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Supreme Court decision 5-4 Private Property
  In a victory for advocates of private property rights, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that governments may owe compensation to property owners who are denied permits to develop their land.

The court sided with Coy Koontz, a Florida man who said limits imposed by the St. Johns River Water Management District on how he used his land were a "taking" subject to compensation under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

He was supported by conservative legal groups and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce business group, while the U.S. government, 19 states and wetlands conservation activists backed St. Johns.

The sea became "as glass" as the men crossed the English Channel.
From Fear to Faith
It was 24/7 sheer terror and panic for the mothers and fathers of the English Empire in 1940. They had just lost 878,000 of their sons twenty years before in WWI. And now the Nazis were enslaving virtually all of Europe in May and June of 1940. The bloodiest war in history was unfolding before them and again these parents would have to offer their sons, their most priceless treasure to, as Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, "save Christian civilization.".  Continue Reading.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! And the new faith of humanism.
Humanism, by generally accepted definition is a "religion", and during its development in ancient Greek and Roman times was believed to be a replacement
for Christianity. It is a religion that is very intolerant of the expression of the Christian faith; instead it is the religion of "man-alone". Secular Humanism was decidedly declared a religion in the Supreme Court case of Torcaso V Watkins. It replaces God with man, and its own ideas become the new ethics and morality. 
It completely denies the Christ, who alone can save us, and demands that there
is no God who can command moral standards for mankind. It has declared absolute
full-scale war on Christianity. Continue reading and watch video here.
What is Agenda 21 and Seven 50? Interview with American Coalition 4 Property Rights. 
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Watch Mayor Fletchers Amazing response here.

Seven-50 is a non-governmental organization consisting of over 200 unelected bureaucrats in our seven counties, appointees from outside our area, who circumvent the state level, infiltrate local city councils, planning & zoning boards and the boards of county commissioners, then bypassing them in order to implement their community 
re-engineering plan. Working under Presidential Executive Order # 13575, previously called "The President's Council on Sustainable Development," Seven 50 has been appointed to nationalize human settlements into one-size-fits-all model and federalize our living spaces they hope,
without our knowledge, without our vote, without our consent, but with our tax dollars. 

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We need you to look through your closets & to donate your gently used party dresses- long or short- in all sizes & to ask your friends to do the same. We will also be accepting men's jackets, suits, tuxedos &dress slacks as well as accessories for the girls. A Second Chance Thrift Store is located at 490 Old Dixie Highway. The phone number is 772-492-9333 or call Kim at 772-696-2948

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