Imaging Inspirations - Friday, August 23, 2013
Imaging Inspirations - August-23-2013
What do you do when late winter snow in upstate New York is on the ground and you really need to schedule an installation?  (And pick up the deposit check.)  "Image in" spring! 
Winter Snow - 2D & 3D Combo - Spring Patio Pergola Blooms
Snowy Court - View 2 - After Image
3D-2D After Image - View 2 - Changes
Snowy Court - View 2 - Before Photo
Before Photo - View 2
Snowy Court - View 1 - After Image
3D-2D After Image - View 1
Snowy Court - View 1 - Before Photo
Before Photo - View 1
About... the upstate New York... 2D & 3D combo... project...
Prime Site Work & Concrete LogoLive in a cold snow zone but need to get jobs booked? 
With imaging, it's always spring.
(In the middle of a long, hot summer... that sounds like absolute heaven!)
This project, created for Prime Site Work & Concrete, Inc., was more challenging than most because there were two views required. The homeowner needed to see what a complex pergola and outdoor room structure would look like, from different yard angles.  Rather than completely re-imaging everything (time-consuming), the decision was made to "test out" creating a 3D model that could be "moved," angled and shifted to fit an alternate perspective over a 2D photograph. Later the landscape color blooms and textures touches could be added on top.
This patio project features decorative concrete surfaces with Belgard wall block pillars, retaining, and seating walls.  And, of course, once you "see" the plan, there are the inevitable changes.  (Compare the first header image above to the View 2 After Image changes.)
For fun, take a look at the 3D VisionScape "trial and error" screenshots here.  


"2D and 3D combo images often save time (unless you are figuring it out for the first time).  What's rewarding is knowing your customer really appreciates seeing changes on an *actual* photo of their own home, rather than a 'model' of their house.  This imaging strategy works well for complex, custom projects."
-- Diane
"A business is successful to the extent that it provides a product or service that contributes to happiness in all of its forms."
-- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Professor of Psychology and Management

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Got snow?  No problem.


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