Imaging Inspirations - Friday, October 11, 2013
A covered outdoor room seriously needed a redo with dated fireplace and BBQ bar (and swimming pool deck... larger images on Houzz).  With this fireplace project -- repeated below -- we have the actual installation photo to compare it to!  See what you think.
2D Covered Outdoor Room Fireplace & BBQ Bar
2D Imaging Project - Covered Outdoor Room Fireplace
Actual Finished Installation By Go Pavers - Covered Outdoor Room Fireplace
Before Photo - Covered Outdoor Room Fireplace
2D Imaging Project - Covered Outdoor Room - BBQ Bar
Before Photo - Covered Outdoor Room - BBQ Bar
About... Covered Outdoor Room Fireplace & BBQ Bar Project...
Go Pavers LOGOTo sell an installation, it's not always necessary to show a lot of complexity. Go Pavers knows it can be all about showing homeowners an updated look.
Of course, paver patios always look better than stained concrete or cracked tile, but the real visual transformation comes in simply "redoing" the dated Spanish style walls with complimentary stone veneer.
As you can see with the actual installation photo, the image really helped the homeowners envision the project... and say, "Yes!"
Far more elegant, eh? 
Time to fire up the grill, pour the wine, and "cheer" the beer.
"Simple sells. The key to an easy imaging redo is... add accent plants!  They give life to every scene and become the unspoken appeal for the project."
-- Diane
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."
-- Darrell Royal

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