Imaging Inspirations - Saturday, November 9, 2013

In colder zones, planning for projects doesn't have to stop with a bit of snow (or even a lot).  Imaging gives you the ability to "bring in spring" even when it's 10 below.  Extend your season instead. 
2D - 3D Combo Snowy Backyard Project
w/Patio, Fire Pit, Pergola & More
(Using Decorative Concrete Patio & Block Seating Walls)  
Before Photo - Snowy NY Backyard Project
Sketch Plan - Snowy NY Backyard Project
3D Model - Snowy NY Backyard Project
2D Photo - 3D Model Combo - Snowy NY Backyard Project
Hardscapes Only
(With Extended Background Photo & 2D Re-Textured Surfaces)
2D-3D After Image Combo - Snowy NY Backyard Project
(Plants Hide All Odd Spots - Creating A "Garden" Picture)
About... 2D - 3D Combo Snowy Backyard Project...
Snow doesn't mean... stop all projects.

Planning for ideas (and an early thaw) can make the difference in starting a new season booked in advance or last minute scrambling along with your hungry competition.

This snowy backyard patio project, created for Prime Site Work & Concrete, was a bit harder to visualize looking at the provided sketch plan and interpreting it over the available smaller photo.  Decided to test the "look & feel" by creating a 3D Model, first, then moving it to a position that would work well with the extended "Before Photo." (It's what we had to work with since no one wanted to go back out to the clients house and take more photos.)

Although the patio surface needed to be a specific color of decorative concrete (with somewhat matching block seating walls), it was easier in the 2D software to re-texture the 3D model positioned over the before photo.  Although curved surfaces aren't as elegant in 2D as it 3D,  flowering plants and taller trees always distract the eye and cover up the rough spots.

The 3D model was designed using VisionScape software (see model here), then moved into position -- and actually broken apart -- to better manipulate individual elements for the final 2D image.  
"When your background photo isn't large enough for the design... just extend it (see the 'hardscapes only' image above)... and then cover up any wonky spots with trees and shrubs.  The client will never know... unless you tell them."  
-- Diane
"In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm...
in the real world all rests on perseverance."
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Author

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