Imaging Inspirations - Friday, November 1, 2013
Lap Pools are a popular item for small yards, especially in hot climates. 
Seems like summertime is when homeowners dream of swimmable water and a tropical landscapes.
2D Lap Pools & Wealth Corner Homeowner Projects
Before Photo - Raised Ojai Lap Pool Project
2D After Image - Raised Ojai Lap Pool Project
Before Photo - Aguanga Lap Pool Project
2D After Image - Aguanga Lap Pool Project
Before Photo - Aguanga Wealth Corner Project
2D After Image - Aguanga Wealth Corner Project
About... 2D Lap Pools & Wealth Corner Homeowner Projects...
During long, hot summers, small yard homeowners often have large dreams of Olympic-sized pools.  However, the reality of their postage stamp backyards drops them quickly back to earth. 
Now, technology allows the installation of "endless pools" perfect for aquatic exercises in tiny spaces. 
The above 2D imaging projects were both created for two different homeowners each looking for liquid alternatives to too hot yards. 
Turns out a 7' by 12' endless pool will just fit in the allotted space for the Raised Ojai Lap Pool Project (while the replaced decking expands the total look and feel).
For the Aguanga (close to Temecula, CA) Lap Pool & Wealth Corner Projects there is a bit more space available so the lap pool idea was expanded somewhat.  The homeowner just wanted to "see" what a lush tropical backyard with multiple water features would look like instead of their single kiddie pool, long taken over by the family pets.  The other imaging challenge was to create the sense of better "Feng Shui" in the blank "Wealth & Prosperity" corner of an uninspired yard. 
Normally, in an arid area, water-thirsty landscapes would be a very poor choice.  In this rare case, an underground river feeds the well water an endless supply. 
Why not dream?
"Not all dinky pool-less yards need to remain that way.  In order to create the Raised Ojai Lap Pool image, first searched Google Images for higher-resolution (2MB setting under the Advanced setting) options of 'endless' pool photos taken at the right angle for the target 'Before' photo.  It's much easier and faster to find a workable photo than to define a pool from scratch.  Although, to be fair, in this case, a bit of 'patching" was required.  (Often is.)"
-- Diane
"All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea."
-- Napoleon Hill, author

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