Imaging Inspirations - Friday, August 9, 2013
Imaging Inspirations - August-9-2013
In Beverly Hills, California "Curb Appeal" is everything. 
Anytime you can show homeowners how to increase property values by adding a polished walkway, entry steps, driveway and especially lush, tropical landscaping it's a "win-win" for your company.
Lush Landscapes & Polished Pavers   
Beverly Driveway - After Image
2D After Image - Beverly Hills - Paver Driveway
Beverly Driveway - Before Photo
Before Photo - Beverly Hills - Paver Driveway
Beverly Steps - After Image
2D After Image - Beverly Hills - Paver Steps
Beverly Steps - Before Photo
Before Photo - Beverly Hills - Paver Steps
About... the Beverly Hills... Curb Appeal... project...
Go Pavers LOGOThis 2D imaging project showing off Belgard pavers, and created for, needed to "impress" the customer... and their neighbors. 
A cracked concrete driveway just doesn't cut it in Beverly Hills.
For Imaging, the tricky part in this case is showing two views -- a close up and distant shot -- of the same walkway area... especially the steps. 
How do you avoid imaging something complex like steps twice?  Buy creating the intricate close-up steps image first then lifting off the steps from a .jpg of the finished image, treating the steps as an object and using those (sized down) in the second, more distant walkway shot.  (See top Header for the walkway image to compare with the steps image.)
Confused?  Ask me about it.  Wondering "how" to image steps?  Ask about that too.  ;-D


"Simply just showing what pavers (or decorative concrete or any other surface) would look like in place of a cracked concrete driveway, a non-descript walkway, and un-entrancing entry step area wouldn't be enough to 'Wow' the customer.  It's the lush landscape touches that pull at the emotions and help the customers say, 'I WANT THAT!'"
-- Diane
Question Revisited... Any Imaging Problems?
Was planning to send out  a monthly version of "Imaging TIPS" just for contractors who've already purchased Depiction Software's Hardscape Imaging or Deco-Com Imaging software with a focus on "how to" do something in the software that may puzzle you. 
It suddenly occurred to me... that I should ask first...
What kinds of problems are you having with your imaging projects?
Need solutions?
Please drop me a line either on my website form: DJSquire Designs Contact
Or email me directly at:  diane - @ - 
(To avoid some email spam from Internet bot crawlers, when I archive this, just stitch the email together.)
Take a look at a few older archived versions of Imaging TIPS.
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
-- Albert Einstein

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