Imaging Inspirations - Friday, August 16, 2013
Imaging Inspirations Header - August 16 2013
Very simple imaging project (sometimes they are)... with a twist.  This small house is "For Sale" and has parking issues.
The homeowner decided upon a clever way to help buyers "see" the potential.
House For Sale - No Garage - No Parking 
Ojai Yard - After Image 1
2D After Image - Ojai California - Parking Pad Project 1
Ojai Yard - After Image 2
2D After Image - Ojai California - Parking Pad Project 2
Ojai Yard - Before Photo
Before Photo - Ojai California - Parking Pad Project
About... the Ojai... Parking Pad... project...
For Sale Sign Sometimes it's all about keeping it simple.
This small bungalow house is For Sale yet it lacks a garage and off-street parking.  Following a recent Open House, the Real Estate agent mentioned feedback from buyers was hesitant due to the lack of a garage or any parking.
Before the next weekend's Open House, the enterprising homeowner jumped into action to offer a solution:  Show it... Don't build it. 
The decision was to display several parking pad options for the home. (As opposed to a covered carport because property setbacks would have required taking down a lush and lovely tree - key - to enhancing privacy and a secluded curb appeal.)  One shows a two-car spaces with Belgard Subterra permeable pavers, another a two-car pebble texture, and the third, simple one-car plain concrete parking strips.
Now, when potential buyers walk in, they are greeted with multiple images showing immediate potential... addressing a perceived problem head on... all while transforming it into a visual solution. 


"Complex imaging projects are not always necessary.  Simple works. What is more innovative about this project is the use of imaging to help sell a problematic house.  As a contractor, when you network with local Real Estate agents, introduce them to the 'idea' of using images to show exterior solutions. Could be, when sold, the new owner will become a new customer."
-- Diane
"Fix your eyes forward on what you can do, not back on what you cannot change."
-- Tom Clancy, Author

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