Imaging Inspirations - Friday, September 20, 2013
Pretty simple project.  The Florida homeowner just wants to see what a paver patio, fire pit, and curved planter wall would look like out off their screened-in back porch. 
Where it gets interesting is seeing how various landscape options alter the "look and feel" of the design.
2D Paver Patio and Curved Planter - Multiple Landscape Options
2D Paver Patio and Curved Planter - Landscape View 1
2D Paver Patio and Curved Planter - Landscape View 2
2D Paver Patio and Curved Planter - Landscape View 3
Before Photo - Paver Patio and Curved Planter Project
About... The 2D Paver Patio & Curved Planter Project...
null Created the backyard paver patio, two-level curved, retaining planter wall and fire pit project for Curbs-R-Us in Florida. 
A fairly straight-forward imaging project to create. 
After sending off the Before and After images with a tropical landscape look (see it in the header... it's Florida, right?), the contractor mentioned "We're in Northern Florida.  Tropical plants don't do as well here." 
Good to know.
From there, had fun imagining various versions of "who the clients might be" and creating different landscapes for their personas... for fun.
Plants change everything, don't they? 


"With the 2D software, and creating the illusion of a curved wall, do it in sections for each nuance of the curves.  That way you can size and shift perspective directions.  Remember to cover 'awkward' moments with hanging plants." 
(See the "hardscape only version and sketch plan on the Houzz link below.)
-- Diane
"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."
-- Arthur Ashe, Tennis Player

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