Imaging Inspirations - Friday, November 15, 2013

With imaging projects, when faced with removing something, just cover it up with what you are going to see.  "Removing" a creaky wooden pergola, to make way for a new raised patio & fire pit gathering space, is a perfect example for showing this concept.
2D Raised Patio & Fire Pit Project  
Before Photo - Raised Patio & Fire Pit Project

Sketch Plan - Raised Patio & Fire Pit Project

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2D After Image - Raised Patio & Fire Pit Project - Option 1

Photo Sketch Plan - Changes - Raised Patio & Fire Pit Project

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2D After Image - Changes - Raised Patio & Fire Pit Project - Option 2
About... 2D Raised Patio & Fire Pit Project...
Go Pavers LOGOWith this raised patio and fire pit project, created for Go Pavers, the challenge was in "removing" the tired pergola and showing what the planting would be on the steep backyard slope.
The trick is with any 2D imaging project you are never "removing" something... you are always covering it up. 
Be sure to leave some sloped mulch (or dirt) showing between the shrubs as the slope rises and apply perspective so the higher up the ground textures goes, the smaller it gets.  As plants move up the hill make them smaller as well.  Finally, use shadows for accents.
What was an extra touch about this project is the Go Pavers salesperson took original project "before" photos with his iPad, created a sketch drawing of the raised patio with an iPad app (any drawing app will do), and then sent it on.  Later, when inevitable customer changes were required, he quickly sketched out those desired changes on the first "After Image" (again on the iPad) and sent the visual change request for a quick turnaround.
Projects on the go, eh?
"Whenever you are removing something -- like this old wooden pergola -- and when taking your photos, try to stand BEHIND the object to be removed.  Then take a photo of what you will see.  Saves a lot of extra patching and 'covering up' time."  
-- Diane
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