Imaging Inspirations - Friday, September 13, 2013
Part of a larger three-acre "3D Dream Home" project, this "Curved Patio and Circle Spa/Pool" zone is intended to be a private area designed as a Master Bedroom outdoor room and lounging space.


(Check out the simple video animation link as well.)

3D Curved Patio & Circle Spa
3D Curved Patio - Circle Spa - View 1
3D Curved Patio - Circle Spa - View 2
3D Curved Patio - Circle Spa - View 3 - Outside Private Garden
3D Curved Patio - Circle Spa - View 4
Simple Video Animation Link... Just Crickets...
(Clip is focusing on the Curved Patio Circle Spa area)
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About... The 3D Curved Patio Circle Spa Project...
Virtual Property Architect - VisionScapeImagine you had three acres to play with and you could design it all, from scratch.  Now, imagine you are going to live there... not a client. 
What would you design?
Among many spaces... A private outdoor room perhaps?  A secret garden?
This ongoing, and ever expanding 3D project, is all about "being inspired" then creating what something might look like.  (Rather like digital crayons that you can easily change.)
All... just for fun. 

Want to let your own creativity loose... and play... with your design ideas from all angles in 3D?  Test out VisionScape's "Virtual Property Architect" for 15 days.

To see lots more 3D "Curved Patio - Circle Spa" screenshots... Click Here.  


"Nothing inspires your creativity -- for others -- quite like doing it for yourself.  Perhaps with Fall arriving and installation projects slowing down (in some parts of the world), it's a good time to reflect and ask, 'What If?'  What if... all your dreams could come true... what would you design... for your dream home... and for your life?  Time to break out the sketch pad... and digital design tools.  Smile."
-- Diane
"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."
-- Ferdinand Foch, military strategist

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