reception after services.  Feel free to invite your friends!
Weekly Torah study in English.  Free and open to all.  No RSVP necessary ... just come!

Religious School ... please meet in the Kraft Sanctuary promptly at 9:30am for special music this morning!
Watch for details about Special "Mitzvah Menorah Wrap Party" 
TI Learns:  Holidays and Holy Days:  Winter and Spring (Part Two)... free and open to all, so please invite your friends!
** NEW
"Proneg" (our nosh before services)
Erev Shabbat/Friday Night services with Rabbi Cookie Lea Olshein and Cantor Michael Kruk, followed by our Oneg Shabbat dessert reception.  Open to all, so please invite your friends!


Weekly Torah Study (in English) ... free and open to all.  No RSVP necessary ... just come! 
Special Chanukah Family Education Program ... designed for families with young kids through 4th grade ... FREE and open to all young families, so invite your friends with younger kids.  Light Kiddush lunch following, so please let us know to expect you!
Special "Shabbat Out of the Box" Morning Worship Service ... try something new with Rabbi Olshein in our Media Center and stay for the light  Kiddush lunch following!
First night of Chanukah
Board of Trustees Meeting ... open to all.  
** NEW
"Proneg" (our nosh before services)  
Erev Shabbat/Friday Night services with Rabbi Cookie Lea Olshein and Cantor Michael Kruk, with our annual "Night of 100 Menorahs" (so please bring a chanukiyah for every member of your family) and Consecration of our new students.  Special Latke dinner follows ... please note that you MUST RSVP for this dinner.   

Weekly Torah study in English.  Free and open to all.  No RSVP necessary ... just come!
Annual City Place Chanukah Concert with Cantor Kruk and TI's Choir.
All day
Office closed
All day 6:00pm 
** NEW
Office closed
"Proneg" (our nosh before services)
Erev Shabbat/Friday Night services with Cantor Michael Kruk, followed by our Oneg Shabbat dessert reception ... please invite your friends! 
Sat12/279:30amWeekly Torah study in English.  Free and open to all.  No RSVP necessary ... just come!
Wed12/312:00pmOffice closes at 2:00pm.
News from the President's Circle . . . 
For all our PC members, please remember the date of December 5th, when Israeli author Ari Shavit will be speaking at services as Rabbi Shapiro's "Next Person I Want You to Meet" (this service will begin at 7:30pm as it is a "First Friday" service)  There will be a special Shabbat dinner prior to services for President's Circle members where they will be able to meet and speak with Mr. Shavit.  If you have not RSVP'd yet for this event, please do so ASAP.  


Please know that membership in the President's Circle continues to grow.  Contact us or Linda Solomon if you would like more information on the President's Circle ... and thank you for going "above and beyond."

- Nancy and Barry Horowitz, President's Circle Chairs

News from the Brotherhood . . . 


Fairly soon we will start smelling the scent of one of my favorite foods - potato latkes!  Oh how I love this Chanukah comfort food.  As a young child, I remember how my Mom's kitchen would smell like latkes for days.   Good memories.

By now, every member of our Temple Israel family should have received a box of Chanukah candles compliments of the Temple Israel Brotherhood.  Thank you to Bill Baker for once again chairing this project.  There were a number of Brotherhood members who helped prepare the mailing.  Please read the letter that accompanied the candles and consider a donation to Brotherhood.  Don't forget, the first night of Chanukah is Tuesday, December 16th.


Plan to come out to a Spring Training Baseball Game at Roger Dean Stadium on Sunday, March 8th, at 1:05p - Marlins vs. Cardinals.  Ticket information will be available shortly.  This year, Brotherhood is covering the cost of tickets for any Temple Israel Religious School student for the game.  Any student will receive a ticket as long as they are accompanied by a paid parent.  The availability of all tickets are limited.  Last year, we quickly sold out of tickets for the game.  Once the tickets become available, don't hesitate to buy yours.


Please don't forget to check in with the Temple Israel website regularly for more Brotherhood activities. 

 David Sax, 
Brotherhood President
News from the Sisterhood . . . 

Shalom Everyone,


People typically remember where we were whenever impactful things happened in history. Today I'm asking YOU ... where were you on November 2, 2014, the date of our 2014 Membership Brunch?


If you weren't at Brio's in the Gardens Mall that day, you missed out on being part of and witness to impactful things happening for TI Sisterhood. I have such a long list of thanks to give for this wonderful day. First of all, accolades and thanks must go to Gee Gee Eisenberg and Joanne Green for Co-Chairing this wildly successful event - from the beautiful flowers on the tables to the smooth flow of the day, your creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm permeated every corner of the room. 


I must also thank ... Lori Ackerman, Raffle Seller Extraordinaire - your contagious enthusiasm generated spectacular sales; Jackie Browne - your insightful talk kept us spellbound from beginning to end; Adrianne Weissman, Judy Devore and Suzy Cohen, from Evelyn and Arthur's - you did a great job of putting together our beautiful fashions; special kudos to all our models... Lisa Caplin, Suzy Cohen, Aileen Josephs, Liz Reitman and Nancy Schwartz;  Marcy Allen and Sara Harady your accessorizing  of the Evelyn & Arthur fashions with your beautiful jewelry was the icing on the cake and the donation you made to Sisterhood from your sales that day was most generous; Fonda Lee, makeup artist to the models- you made us shine;  Amy Jonas and Doris Ellenbogen along with our Co-Chairs- I thank you for putting together the invitations for mailing. I could not have tied one more yellow bow; and finally to all of you who were there... you filled the room to overflowing with your being, your excitement and your joy. 

Thank you for coming, for bringing your friends and family and for making this occasion so special.  What a great way to start off the season. Let the enthusiasm continue to build.

See everyone on December 7th at 11 am in the Media Center for our next Sisterhood Meeting!


- Elaine Feldmesser, President of Sisterhood 




Friday, 11/28

MITZVAH MENORAH DEADLINE - bring your Mitzvah Menorah gifts to Temple!

Sunday, 12/7

11 am

SISTERHOOD MEETING... followed by Mitzvah Menorah Wrap Party

Lunch provided by Sisterhood

Tuesday, 12/9

10 am



Co-Sponsored by the Mandel JCC and area temple sisterhoods including us

Hear Author Nancy Sharp discuss her new book "From Both Sides Now"

At Temple Beth David - Hood Road - Palm Beach Gardens - $36 pp

Saturday, 1/31


RACE FOR THE CURE - Karen List, Chair - to contact Karen:  karelito@aol.com ... go to the Race website and search for "Temple Israel's Ta Ta Society" Race for the Cure Team online.  Pre-Race for the Cure Party - Information Coming Soon



Use Your COUPON for Sisterhood's ONLINE Gift Shop!
Check Out Sisterhood's ONLINE GIFT SHOP!
To celebrate our partnership with Traditions Jewish Gifts, please use this special coupon to try out our new online gift shop ... just enter our special COUPON CODE: AF225 (use this code EVERY time you shop for Sisterhood to receive credit for your purchase), and you will receive $5.00 off your order, with no minimum order required!


DON'T FORGET ... Always use Temple Israel Sisterhoods' special code AF255, on every order you place so that Sisterhood will receive 10% of your purchase price from Traditions!  


You are just a click away from ordering beautiful Judaica at great prices ... and supporting Temple Israel's Sisterhood, so CLICK HERE TO START SHOPPING! 


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UPCOMING EVENT DETAILS ... This Section Gives More Details on What's Happening at TI! 
Temple Israel is GOING TO ISRAEL ...
May 3-13, 2015!

** Deadline for registering is coming up soon ... please contact Rabbi Olshein if you want more information!

Click here for a link to our special flip-book detailing our great "Israel 3.0:  Haven't Been There ... Haven't Done That" itinerary to Israel ... and then contact Rabbi Olshein to get more details!

12/5:  "Israel Engagement Series" Continues with Rabbi Emeritus Howard Shapiro's "Next Person I Want You to Meet," NY Times' best-selling author, ARI SHAVIT! 
Each month this year, and especially to help prepare for our congregational trip to Israel, Temple Israel will be hosting speakers from a variety of organizations representing multiple viewpoints on Israel.  We hope this series will provide a respectful forum for sharing a breadth of opinions concerning our people's homeland, and help us better understand its strengths and challenges.

* December 5, 2014, at 7:30pm:
Rabbi Howard Shapiro's "Next Person I Want You to Meet,"
NYT's best-selling author,
Ari Shavit
(please note the different start time)

* January 23, 2015, at 6:30pm:
American Jewish Committee, 
Rachel Miller, 
Palm Beach County Director

* February 13, 2015, at 6:30pm:
Jewish National Fund, 
Daniel Klein, Area Director, 
Israel Advocacy and Education

* March 20, 2015, at 6:30pm:
Israel and Global Initiatives, 
Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County,
Shani and Nir Boneh, 
Community Emissaries/Sh'lichim

* April 17, 2015, at 6:30pm:
Special Program 
acknowledging "Israeli 
Memorial/Independence Days"
Friday, 12/19:  "Night of 100 Menorahs"
Service of Consecration and Celebration of Shabbat Chanukah at 6:30pm
2014 Chanukah Flyer
Must RSVP before 12/15 to join us for this Shabbat dinner!

Pictures from Our First "Food Truck Fun Night" ... 

Temple Israel's Religious School is Accepting Registration Forms for the Spring Semester ... It's Not Too Late to Register Your Children/Grandchildren!
"Pre-K" to 2nd Grade:  Only $118*
3rd to 7th Grades:  Only $360* 
*Registration fees do apply ... please note that you do NOT have to be a member of TI to send your kids to our Religious School, so please tell your unaffiliated friends that we welcome them!

To read more about what is happening at Temple Israel's Religious School or to seem more information about the "NEW" Free Membership for Religious School Families, click on the link to the Religious School blog.

Click here if you have any questions for Stefanie.
To register your child(ren) via our online registration form, click here
Religious School's "Mini Mitzvah Day"
Benefitting the WPB Housing Authority
Check out the great pictures below and make sure to check out our Facebook page (just click here) for even more photos of how we celebrate and serve others at Temple Israel!  
Know a Jewish Young Adult in the Palm Beaches?  Connect Them with "The Tribe" at TI!
Join "The Tribe" if you are
in your 20s and 30s!
"The Tribe": Temple Israel's Young Adult Group

Saturday, 12/13, at 6pm

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Tasting at TI ... FREE and Open to Young Adults in their 20s and 30s

Celebrate the miracle of Chanukah with us as we learn about the connection of olive oil to our winter holiday ... taste different olive oils and balsamic vinegars and enjoy a light meal ... RSVPs a must for this fun event! 

Want to help plan engaging and exciting programming?? 
Join "The Tribe" on Facebook and join the discussion!

Single or married, with or with out children, gay, lesbian or straight, if you are in your 20's or 30's and want to meet other young Jewish adults, join the Temple Israel Tribe, our Young Adult Connection.  With a variety of Temple-based educational, spiritual, and social activities, The Tribe offers a connection to young adults.


Are you on Facebook?  Like Temple Israel's The Tribe Young Adult Connection 

to stay current and connected!  We post our events on Facebook, so please join! 

For additional information, questions, or a general overview, please e-mail Stefanie Raifman by clicking here.  Know Any Young Adults in their 20's and 30's?  Tell Them to Check Out "The Tribe" on Facebook ... just click here to find us!


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