Imaging Inspirations - Friday, August 30, 2013
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Sometimes it's just fun to design for no reason at all!


To "play" with an idea and see where it goes. The flexibility and sheer idea visioning power of 3D software can help your creativity soar. Take a time-out and see what spills out of your mind's eye! 


(Check out the simple video animation link as well.)

3D Circular Party Patios
Circular Patios - View 1
3D Circular Patios - View 1
Circular Patios - View 2
3D Circular Patios - View 2
Circular Patios - View 3
3D Circular Patios - View 3
Circular Patios - View 4
3D Circular Patios - View 4
Circular Patios - View 5
3D Circular Patios - View 5
Simple Video Animation Link... Just Crickets...
Check out the VisionScape 3D Circular Party Patios on Vimeo
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About... The Circular Patios 3D Project...
Virtual Property Architect - VisionScapeThis completely imagined "Circular Patios" project started out with an inspired wondering while sipping a latte, "What would interconnected circle patios look like?"

At first, the idea gelled as a small backyard concept.  Then, while playing in the 3D VisionScape software and asking, "What would it look like with..." 10-foot wide successively raised patios?  Or larger?   After tweaking and testing, those small round paved patios grew bigger and bigger until they morphed into a tropical resort-like party space.  Surprise!


The question then became, "What would people do here?"


It seems "as if" ghost-like forms of imaginal party-goers began to take shape and could be "seen" gathering around a fire pit with chilled wine in hand on a late summer afternoon.  A water pond emerged, offering sparkling sounds from a gently spilling waterfall.  Swaying palms popped in, dotting the outer edges to cool the air and delight the eyes.


A center fountain seemed the perfect place (near a BBQ Bar) to lounge and dip hands into lotus-filled water while sitting on a curved rim.


Of course, there needed to be a shaded outdoor living room pergola lounge with the best view of garden worlds that could exist (eventually)... beyond.  It was easy to "envision" groups of impassioned conversations with fascinating people taking place in a cocktail setting.


What about dinner time?  The question became, "Where would they dine?"


The solution became a converted glass greenhouse.  Voila!  With a few clicks, the idea became an elegant dinner spot.


Sometimes the "story" and function of a place is as fun to imagine as the form.


Want to let your own creativity loose... and play... with your design ideas from all angles in 3D?  Test out VisionScape's "Virtual Property Architect" for 15 days.

Also... to see lots more 3D "Circular Patios" screenshots... Click Here.  


"Grab a sketch pad... and a latte... sit in a lush garden... and draw ideas on paper... first.  Once the inspiration winds down that's the time to jump into 3D software creation mode... and play!"
-- Diane
"The garden is where you take the time in your life to tune in and listen.
It just takes being still long enough, opening your heart, opening your spirit up to what the plants have to tell you."
-- Gabriel Howearth

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