Imaging Inspirations - Friday, October 25, 2013
When there are curving walls involved, on certain projects, it may be easier to create a small 3D model -- first -- to help see it in perspective and over-layered on a backyard photo.  Makes the imaging job much easier to define. 
2D - 3D Combo Curved Pillar Patio Project
Before Photo - Curved Pillar Patio Project
Sketch PLAN - Curved Pillar Patio Project - Fox Valley Hardscapes
3D Model - Curved Pillar Patio Project - Texture/Color Option 1
3D Model - Curved Pillar Patio Project - Texture/Color Option 2
2D & 3D - Combined Model & Photo - Curved Pillar Patio - Retextured
Actual Installation - Curved Pillar Patio Project
About... 2D - 3D Combo Curved Pillar Patio Project...
With this back patio project from Fox Valley Hardscapes (located in Illinois), including two curving seating walls and a fire pit, decided to "test" creating a 3D model of the provided design, just to see how well it might work out in the actual imaging project.
After playing with different paver and wall material and color options, using the 3D VisionScape software (see several 3D model screenshots of project), determined it did help to get the sense of what the patio would look like at an odd angle in the backyard.  Even so, because the paver colors options weren't quite exact to what was desired, used the 3D model as an in-place template and then "imaged" additional textures over it from the Depiction Hardscape Imaging Software to finish.
By the way, if you are a decorative concrete contractor, instead of a hardscape/landscape contractor, it's just as easy to create a 3D model and then use seamless textures from the Depiction Deco-Con Imaging SoftwareThe concept is exactly the same. It's all surfaces anyway!
In the end, it really didn't matter what color was used in the image, since -- as you can see by the actual installation photo -- the paver and wall colors changed anyway.  Often the case. 
Doesn't matter. 
The image helped the contractor sell the installation.  And that's what it's it all about when including 2D or 3D computer imaging in your pre-sales process.
Checks to the bank, eh?
"Discovered that with multiple curving surface projects (walls, fire pits and steps combined) -- sometimes -- it's faster to create a 3D model.  Try it, especially if you don't precisely "see" how it's all going to look from the angle of the photo selected as the 2D background.  Testing... and more testing... is the only way to see 'what works' best.  Do be willing to try something outside your 'imaging' comfort zone and it can reap rewards."
-- Diane
 See Larger-Sized "2D-3D-Combo-Curved-Pillar-Patio" and Additional Images... on Houzz...
"I visualize things in my mind before I have to do them. It's like having a mental workshop."
-- Jack Youngblood
(Or your software.)

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