Imaging Inspirations - Friday, October 4, 2013
Sometimes you just need to "see' a bigger picture.  That's where compositing two photos together will create a more comprehensive view.  Then it's all up to the flagstone and pavers choices you show.
2D Composite Photos - Ojai Backyard Flagstone Views
2D Ojai Backyard - Flagstone Pathways - Urn Fountains
Before Photo - Ojai Backyard - Empty Urn Fountains
2D Ojai Backyard - Flagstone Patio - Fire Pit Area
Before Photo - Ojai Backyard Patio - Intended Fire Pit Area
About... Composite Photos - Ojai Backyard & Flagstone Views...
Contractors often never get around to their own backyard because they are so busy with current customer projects.  (You know what's that's like, right?)
When the contractor's wife is a professional photographer and loves to "see" potential changes, imaging really is the best way to share design ideas with each other. 
After all, this is your "home."
For this personalized backyard project, designed for Kerry Miller Designs in Ojai, it really required larger composite photos/images to show off that larger perspective on proposed changes.  Although the above images were focused on flagstone pathways, patios, and Urn fountain, and a fire pit area, we also tested out two different kinds of permeable pavers, and a couple regular Belgard paver choices in additional images.  (See more at the Houzz Project link.)
The main intention was to keep the existing concrete patio (because it's perfectly fine and not cracked), then re-stain it (with a "green" soy-based acid stain) and finally determine what works best for the desired look-and-feel.  Fortunately for the budget, natural stones for all seating walls will be sourced on-site. (It saves transportation costs when you can easily re-purpose existing resources which is always beneficial to one's carbon footprint.)
Choices, choices, eh?
"In creating composite photos (taken with an iPhone camera), we ended up combining two sequential photos in Photoshop, rather than using a Panorama App.  Tested a couple different Apps (Photosynth and 360) but noticed that the aspect ratio of the photos were squished and the end photo size was far too low a resolution to be usable.  Panorama photo App's are a great idea for family photos... just not good enough for customer imaging projects!"
-- Diane
"Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
(And start right in your own backyard!)

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