Imaging Inspirations - Friday, August 2, 2013
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An old stone home with a newer addition in upstate New York, shown above and below, needed decorative concrete pathways, driveways, a protected patio, and a side yard to help the homeowner "see" it.  Follow the suggested links to see even more of the project.
Composite Photos (and more) For Longer Images   
NY Front Composite After Image
2D After Image - Using Three Composite Photos - Front Yard
NY Front Composite Before Photo
Before Photo - Using Three Composite Photos - Front Yard
NY Side Yard After Image
2D After Image - Using Two Composite Photos - Side Yard (Revisited)
NY Side Yard Before Photo
Before Photo - Using Two Composite Photos - Side Yard
NY Patio After Image
2D After Image - Protected Patio
NY Patio Before Photo
2D Before Photo - Protected Patio
About... The Upstate New York Multiple-Views Composite Photos project...
Prime Site Work & Concrete LogoSometimes the property is wider than your digital camera has room for but the customer wants to see it all
With this decorative concrete multiple-views project created for Prime Site Work & Concrete Inc., the contractor had the foresight to take multiple photos of each of the longer house sides... the front yard and the side yard.  Since he didn't have a wide-angle lens (which distorts pictures anyway) or a panorama camera, this was the next best option.
As the imager, you can then "knit" these still photos into one lo-o-o-o-ng "before" photo that can go the distance.  (Just don't try to do that all in front of the customer!)
The idea works for paver/hardscape projects just as easily.


To view the actual larger-sized composite photos, more after images of the missing garage/driveway area with several decorative concrete options, along with additional plan sketches, check out the:


NY Decorative Concrete Project At

"For composite photos, even if photos are slightly different color tones, use them anyway.  Then hide any awkward transitions with tall plants and shrubs.  Definitely distract the eye with a lush landscape."
-- Diane
Was planning to send out  a monthly version of "Imaging TIPS" just for contractors who've already purchased Depiction Software's Hardscape Imaging or Deco-Com Imaging software with a focus on "how to" do something in the software that may puzzle you. 
It suddenly occurred to me... that I should ask first...
What are you having imaging problems with?
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Take a look at a few older archived versions of Imaging TIPS.
"Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity."
-- H. Jackson Brown, Author

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