Imaging Inspirations - Friday, September 27, 2013
Imaging Inspirations HEADER 9-27-2013
This decorative concrete circle driveway with a compass rose pattern takes an unused front yard and creates an impressive "entrance" for a car-loving homeowner.
2D Decorative Concrete Circular Driveway
2D Decorative Concrete - Larger Circular Driveway - House View
Before Photo - House View
2D Decorative Concrete - Circular Driveway - Garage View
Before Photo - Garage View
About... The 2D Circular Driveway Project...
Prime Site Work & Concrete LogoSometimes a front yard can be so bland and boring that a homeowner just has to "do" something to make it "an entrance" for visitors and neighbors alike.
Then, when you have a car collection to display, making more driveway space makes total sense.
This 2D imaging project, developed for a contractor located in upstate New York (Prime Site Work & Concrete), helped their client "see" how the large blank yard could accommodate way more parking.  The decorative compass rose design also gives the illusion of a center point without installing a planter or fountain one would have to drive around. 
(Of course, those could have been imaging options as well.)
"To envision the relative position of an unusual-shaped design, sometimes it helps to overlay the plan on a site by making it semi-transparent and setting it in perspective.  Useful... when you're not sure exactly how it ought to look." 
-- Diane
(See sketch plans, night lighting, and more imaging iterations on the Houzz link below.)
"Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are."
-- Malcolm Forbes, Publisher

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