Imaging Inspirations - Friday, September 6, 2013
Imaging Inspirations 9-6-2013
This New Jersey customer wanted to see what an "updated" outdoor kitchen would look like and wanted a fire pit area to define an empty grassy space.
Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Pit with Seating Wall
After Image - Outdoor Kitchen Pergola
2D After Image - Elegant Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola Cover
Before Photo - Outdoor Kitchen Pergola
Before Photo - Cluttered Outdoor Kitchen
Fire Pit Patio Wall
2D After Image - Fire Pit & Seating Wall with Pillars
Before Photo - Fire Pit Patio Wall
Before Photo - Fire Pit Area  (And a Whole Lot of Empty Grass)
About... The Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Pit Area Project...
Rock Solid Landscape Construction LLC When you have a lot of empty open grassy space, sometimes creating a "destination" area helps homeowners "see" how they could live outside life.. differently.  
A fire pit and seating wall area is a perfect gathering spot solution devised by Rock Solid Landscape Construction L.L.C. in New Jersey! 
Add in a new (more elegant) outdoor kitchen area and you'll help create "party central" for the whole neighborhood (including family and friends). 
If a customer is not quite sure if they want a pergola covering the outdoor kitchen, or not, with the 2D software it's easy to show puzzled people choices and options.


"When you are defining upright walls, pillars, BBQ grill area, fire pits and related surfaces, always created a separate "layer" for each and every "face."  Then you can size and angle them to look as realistic as possible. 
Need unusual BBQ appliances? 
Use Google Image Search to find related BBQ appliance photos at the angles you need them. Also... in the Advanced Area (click the little wheel dial thingy in the upper right area after you've entered search terms)... only search on photos that are 2MB or higher... so you can have better quality photos to "lift" off desired objects.  Don't forget to add edited objects to your Object Library so you can reuse them in other images.  (If you don't understand what I just said, email me for instructions.)
A clever marketing tip one contractor once shared is that he always keeps an extra $200.00 buried in his project budget for a "hosted" pizza party.  The customer can show off the new space to all their neighbors and friends... (think... potential new customers)... while "you" host the pizza, punch, beer, and wine... are available to answer questions... and have brochures and business cards strategically placed near the food."
-- Diane
"Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it."
-- Stan Smith, Tennis Champion

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