Imaging Inspirations - Friday, July 26, 2013
Imaging Inspirations Header - July 26 - 2013
The above ...and below... featured project is a completely 3D Demo Garden (Virtual Showroom) concept including multiple styles and colors of Belgard pavers. 
(All3D Images are part of my VisionScape projects collection.)
Go Pavers 3D Demo Garden 1
3D Go Pavers Demo Garden Concept - Image 1
Go Pavers 3D Demo Garden 2
3D Go Pavers Demo Garden Concept - Image 2
Go Pavers 3D Demo Garden 3
3D Go Pavers Demo Garden Concept - Image 3
About... The Demo Garden... 3D Virtual Showroom project...
Go Pavers LOGO Go Pavers, a Southern California hardscape installation firm, wanted to create a 3D presentation (using VisionScape software) to show what the concept of a Belgard hardscape Demo Garden (a.k.a. Virtual Showroom) might look like that could compliment a local area nursery.

The owner realized that in order to "help" potential nursery partners understand the idea that "showing" them with 3D screenshots in a PowerPoint presentation... and... creating a short video animation, would be the best way to engage people with the vision.


In creating the 3D model, it was important to show off as many Belgard pavers and wall styles, in multiple colors, as possible. The plan also had to include a raised patio area, three different kinds of steps, a circular and square fire pit, a fireplace, a paver bench, an outdoor kitchen, outdoor furnishings, a pond with footbridge, fountains, and more.  All of the virtual site needed to be filled with complimentary plants that would be provided by the nursery.


It was a fun project to design from scratch!


Check Out: The 3D Animation Walkthrough Video on Vimeo


Lots More Project Screenshots: At My VisionScape Project Collection


NOTE:  If you would like to test out and play around with the VisionScape 3D software, you can sign-up for a free 15-day trial here:  Try Out 3D Imaging!

"When creating 3D projects - unless it's a pure design concept - you must have accurate measurements of both the property and any structures. In addition, take lots of reference photos of the site and buildings, established trees, neighboring trees that hang over the fences, and any "odd" features that you might have to account for.  It takes way more time to create 3D designs than 2D imaging projects, so charge accordingly!"
-- Diane
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-- Orison Swett Marden, Editor, Success Magazine

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