Imaging Inspirations - Friday, July 12, 2013
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This weeks "Imaging Inspirations" (below) has something for everyone!  Belgard hardscape walls, a decorative concrete patio, a 3D deck model and landscaping accents all combined in a 2D & 3D imaging project. 
(In addition, once a month, during the last week of the month, I will start sending out again an "Imaging TIPS" newsletter to contractors who have already purchased the Depiction Software Hardscape Imaging or Decorative Concrete Imaging Software.)
2D-3D Prime Site - Deck Project "After Image"
3D Prime Site - Deck Project "Model" - Using VisionScape Software
2D-3D Prime Site - Deck Project "Before Photo"
About... 2D & 3D Combination Imaging Project...
Prime Site Work & Concrete Logo Created for a New York State decorative concrete & hardscape contractor, Tom Zywicvynski at Prime Site Work & Concrete, Inc., this project first required developing a complex 3D model of an upper deck to plan, then angling it correctly to work in the 2D "After" image.  (Bit of a learning and testing curve!) 
This contractor's customer was having a difficult time imagining how the deck would look, especially from a confusing blueprint (provided by an earlier designer).  A 3D/2D imaging fusion made it easy to visualize.  The "After" image includes a patio surface in a Brickform Ashlar Slate, Buff Tan decorative concrete color, a Belgard Celtik running bond wall in the Sheffield color, and the 3D "composite" Trex-like deck, among other outdoor kitchen items.
"When you have a complex deck challenge, with an existing construction plan, that absolutely has to look a certain way, forget about trying to piece together something 'similar' from photos (often found via Google Image Search) in the 2D software.  Way too time-consuming!  Instead, bite the bullet, and do it in VisionScape 3D software... then integrate that 3D object into your 2D image design."
-- Diane
"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves."
-- Thomas Edison, Inventor

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